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Chapter 186 Volume 2 Chapter 80 Kill

The back of the bookshelf looked like a normal wall, but upon a closer look, there were thin lines on the wall. The lines just formed a rectangle in the shape of a door.

Most people who come in would probably look at the bookshelves, after all, the bookshelves seem to be the most suspicious. Thus, they would ignore the more obvious walls.

In fact, the people who set up this mechanism were relatively smart.

Shao Qing pushed the bookshelf away and then began to study the wall carefully. As she was studying it, a gap suddenly appeared in the wall and a door opened slowly.

You can still hear people chatting inside.

A: “Master Guan should be back soon right? It shouldn’t take long to finish two people.”

B: “Is the blood of a virgin prepared for the Da Ren ready yet? Go quickly check. If the Da Ren comes back, but doesn’t have fresh virgin blood to drink, he will definitely lose his temper.”

Then two people came out. As soon as they came out, they were stunned because there were two people who should not be there.

Shao Qing and Er Dai were also stunned. They had not yet found a way to open the door and someone actually helped them open the door.

“You …” When one of them was about to speak, Er Dai quickly covered his mouth. Shao Qing did not dare to let them make a sound. She quickly stepped forward and subdued the other.

Both of their abilities were not high and they were taken care of in seconds.

Shao Qing covered the person’s mouth, then dragged him to the corner and asked in a low voice: “Is this the experimental base of the mad demon mercenary regiment?”

The man was terrified, but closed his mouth tightly and did not speak.

Shao Qing smiled slightly and looked very gentle: “Not speaking? I will give you two choices. Either speak now and I will let you die quickly, or don’t speak now and I will torture you to death.”

That person seemed to have thought of something and continued to keep his mouth closed tightly, shaking his head non-stop.

Shao Qing also didn’t expect to be able to pry it out. After all, the mad demons must have a strict regulation, so she signaled Er Dai to bring the other person over. Replacing her palm with vines, she used it to block him from speaking.

“I am a person who is actually quite gentle, but only when faced with humans. When faced with beasts, I’m not so kind.” Shao Qing said coldly. She used a knife on the man’s neck to make a small cut, only a few blood drops dripped down.

Then she stuffed some dodder seeds into it.

Under her control, the seeds infiltrated the man’s skin, just under the skin and above the muscles and took root.

Then he could see small bubbles form on his skin, very clearly. These small and large bubbles became bigger and bigger, soon the tops were torn apart exposing the tender green buds below.

Not only was it painful, but the itch was deep in the bone marrow. It instilled a sense

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