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Chapter 197 Volume 3 Chapter 7 My wife is really bad

Shao Qing was a little angry, but it was just a little bit. She did not bother with dead people. But Yan Qiyue was very angry. Now that Shao Qing was his wife, how could he allow someone to insult his wife in front of him? How could he bear it?


The two people in front carefully looked at Shao Qing. Shao Qing was indeed excellent. They also felt moved, only the woman on the side was a little anxious.

When the big boat they were riding flipped over, many people fell into the sea and drowned. This wooden board could not support too many people. After the three ninjas went on it, they were not prepared to save others.

By virtue of her beauty, she seduced these three people to survive. If they took a fancy to Shao Qing, would they just abandon her on this deserted island?

Although she did not think she was worse than Shao Qing, a beautiful woman would still get boring after being watched and eaten for a long time. She was not as fresh as Shao Qing.

Before waiting for her to figure out what to do, the man next to her, who started to speak sullenly to Shao Qing first, directly exploded into a blood flower.

The flesh and blood spattered, staining the remaining three people. They were all stunned. Their mouths were like dead fish. Yan Qiyue’s eyes were red and his hands were raised. The remaining two who dared to look at Shao Qing were also trapped with the air pressure around their bodies.

“Who knows the way to the island country?” Yan Qiyue asked softly. The woman was smart and quickly answered: “I know!”

Yan Qiyue nodded with satisfaction, then squeezed the remaining two men into two meat patties. Only blood was left dripping, soaking the ground.

There was a trace of disgust in Yan Qiyue’s eyes. He took out a handkerchief to wipe his fingertips. Shao Qing looked at the last woman. She was wearing wet clothes, with only a white s.h.i.+rt on the upper body and a mini skirt on her lower body. Because her clothes got wet, her body was half revealed and half hidden.

Shao Qing found a coat and threw it to her, then said lightly: “Lead the way honestly. Don’t have any evil thoughts. When we reach the island country, I will let you go.”

The woman nodded timidly, then followed Shao Qing back to the fire pit. Feng Lan who witnessed everything was dumbfounded.

He has always known that Shao Qing was cruel, but he did not expect Yan Qiyue to be so cruel as well… But he knew very well that those islanders were definitely not good. After all, he could feel it for a long time, Shao Qing and them were not cruel b.l.o.o.d.y killers.

If it weren’t for the other party threatening to kill, they wouldn’t just kill anyone.

The island woman Shao Qing brought back was named Itoji Muzi. At least on the surface she seemed like a relatively obedient woman. Shao Qing didn’t plan to abuse her captives, so she gave her something to eat. She couldn’t finish it an

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