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Chapter 179 Volume 2 Chapter 73 Taking Root in Jing Du

The group of zombies was provoked. They came from all directions and tried to surround the group of superhumans that appeared to be particularly invisible amongst the group of zombies.

Shao Qing saw the group of zombies from afar, calculated it, and figured it out. As long as they finish off this wave of zombies, the contribution value should be almost complete.

Shao Qing didn’t say anything, she flicked the flare and was ready to call the remaining people over. It would be easier to handle.

But seeing that the superhuman squad was about to be drowned in the sea of ​​zombies, Shao Qing couldn’t stand by and just watch while waiting for Yan Hanqing and the rest to come over.

So Shao Qing took the first shot. She found a balcony on the second floor and climbed up. After occupying the high ground, her hands waved and vines quickly flew out.

The vines looked as powerful as the ones used in movies. It encircled the waists of those superhumans being drowned in the sea of ​​zombies and dragged them back.

Those superhumans were full of despair and were ready for death. Their eyes were closed, but they didn’t feel the pain of being torn apart.

When they opened their eyes again, they saw a woman carrying a child in front of them. The woman was expressionless. She withdrew the vines, then jumped off the balcony before they had responded.

Then they reacted. Did they just get saved?

After Shao Qing rescued the squad of superhumans, she reunited back with her friends. Er Dai jumped into the group of zombies without any care, attacking the high level zombies. Shao Qing followed up without hesitation.

She needed to protect Xiao Baozi and Shao Tong.

Shao Tong released a mental power barrier and followed behind Shao Qing. The barrier shrouded Shao Qing and Yan Qiyue. No zombies could break her barrier.

With those two people, one in front with the vines and one in control of the air, it did not take long to harvest the zombies. Soon, Yan Hanqing received the news and also arrived. Coming from another direction, they surrounded the zombies and began the clean up.

This is what their teamwork looked like. Gu Chuan was responsible for freezing, not to kill the zombies, but to stop any movement for a period of time. Then Gu Panpan, the diamond Barbie, would break the ice sculptures with her hands. (Editor: I LOVE GU CHUAN JUSTICE FOR GU CHUAN GU CHUAN DESERVES BETTER)

Gu Chuan used ice with his left-hand and water with his right. As soon as a water dragon was sent out, Yan Hanqing’s thunderbolt would immediately follow up. After all, water can conduct electricity, so the zombies fell down instantly which looked even more spectacular than Shao Qing’s side.

The group of spectators standing on the balcony: …

They had been chased by the zombies with nowhere to go and could only wait for death. But when this group of zombies met Shao Qing’s group, they

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