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marybethgriggs > The End Of The World\'s Poisonous Mom And Monster Baby > Chapter 106 - Volume 2 Chapter 14 The clingy seductor has meat to eat
Volume 2 Chapter 14 The clingy seductor has meat to eat

Just when he was lost in thought, Shao Qing came over holding a steaming bowl of soup. Yan Qiyue immediately lit up: “Baby, did you specially make this for me?”

“En….” Shao Qing made a light sound. Since she hadn’t spoken in such a long time, her throat was a bit hoa.r.s.e. Once that sound came out though, Yan Qiyue froze.

If this happened to a normal person, they definitely would have thought that Shao Qing had deceived them. But, Yan Qiyue didn’t think that. He thought that Shao Qing had finally trusted him enough to stop hiding from him.

With this thought, Yan Qiyue’s whole body laxened a lot more. Unable to bear it he came forward saying: “Baby, feed me okay?”

A vein popped up on her forehead immediately. Gritting her teeth and seeing that the pervert wasn’t feeling well, she held it back.

Thus with Shao Qing’s rigid face and Yan Qiyue’s pleased face, they finished off the soup. When Yan Qiyue finally finished drinking it, Shao Qing then said: “There’s someone downstairs.”

Curious to who it was, Yan Qiyue cleared his throat and pulled Shao Qing along: “Let’s go. Let me deal with this. He should probably take care of his arrogant to death sister.”

Yan Qiyue dragged Shao Qing downstairs. Lifting his head to see Yan Qiyue in his simple outfit, he noticed that near his collar bone was a gorgeous lash mark that looked especially *.

His face immediately hardened. Then realizing that Yan Qiyue had no intention to cover it up, he calmly offered Shao Qing a seat.

“Why did you come?” Yan Qiyue leaned against Shao Qing, like a little kid relying on someone. Qiao Mo who was looking on once again became rigid.

After hesitating for a long time, he replied: “Congratulations.”

In regards to Yan Qiyue’s particular urge, he knew a bit about it. This was because at the beginning he had sent over a housekeeper for him. It was nominally known as a housekeeper but Qiao Mo’s intention was for them to take care of Yan Qiyue and also give him the warmth he needed.

But who would have thought that Yan Qiyue wouldn’t have that intention at all and instead it was the housekeeper who would have those intentions. So late one night, she snuck into his bed and saw something that shouldn’t be seen and was directly dismembered by Yan Qiyue.

When Qiao Mo had heard about the news, he saw Yan Qiyue leaning against the door with his neck collar opened with some striped injuries revealed while that housekeeper was turned into a pile of flesh.

Qiao Mo didn’t think that there could possibly be a person who would be able to tame this devil but this reckless person in front of Shao Qing was obedient as a cat.

So using a probing gaze, Qiao Mo stared at Shao Qing. Yan Qiyue immediately stopped revealing his mark and blocked Qiao Mo’s view. Qiao Mo’s lips twitched, he even gets jealous now?

“What did you come here for? Quickly speak and get lost!” Yan Qiyue coldly looked at Qiao Mo who dared to look at his wife. What kind of scheme must this guy be plotting?

“I actually came here to apologize.” Qiao Mo became silent then spoke. His sister’s temperament was a bit too rampant. Qiao Mo knew that clearly and he wasn’t the sort who would help his blood and ignore the facts.

Let alone, Yan Qiyue was priceless. He doesn’t want a falling out with him at all.

Yan Qiyue didn’t say anything so Qiao Mo continued: “I thought you might have a reaction.”

Yan Qiyue lazily replied: “Didn’t you say you were here to apologize? I’m waiting.”

The average person definitely would have been courteous and let the matters off, but Yan Qiyue definitely wouldn’t. His temperament was like that and Qiao Mo also understood it well. Letting out a sigh he said: “Xiao Yu’s temper is terrible. I’ve already spoken to her countless of times but she still won’t change. This time offending your precious wife, I’ve already returned and scolded her. Could this matt

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