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marybethgriggs > The End Of The World\'s Poisonous Mom And Monster Baby > Chapter 205 - Volume 3 Chapter 15 Encountering people from the same hometown
Chapter 205 Volume 3 Chapter 15 Encountering people from the same hometown

There were squads of superhumans in the base and this was no exception for the island nation. After Shao Qing asked around, she found out that squads of superhumans in the base would go around the base to clean up zombies every once in a while.

Therefore, it was difficult to see zombies around the base. However, superhumans also needed to increase their rank, so there were often superhumans that would form squads to go to distant places in search of crystal cores.

In the island country, there were more mobile squads than fixed squads. That is to say, anyone with a lack of crystals can go to the square to find teammates to form a free team. There were many people holding signs in the square, just like teaming up in a game.

Signs: Go to the XX place, there are mostly rank 3 zombies. There are already 6 people in the team and will depart after recruiting one more

Also: Squad of elite level superhumans. Requesting wood elemental superhuman above rank 3, healing or support would be best.

And like this: Teaming up to fight against rank 5 zombie king, lacking two superhumans of rank 3 or above, rich in zombie hunting experience. Equal distribution.

In short, it looked very strange.

Shao Qing wasn’t familiar with the area so she had no idea where to go. The best way was to follow a group and also follow a good group.

Shao Qing came to the square and looked around. At least she had to find a team that was more pleasing, otherwise the team might be wiped out by her before they even reach the destination.

Then Shao Qing saw some fellows from the same hometown.

They were really conspicuous. The islanders were generally relatively short. For example, s.h.i.+ramizu Mochizuki was already 20 years old. Although his face looked a little younger, he still looked like a minor. Of course his height also resembled a minor.

He was a full head shorter than Yan Qiyue, at least 20 centimeters.

These men from China standing at the square were like a crane in a flock of chickens. Shao Qing could see their heads from afar, they stood out too much among the crowd.

Then Shao Qing recognized one face. Then looking at their height and temperament, she recognized all of them. They were all from China.

Her footsteps that had been going the other direction turned around immediately.

An acquaintance should be more reliable, at least they would be more familiar. So Shao Qing walked over. The leading man had a sign in his hand and it said in island language: “Requesting wood elemental superhuman above rank 3, ideally for support.”

Hmm, perfect. She was also a wood-based superhuman. Although her abilities weren’t mainly for support, her support ability would definitely not be worse than that of a purely supportive rank 3 wood-based superhuman.

“I am a rank 4 wood elemental, can I join?” Shao Qing opened her hands after walking over. Her Q

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