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Volume 2 Chapter 51 Bad News

At that time, when the vine went downwards towards the cl.u.s.ters of bones, it seemed that many mutant animals had died. Shao Qing had no idea that the crystals of those mutant animals were absorbed by the vine, causing these fruits to be borne.

Then why is the fruit able to improve human powers? This must be because of the concentration of the crystal source. Good things like this are difficult to find.

Shao Qing must cherish it. This time she had no idea how to divide it. Er Dai has already eaten one, so he can be excluded. However, she couldn’t favour one and forget about the others in her group.

Therefore, the remaining four fruits must be distributed evenly. The remaining people include the Gu siblings, Yan Qiyue, Yan Hanqing, Shao Tong, and her and Xiao Baozi, a total of seven people.

Oh, and one more, Yaya.

If it was evenly divided, each fruit can be divided into two halves. Although its effect wouldn’t be as strong, everyone got a share.

Shao Qing thought about it, and turned all four fruits into fruit juices. Then she divided them into eight gla.s.ses and got Yan Qiyue to distribute it. After allowing Xiao Baozi and Yaya to drink first and watch them break through then did she drink her portion.

Right now, Xiao Baozi was already rank 3, and even Yaya was a rank four mutant rabbit. If something happens, they will have the ability to protect themselves. Now Shao Qing could rest a.s.sured.

After drinking the gla.s.s of juice, Shao Qing took quite a few crystals out and held them in the palm of her hand. In the case of any special situations or a breakthrough where the energy is not enough, she can temporarily top it.

She was actually on the verge of breaking through. With a little aid to help her break through this barrier, she can definitely break through to the fifth rank.

This fruit came just in time. Shao Qing quietly felt the surging power in her body and clenched her fist. Strength is a good thing, especially during the apocalypse. You don’t have to have reason on your side, but you definitely can’t not have strength.

You would be incapable of protecting yourself, let alone protecting your loved ones.

Shao Qing was very calm. She had broken through several times, so she was rich in experience. When the surging power increased, she used her mental power to pull the energy into her body and towards the crystal.

The power gushed. That turbulent energy spun within the crystal nucleus. When it came out again, the volume was smaller. After hundreds of times, all the energy was absorbed by the crystal nucleus. Shao Qing could clearly feel a layer of invisible barrier slowly cracking. The crystal nucleus that usually only slowly increased in size now suddenly increased greatly. The crystal nucleus, which was supposed to be a polygonal rhombus, seemed to be much more rounded.

Then, Shao Qing broke through.

She felt a lot more energy than usual in he

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