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Volume 2 Chapter 46 The most important

There is a word called Miao Sha*, which is very suitable to describe the current situation. Yan Hanqing did not intend to bully them, so he didn’t use any big moves. But when he made his move, he applied lightning to his body, which meant his hands were charged with electricity.

* Second kill (direct translation); instant kill

This way, when he engages with the other party, the current will slightly numb the other party and cause the other party’s action to stagnate. With that, he could slowly finish off the other party. This will first save Shao Qing’s face and secondly save the other party’s face.

However, Yan Hanqing generally dealt with high-level zombies or mutated animals. In addition, the superhumans he usually fought with weren’t ones where he had to hold back from. It can actually be said that all the recent ones he fought with were all fought with the intent to kill. Thus, when he made his move, Yan Hanqing did not control his strength. As soon as he touched his opponent, the thunder and lightning on his body directly stunned the opponent and caused him to faint.

Electricity can be seen crackling and the other party’s body was fried with a burnt smell floating out.

Yan Hanqing was stunned. He had not expected this. He originally even thought about being merciful.

In the end, the youth was stunned by electricity and pa.s.sed out. But being given water by his subordinates, he woke up again. His gaze was dull and his hair was still smoking. It was only after a long while did he say, “We admit our loss and agree on the remuneration of your mental stress. I will send someone to deliver it before the afternoon… and, we’re sorry…”

Seeing him like this, Shao Qing felt sorry for him, so she said: “That’s trivial, it’s just money. Just don’t forget to send it to me by the afternoon. Ah, also don’t forget the last thing you promised me.”

Once she mentioned the last item, a few people’s eyes became red. In broad daylight in front of the large crowd, with so many bystanders, Shao Qing wanted them to crawl away? This was no longer a simple matter of shame, it was starting a feud to the death.

But was Shao Qing the type to be afraid of offending people? To say it in a not so nice manner, she did not care about law or morality. This was especially since she had met the people around her. Being extremely trusted and supported, her habits became even more serious.

During the apocalypse, why would you need to suppress your temper and make yourself unhappy?

Shao Qing smiled and looked at the men who had come to look for trouble the day before and smiled, “I said that at the time, the loser had to crawl away. You guys aren’t preparing to eat your words, are you?”

One of them said, “Being a person, you should leave a person a way out and meeting each other in the future would be fine. You shouldn’t push things too far!”

Shao Qing didn’t care, there was no heat in

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