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marybethgriggs > The End Of The World\'s Poisonous Mom And Monster Baby > Chapter 160 - Volume 2 Chapter 54 Yin Ye's Decision
Volume 2 Chapter 54 Yin Ye’s Decision

“Of the first people who were arrested, the oldest was 70 years old, while the youngest was only one year old and three months. There were even two pregnant women. At that time, because I strongly opposed this experiment, I was locked up. Apparently, they wanted me to reflect.” Yin Ye sneered. “After I finished ‘reflecting’, the first experiment was already done. They were checking the results of the experiment and those who became zombies were lying on the experiment table, scattered and smashed. They even carried out the experiments on pregnant women and children. At that time, they recorded that the younger the children, the more mutated the zombies would become which would increase the chances of attaining a special ability. If a pregnant woman was infected, their body would die quickly after the infection and supply energy to the child in the body, causing the child to gain a second mutation.”

At this point, his eyes have become red: “I remember many years ago, when I was still a student, I thought that everything I learned could be used to serve the country, but then I discovered that I became an accomplice to such a treacherous thing. Unable to do anything, I could only watch as those…… “

“What happened after? “Shao Qing remained calm, but her body was filled with a murderous aura. She still hasn’t exploded yet because she wanted to know all the facts before deciding what to do next.

“They kept experimenting with living people and then flaunted that it was to save the world. The base where we were operating also became accomplices. We searched for living people to cooperate with those people. After all, in the apocalypse, the cheapest thing out there were human lives. After a long time though, they began to be dissatisfied and began to experiment with superhumans. The superhumans who were opposed to the base leader and the ones with useless abilities were all sent over. Everyone knows that superhumans won’t be infected so who knows what method they used to transform them into the infected. After the experiment, one part of the body retains human activity while another part of the body is poisoned. What’s more horrifying is that they not only have the fearless pain of the zombies and strong ability to recover, but they also retain their abilities. One of them, a pregnant superhuman, was cut open after the experiment allowing them to obtain a half-corpse baby. This baby actually had the ability to control other zombies. They were ecstatic and wanted to create a zombie king to control the world; however, there is a thing called retribution. Those transformed superhumans retained a certain level of consciousness. When they found an opportunity, they escaped and started to plan their revenge. The entire base was destroyed. I ran away with someone secretly and contacted the Research Inst.i.tute in Jing Du, but I didn’t expect that the experimental subjects were following us the whole time

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