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Volume 2 Chapter 49 Yan Qiyue’s Daily Life

As the group of mutant animals approached, Shao Qing remained motionless. She felt their breath carefully. Finally, she determined that these wolves were all around the third rank. If there were no better choice, these wolves would completely satisfy Qin Zixi’s request.

Once confirmed, Shao Qing released her vines and told everyone else to hide. The herd of cattle seemed to have mad cow disease and were charging forward violently. What if they hurt someone?

The fastest was Er Dai. He picked up Xiao Baozi and rushed up the tree, then everyone else also hid.

Only Cheng An’s team stood there confused. Xiao Baozi hurriedly beckoned to Qin Zixi. Although Qin Zixi didn’t understand what was happening, he saw his little friend calling and he followed.

Cheng An had faith in Shao Qing’s strength, so he also hid. A group of people hiding under the tree, soon they were able to see a scene.

The madly running cows, left behind an ocean of dust; the wolves were eating dirt as they followed behind.

Shao Qing let the cows pa.s.s. The herd of cattle looked pretty pathetic. One of them was almost killed and had b.l.o.o.d.y wolf paw prints on its b.u.t.tocks.

After the cows pa.s.sed, vines suddenly emerged from the ground. Like a giant net, several wolves were netted in the center. With her current strength, dealing with several mutant beasts of about rank three was an easy task.

There were sharp thorns on the vines. As soon as the net caught the wolves, it quickly pierced their skin and injected toxins. The wolves struggled a few times then were quickly paralyzed and laid motionless in the net.

Yan Qiyue and the rest were very accustomed to Shao Qing’s strength. Although Cheng An knew that Shao Qing had to be strong to lead a superhuman like Gu Panpan, it was still the first time he had seen Shao Qing’s strength.

He couldn’t help coming over to inspect. Poking the wolf in the net, he asked: “This is a third rank mutant wolf?”

Looking at their turquoise black fur and the cyan-like lightning vertical mark on the forehead, it was clear that this was a wind elemental mutant wolf. But… how could a third rank mutant wolf not even resist? It was literally captured by one net…

Shao Qing nodded, taking back her vines. She left the three blue wolves still twitching in place and said: “Two initial third rank and one intermediate third rank, their potential is pretty good. At least there will be no problem raising them to at least a rank 4 mutant animal. I temporarily paralyzed them. Would you like to lock them up first somewhere?”

Qin Zixi was also stunned. They haven’t entered the forest for long yet Shao Qing has already captured three mutant animals that had one of the higher combat effectiveness among the mutant animals? What’s more important is that they did not even have any personnel damage. They didn’t even have to make a move.

Studying Qin Zixi’s serious look, Xiao Baozi who was wrapped around Er Dai’s neck, stretched out his little paw and touched Qin Zixi’s hair and then says: “They look fierce and aren’t as cute as Xiao Cui, will you raise them?”

Qin Zixi nodded. Beckoning to a beautiful girl next to him, the girl took out an iron cage out of thin air then two other superhumans went forward and placed the three wolves into the cage.

When Shao Qing went to see Qin Zixi again, his eyes were a little more profound. The number of superhumans with spatial abilities was very small. This was because they did not have the ability to protect themselves thus many died in the early stages of the apocalypse.

The survivors with spatial powers were usually in the base and had an awkward position. Generally, when a mercenary group is on a mission, they will bring one person with spatial powers.

After all, when they are searching for materials outside, all the things they brought needed a place to be stored. However, if they possessed a per

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