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Volume 2 Chapter 48 I have comrades

Qin Zixi didn’t have a lot of manpower. Two superhumans, two younger girls, and including him there were five in total. Then there were two teams, Shao Qing and Cheng An.

In general though, there was still a decent amount of people. Early morning of the next day, when the entrance of the base was opened, they headed out in a mighty manner.

The vehicles were provided by Qin Zixi. They were divided into five vehicles with special drivers. When they were outside the forest, they would leave the vehicle to enter the forest. The drivers would wait outside until they came out, then pick them up again.

There wasn’t much communication along the way. Once they were outside of the forest, they had to give up the car. When they began walking into the forest, then was there some brief communication.

It was a very brief exchange. They were arranging the formation to enter the forest. Cheng An’s team was responsible for opening the road. Shao Qing’s team was responsible for the end, Qin Zixi was to be in the middle.

They were still safe at the edge of the forest. The real danger will be revealed one by one after going deep into the forest. When eating at noon, Shao Qing discovered someone even more stubborn than her.

Everytime Shao Qing went out she would carry pots, pans, and other seasonings. This has made a lot of people who knew her to roast her.

But Qin Zixi actually brought a set of picnic tools, red wine, and even specially made desserts for after the meal. The fruits on the plate were incredibly luxurious.

The two younger girls left and right would serve Qin Zixi. This caused everyone to stare straight at them.

Going out with your own chef and maid!

Looking at Qin Zixi, then looking at Shao Qing’s side, now it seemed like there was nothing wrong with Shao Qing going out with pots, pans and seasoning.

After all, it was all relative.

After having lunch, Qin Zixi shouted to everyone, “This time I want to enter this forest to catch some advanced mutant animals. One thing to pay attention to is that I want it alive.”

After saying this, Cheng An’s face changed slightly. After all, the difficulty of catching live mutant animals and killing mutant animals is very different. If the difficulty of killing mutant animals is 1, then the difficulty of catching them alive is 10. The casualties will increase accordingly.

According to Qin Zixi’s meaning, what he wanted were not ordinary low-level mutant animals. He wanted something at least of rank 3. The difficulty of this would be increasingly high.

No wonder the remuneration was so high! A treat like this wouldn’t just drop out of the sky. Even if it was a treat, this was a treat with poison.

See, didn’t it just smash him in the head?

So Cheng An asked the question: “Why do you have to catch it alive? Although mutant animals are all treasures, the value of a living mutant animal and a dead mutant animal is similar. On the contrary, the labor and personnel damage would not be proportional.”

Qin Zixi hesitated for a moment,“ Since I hired you, I won’t hide things from you. The reason why I need a live mutated animal is because of my ability. My ability is to control beasts. As the name implies, I need to control a living mutant beast; thus for me, only a living mutant animal would be valuable, a high-level mutant animal.”

He spoke with his heart and soul. Although Cheng An was still unwilling, he didn’t say much. After all, the task was chosen by him. At the time, Qin Zixi also said clearly, this time the difficulty and reward of a task were directly proportional.

In the end, if he continued to complain that the task was too difficult, isn’t that just a sign that he was useless?

However, Shao Qing was more calm. She was holding Xiao Baozi and warming milk for him. “So what are the requirements for the mutant beast?”

“I am now a rank 3 superhuman. For me, a rank 3 mutant

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