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Chapter 191 Volume 3 Chapter 1 Out at Sea

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This was already their third day out at sea. Originally, Shao Qing was prepared to make a small boat by herself and slowly drift towards the island country. However, she didn’t expect to take a look at the seaside to see that there were a lot of fis.h.i.+ng boats, cruise s.h.i.+ps and so on.

But just having a boat was useless, they needed someone to drive it. Shao Qing originally wanted to find a base nearby. There must be fishermen in a base near the sea and the fishermen could drive the boat.

As for whether the fisherman would be willing to go so far as to cross the sea to the island country, although crystal nucleus are not some miracle item, it should be useful in this regard.

Maybe Shao Qing was really lucky, when they were looking for the boat, they also found a man. The young boy looked like he was 20 years old and had healthy wheat-colored skin approaching a copper bronze tone.

He was entangled with an octopus and was being dragged into the sea.

The ocean must be the most dangerous place during the end of the world. There was too much marine life in the ocean. Most of the marine life, after mutation, had high attack power. Not to mention, the ocean is unfathomable. No one knows what lives at the bottom of the ocean.

This octopus probably came up to the edge for predation or it may have been washed up by the high tide. The teenager was doing something when he was treated as prey.

Shao Qing stared at the huge octopus, her eyes shone bright for a long while. Then she asked Yan Qiyue: “Do you want to eat grilled octopus tentacles?”

Yan Qiyue looked at her. Her eyes were s.h.i.+ning, she was the one who probably really wanted to eat it. Yan Qiyue’s mouth twitched and then said: “It’s better to save him. Who knows, maybe he can drive a boat and we don’t have to look around everywhere. If not, he should know someone who can drive a boat?”

Shao Qing, who found another friend, happily bundled the octopus that was the height of a person.

The teenager had already given hope and closed his eyes waiting for death. But abruptly, his body suddenly jolted up. He opened his eyes and found that he was suspended in the air. He was still wrapped by the octopus tentacles, but the octopus was suddenly in midair.

The octopus was suspended by green vines and hung upside down. Just in front of the teenager, a woman stood. She pulled a knife out and sliced down hard. The teenager fell down on the beach head first.

Shao Qing also picked up the tentacles that bound the young boy. The tentacles were still wriggling and fresh.

She squeezed the soft and slippery octopus tentacles and said to Yan Qiyue seriously: “Let ’s eat octopus today at noon. The octopus tentacles can be cooked teppanyaki style. We have a grill. The grilled octopus will definitely be very good. The rest can be cut into shreds and stewed with eggs. Unfortunately, there are no leeks, otherwise the octopus could be sautéed with leeks.”

“You can keep it and fry it when you have leeks.” Yan Qiyue touched his chin. When he said that Shao Qing was very happy about it: “You’re right, we can go to the neighborhood area to see if there are any vegetables that I didn’t bring and collect some more.”

Listening to the two people discussing how to cook this octopus, the teenager looked stunned: …

After the negotiation, Shao Qing asked the young boy: “Can you sail a boat?”

The teenager froze for a long time, then nodded.

“That’s great!” Shao Qing felt that she had done a great job of saving the person. She could kill two birds with one stone. It really couldn’t be better.

Shao Qing bent down and patted the boy’s shoulder: “Boy, can I discuss something with you?”

The boy was still blank: “What’s the matter …”

“It’s like this, I’m going to go to the island country, but I don’t know how to sail a boat. So I want to hire you to sail. As for the remu

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