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Volume 2 Chapter 61 Disgusting to the extreme

Xiao Baozi was very beautiful and had features very similar to Shao Qing’s, but he inevitably contained a little similarity to Lin Qifan.

Lin Qifan was stunned. He suddenly remembered that he was very affectionate with Shao Qing at the beginning. At that time, he often lay on Shao Qing’s belly and listened quietly.

It was as if he could hear the movement of the fetus inside. He would also occasionally be kicked by a small foot, and the excitement in his heart could not stop overflowing.

That was his first child. He would be like him and Shao Qing. He would call him father and her mother.

Later, when fussing with Fu Jinling, he had also thought about giving up Fu Jinling, giving up the promotion at his fingertips, but he couldn’t do it…..

He was the child of a poor family, and he was admitted to a famous university. Struggling out of that small mountain village, he was fed up with his poor days. So whenever he had the opportunity to climb up, he would not give up.

During those days, he was often absent-minded. On one side he felt guilty about the betrayal, and on the other there was the thrill of a promotion and salary increase.

Fu Jinling has no siblings, that is to say, as long as he married Fu Jinling and waited for Fu Jinling’s father to die, the company would be in his hands.

So once Fu Jinling expressed her favor towards him, he immediately climbed up.

This big temptation made him forget his lovely wife at home and the difficult days that Shao Qing spent with him.

He concealed Shao Qing’s existence, and was sweet with Fu Jinling, until… Shao Qing was exposed. Fu Jinling caused trouble and told him to get divorced.

He promised he would do it, but he was unwilling to give up Shao Qing. Lin Qifan had thought that maybe he could divorce Shao Qing and then confuse her with sweet words to make her his underground lover.

Then he would have wealth and beauty.

However, Lin Qifan was very clear that Shao Qing was a very proud person and she was not that simple. This was because when he first saw Shao Qing, it was when Shao Qing was injured. Her injury was a gunshot wound.

Although Lin Qifan had not known Shao Qing’s true ident.i.ty before marriage, one thing can be confirmed is that Shao Qing’s character was extremely strong. If she knew that he had an affair, let alone become his underground lover, she would rather die than suffer that shame.

The thought of Shao Qing leaving or becoming another man’s wife and making him happy, made Lin Qifan terribly jealous. The jealousy in his heart was like a thick venom fermenting.

So when he knew that Fu Jinling was going to deal with Shao Qing, he didn’t stop Fu Jinling. What he couldn’t have… others can’t have either.

If Fu Jinling killed Shao Qing, it would kill two birds with one stone. He would no longer have to worry about the matter being exposed and having Shao Qing divorce him or marry

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