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Chapter 180 Volume 2 Chapter 74 The annoying Yao Jing*

Yan Qiyue didn’t drink well, so when he drank a bit more than a cup, his whole body looked like red cooked prawns. When Shao Qing lifted him up, he was like an octopus wrapped around Shao Qing.

His body smelled like alcohol. His stench smelt not like he drank one cup but as if he drank an entire jug. Shao Qing had to move him directly into the bathroom.

Because no one had lived there before, there was no water heater in the bathroom. Naturally there was no hot water. Shao Qing didn’t dare use cold water to bathe Yan Qiyue. After all, Yan Qiyue was weak. But, she was unwilling to let him sleep with the smell of alcohol, that would definitely be uncomfortable.

She originally wanted to boil a little water and give Yan Qiyue a bath but Yan Qiyue was holding her tightly and wouldn’t let go. Finally she called Er Dai over and let Er Dai boil the water.

It worked out since a few other drunks had to take a bath as well. So Er Dai and Fu Jingmo boiled a lot of water and brought it up.

Shao Qing mixed it with cold water to make him a warm water bath. Then she began peeling the clothes off Yan Qiyue. Yan Qiyue was red all over and did not resist. He obediently allowed Shao Qing to have her way. When Shao Qing asked him to lift his arms, he would lift his arms. When Shao Qing asked him to raise his leg, he just lifted his leg. He was very obedient and well behaved.

Yan Qiyue’s physique was slowly recovering after being injured. The traces that Shao Qing left on him a few days ago were gone, only the wound on his arm has not recovered.

The wound couldn’t get wet, so Shao Qing found a plastic bag and wrapped his arm. Then she threw Yan Qiyue into the pool.

Yan Qiyue was very thin. So thin that when touched, his ribs could be felt. Except for his little b.u.t.tocks that had some flesh on it, he was like a bamboo stick, especially his two long legs.

When Shao Qing bathed him, he groaned. He had finally sobered up a little and put his arms around Shao Qing’s neck to kiss her. When Shao Qing pushed him, he pretended to be drunk and splashed in the water. Covered in water, he was too slippery so Shao Qing could not hold him down easily. Finally she had control of Yan Qiyue, preventing him from kissing her everywhere, but she was still bitten on the neck several times.

When Yan Qiyue was pulled out of the water, he was finally a little bit better. He was pressed to the window sill by Shao Qing who took a towel to wipe his body, arms, legs, and small waist. The feeling was quite good. Shao Qing touched it a few more times. Except for some inconvenient spots, Shao Qing touched…… Ah wrong, wiped everything.

Then when she tried to carry Yan Qiyue out, Yan Qiyue opened his two long legs on his own and wrapped it around her waist. Hugging Shao Qing’s neck with both hands, he crooned in Shao Qing’s arms.

Shao Qing stiffened and had to stretch out her hands to support Yan Qiyue’s b.u.t.t. Finally, she brought Yan Qiyue who was like an octopus into the bedroom. The bedroom was large and could fit a large bed. In fact, the bed was big enough for several people to roll around on.

Er Dai was holding Xiao Baozi and was sleeping on the innermost spot. One big one small wrapped together. After Shao Qing brought Yan Qiyue back, she first tucked Yan Qiyue into bed. Then she took off her wet clothes from was.h.i.+ng Yan Qiyue and got into the bed.

The four people were lying in the bed and there was still room to spare. Yan Qiyue was on Shao Qing’s left, while Xiao Baozi and Er Dai were on her right. Hugged on both left and right, she suddenly had a thought: the four of them living together would be the best.

Turning her head around, she threw her thoughts aside. How ridiculous is that thought. Just thinking about Er Dai and Yan Qiyue only, which man would be willing to share the love of a woman with another man?

After abandoning this idea, S

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