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Chapter 181 Volume 2 Chapter 75 Indifference

Adhering to the fact that as long as the enemy is not having an easy time, I will live well. With this kind of mentality, Shao Qing walked over, prepared to see what would happen.

The two sides were facing each other. One side was a man of the mad mercenary group, while the other side was a man and a woman. The stall on the ground was selling bits and pieces.

Shao Qing knew without looking, there was an 80% chance this was related to protection fees and she crept closer to listen.

Between the two, the woman was in the midst of yelling: “How black is your heart? In one day, I only earn a few nuclei and you want to take half of it in one go, how do you want people to live??

The person from the Mad Demon squad responded: “Everyone is doing business. We take people’s money to eliminate disasters. You’re not the only one paying protection money, why are you complaining that it’s too much?”

The woman sneered and said, “We don’t need you to protect us, okay. I will not pay the protection fee.”

The head of the Mad Demon Mercenary Corps looked her up and down and said with a smile: “It does not matter if you do not pay with the nuclei. Pay with your body. Let our brothers come to you once, then this month’s protection fee will be waived.”

The woman snorted, guarded her chest alertly. She squeezed her mouth tightly. There were several orphans in her family she had to raise money for. On a good day, she can add some meat dishes for the children in the family.

But these people clearly saw they were easy to bully and wanted to take half of their profits by opening their mouths. If she handed those crystal nuclei over, the children would be hungry.

So the woman was not willing to compromise.

Upon seeing this, the man next to her quickly said: “Isn’t this just the protection fee? Let’s pay!” He gritted his teeth and said with a smile: “Women do not know anything. I hope these people won’t lower themselves to argue with her. I will pay it.”

He opened the bag and counted the earnings for half a day: ten crystal nuclei. Then he handed them to the mad demon squad. The woman’s eyes were red at that time. She grabbed the crystal nuclei and said aggrievedly: “We can’t give it to them. Don’t forget, Xiao Yang is still sick, so he is counting on today’s income to buy him some goods to help supplement his body… ”

“Juan, give me the crystal nucleus.” The man quickly urged her. She was holding the crystal and refused to hand it over. Seeing this, the mad demon squad leader smiled and said: “Since you won’t give the crystal nucleus, then you’ll be using your body!”

The man hurriedly said: “Here, give it right away.”

Then he argued with the woman. The man of the mad demon mercenary group waved his hand indifferently and then said: “Today I will tell you, whether you give it or not, we will play with this woman. ”

He clapped his hands: “Brothers, when we feast later,

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