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Volume 2 Chapter 45 Looking for trouble

“You guys aren’t eating? Then I’ll go out first.” Shao Qing calmly turned around and left. The two men lying in the quilt: ……

After Shao Qing went out, she went to the mission hall first. During the apocalypse, there was no time to be idle. She had to consider the next task. As for the task to be done, it is not so easy to choose. First, it had to fit their current level. Second, it should not be too dangerous. If they were hurt, Shao Qing would be very distressed. Third, it had to be effective for gaining experience. As for rewards, that was not important.

Shao Qing read all the missions and finally chose two. One was a bodyguard mission, escorting a unique superhuman to the forest next to the S city survivor base to catch some advanced mutant animals.

For these types of tasks, they must be accepted first before more details are provided. What Shao Qing liked about this task was the forest. This forest was quite large. The survivor base of S City was built in this area to take advantage of the forest.

Unexpectedly, the mutant animals became stronger and stronger after the end of the world. The base had to split up some forces and monitor the entire forest to guard against it.

However, this mission was not the best choice. It was because she did not know the situation of the employer. If the employer was smart, not arrogant, unselfish, and did things properly, then that’s fine. However, if they were to encounter one that had a bad temper, ordered them around, and stepped in where they shouldn’t, before they even encounter any dangers in the forest, Shao Qing’s family, especially Yan Qiyue, would be finished.

The only reason Shao Qing took a closer look at this mission was that this mission was very rewarding. Just the special mental crystals alone, the employer was rewarding three pieces. These crystals were very suitable for Shao Tong.

In fact, this task was not urgent. Rumours say that the employer came from another large base and is staying in the S city survivor base for two months. In other words, they may have to enter the forest more than once.

The second task was a mission from the government. From the southernmost research inst.i.tute, several expert-level researchers have come. The research inst.i.tute there has been occupied by zombies. These experts have to be sent to Jing Du to partic.i.p.ate in some large event.

Of course, these were not the key components. The key component was that the mercenaries who had sent them here had lost a lot of manpower and urgently needed to replenish their superhumans. Therefore, while they were pa.s.sing by S city survivor base, they released this mission. They were hoping to a.s.semble a team of two or three stronger superhumans squads to escort them to Jing Du.

This is the second task that Shao Qing was interested in. Rumours say that the project they are studying is related to preventing ordinary people from being infected by zombies. This is a matter that benefits the country and the people. If Shao Qing cannot find any suitable missions, they will take this task.

The third one was a clean-up mission. It was to explore the original S city and clean up the zombies there. From this we can see that the base of the S-city survivor base did not have small ambitions. They wanted to be the second Jing Du survivor base.

However, the city of S could not be cleaned up for a short while. Even if it could be cleaned up, it would be difficult to move back.

These three tasks are the ones that caught Shao Qing’s eyes as they were rewarding and could also train her teammates.

But now that they’ve just returned, they can rest for a while. She was not in a hurry to go out, so Shao Qing didn’t choose immediately.

Only the task of escorting the researchers to Jing Du had a time restraint. Shao Qing would think it through and rest for a few days. If this task was still lacking the team members,

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