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Volume 2 Chapter 77 Who is truly doing the ambus.h.i.+ng?

Grandpa Qin found some news about the secret base of the mad demon mercenary group. Although it was groundless accusations, it was perfect for attracting snakes out of the hole.

In fact, at the beginning, Grandpa Qin refused to let Shao Qing go out to take risks. He always felt that it was best for girls like Shao Qing to stay at home. Taks like attracting snakes out of a hole are too dangerous.

But how could Shao Qing wait at home calmly?

She rejected the kindness of Grandpa Qin and took only two people to go out, that is Yan Qiyue and Er Dai.

Originally she didn’t even plan to bring Yan Qiyue, but Yan Qiyue insisted on following so she had no other option.

The destination was close to Jing Du, it was a base north of Jing Du. This base was so small that it didn’t even have a name.

Occasionally when someone did mention this base, they will simply say it was a base in the north beside a forest.

This base was small, yet they had the mad demon mercenary group sending people there over and over again.

According to the information given to her by Grandpa Qin, every week, someone from the Mad Demon Mercenary Corps would go to the small base. Sometimes they would do it blatantly, sometimes they would do it secretly by sending another group of mercenaries that were under the Mad Demon Mercenary Corps.

In one month, there would be people who belong to the mad demons going to that base three or five times. Such an unnoticeable small base with no special products, why was it necessary for them to visit the base three or five times in a month?

This base definitely had some problems.

Of course, the most important thing was to lead the snake out of the cave. After Shao Qing left Jing Du, she took Yan Qiyue and Er Dai together and wandered in the direction of the small base.

The itinerary was not urgent, plus she was worried that if they went too fast, those who followed behind will be thrown away, so they took it more so as a road trip. Travelling slowly, they enjoyed the beautiful scenery, rested whenever they wanted, and stopped to cook at any time, it was as if they weren’t experiencing the apocalypse.

The teeth of the people following behind them were about to be grinded to nothing. Early on, they had already received the news and laid out a trap in front, waiting for Shao Qing.

It’s just that Shao Qing was so leisurely, it didn’t look like she was rus.h.i.+ng through her journey to investigate. Instead, she seemed to be taking a leisurely road trip.

In fact when it was night time, Shao Qing would set up the tent, then go to the surrounding areas to find some wild game and vegetables and eat them in a variety of ways every day. They would eat barbecue today, hot pot tomorrow, and then other delicious dishes the day after tomorrow accompanied by white rice.

And what about them? They would eat in the wind with no housing. They did n

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