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Volume 2 Chapter 24 Reunion

Qiao Yu lifted the rabbit up and looked at it up and down then laughed coldly: “You want it?”

Then before waiting for Xiao Baozi to reply, Qiao Yu grabbed the rabbit by one of its ears and tore it off. Yaya was in extreme pain. Just when Qiao Yu wanted to tear off its second ear, Xiao Baozi suddenly ran over. Jumping up he grabbed Qiao Yu’s wrist and bit down.

Qiao Yu at once flung Xiao Baozi aside. Luckily Yan Hanqing was quick and was able to catch Xiao Baozi, his face cold: “Aren’t you going too far?”

Qiao Yu began swearing: “It was your rabbit who b.u.mped into me first. Later on this beast even bit me. How is it the case that I’m going overboard? Let me tell you right now, I need all of you guys to kneel down and kowtow and say it was my wrong great aunt three times otherwise. ah this beast! I’m going to skin him!” Saying this Qiao Yu reached out to grab Xiao Baozi.

Yan Hanqing then became incomparably cold. Retreating a step to avoid Qiao Yu’s hand, he harshly said: “If you continue to deliberately provoke us, then I’m not going to be polite.”

“Oh? Today I will show you how unreasonable I can be!” Qiao Yu originally still mad at Yan Qiyue’s incident last time, at this moment felt her anger double.

If Yan Qiyue didn’t give her face then fine. Even if she wanted to do something to him, her brother wouldn’t have permitted it anyways. But who do these people think they are? How dare they act so unbridled in front of her!

Qiao Yu directly made a move herself. She was a wind elemental user. Even though she wasn’t that strong, she was still a rank two. The wind blade viciously flew towards Xiao Baozi’s neck. Not just Yan Hanqing but even the Gu siblings had horrible expressions.

The first to react was Gu Panpan. Her protected arms reached out in front of Yan Hanqing who was holding Xiao Baozi. Then with a squeeze she caught the wind blade and directly shattered it into pieces.

Not speaking of others, Gu Panpan was already a rank 3 superhuman. She wasn’t something Qiao Yu, who had no experience in battling and had only leveled up through plowing through crystal sources, could compare to.

However, when Qiao Yu made a move, her personal bodyguards also made their moves. These people didn’t dare allow anything to happen to Qiao Yu since she was Qiao Mo’s little sister.

If something happened to her, then they shouldn’t think about staying in Lin Chuan survivor base.

Unanimously, the four bodyguards all aimed towards Yan Hanqing. They could tell that Xiao Baozi was the group’s weak point. Having that kind of a master meant having those kinds of bodyguards. Each and every one of them dealt savage strokes. Facing a child, they were all life threatening attacks.

But it wasn’t even necessary for Gu Panpan and them to make a move because at once countless vines formed into a tall wall in front of Yan Hanqing. None of the attacks were able to penetrate through these tightly knitted vines.

Those vines were incredibly familiar. Seeing them, the group of people turned to see Shao Qing appearing out of the blue. Her movements quick, she firmly planted a kick on a bodyguard’s b.u.t.t. In the next second, countless vines went flying forward to grasp around the bodyguard’s limbs and neck. Leaping up, Shao Qing kneed his spine causing a loud snapping sound . After breaking his spine, Shao Qing threw him to the side like trash.

With a broken spine, that person would be paralyzed for life. Most of all, being like this in the apocalypse, he might as well be dead.

Shao Qing was frighteningly vicious. The remaining three bodyguards stared at each other and didn’t dare to move. They didn’t dare to move, but Shao Qing could. Lifting her hand up, the vines came flying out like snakes. The three guards didn’t dare to resist, one retreating faster than the next.

Qiao Yu originally wanted to yell at her cowardly bodyguards, but when she saw Yan Qiyue walking

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