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My Disciples Are All Villains

Author: MSRZP

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Updated: 2021-10-02 01:09:31

Latest chapter: 506 Penglai

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《My Disciples Are All Villains》Latest chapter
506 Penglai
505 Ten Thousand Years Cheng Huang
504 Legend of the Red Lotus
503 You Won’t Be Able To Live if I Want to Kill You
502 Travelling on a Coffin
501 World-destroying Palm
500 Tiangou
499 Books on the Nine-leaf Stage in the Coffin?
498 Help One Another to Sever Lotuses
497 Five-leaf Yu Shangrong. Coming To A Head!
496 I’m a Peerless Eight-leaf Elite. Always Have Been and Always Will Be!
495 Grade Skipper
《My Disciples Are All Villains》' main text
506 Penglai
505 Ten Thousand Years Cheng Huang
504 Legend of the Red Lotus
503 You Won’t Be Able To Live if I Want to Kill You
502 Travelling on a Coffin
501 World-destroying Palm
500 Tiangou
499 Books on the Nine-leaf Stage in the Coffin?
498 Help One Another to Sever Lotuses
497 Five-leaf Yu Shangrong. Coming To A Head!
496 I’m a Peerless Eight-leaf Elite. Always Have Been and Always Will Be!
495 Grade Skipper
494 Naturally Entering The Mystic Enlightening Realm
493 Impressive Avatars
492 Open Earth Scroll
491 Sprouting Another Leaf
490 Natural and Unrestrained
489 The Legend of Luo Shiyin
488 Intangible Instructions are the Most Fatal
487 Turn Tail and Run
486 Old Senior Ji
485 Promise
484 Face to Face Lesson
483 Stay Here If You Want To Die
482 My Surname’s Lu
481 We Meet Again
480 A Place Far Far Away
479 Mystical Miss Conch
478 Nine-leaf Lu
477 The Nine-leaf Avatar Appears Again
476 Elder Lu’s Strength
475 Miss Conch’s Choice
474 Fighting Over a Person
473 A Guest from Afar, Luo Shiyin
472 She’s Special
471 Why Are You Following Me?
470 A Person Gifted in Tune
469 I’m No Longer a Weakling
468 Three Deadly Souls
467 Poor Eldest Senior Brother
466 Yu Zhenghai’s Secre
465 The Sword Devil Should Not Be Crossed
464 The Real Yu Shangrong
463 Witnessing History
462 Lotus Slashing Era
461 Where Did She Come From?
460 Regret Upon Separation and the Nine-leaf Lotus
459 For the Yun Sect?
458 Revisiting Old Haunts
457 I’ll Never Believe You, You Wretched Old Man!
456 The Heroine of Old
455 The Mystery Behind Yu Zhenghai’s Death
454 Cage of Heaven and Earth
453 Si Wuya’s Aim
452 Chapter 452 The Third Way
451 True Leafed Nascent Divinity
450 Hundred Tribulations Insigh
449 Amaze the World with a Brilliant Fea
448 Glory
447 The First Nine-leaf Cultivator Under the Heavens
446 You’re Really Powerful
445 Shatter Mercilessly
444 This is not a Dream
443 Why Is Old Villain Ji So Powerful?
442 New Leaves
441 Having Lived a Long Life, I Have Slain a Million Demons
440 Unexpected Old Villain Ji
439 An Arrow through the Clouds
438 The Used Sword Remains Sharp, the Old Man Remains Firm
437 The Pride of the Old Age Pavilion
436 Contes
435 The Battle Begins
434 The Weakest Sword Devil in History
433 The Sword Devil's Return
432 The Fiend Extermination Alliance
431 Wipe that Smirk Off Your Faces
430 If I Could Turn Back Time To When I Was Young
429 You’re too Green, Child
428 Tear Apar
427 Secret of the Potion
426 Suspicions
425 Yong Ning Must Die?
424 Revealing A Secre
423 The Old Age Pavilion Isn’t Only Adept In Boot-Licking
422 Fear of Being Dominated
421 One Step at a Time
420 Difficult Problem
419 Educating Si Wuya
418 Cutting Lotus and the Patriarch
417 The Scroll of Heavenly Writing Is Returned
416 The Whereabouts of the Crystal
415 Huge Waves
414 Investigations and Alliances
413 One Cannot Succeed Alone
412 The Rascal’s Idea
411 Train with Me
410 Glorious Days are Gone, Begin Again
409 Intimidation
408 Old but Still Vigorous
407 Destroying The Heavenly Energy with Bare Hands
406 Abandon Wisdom
405 The Peacock Spreading its Plume
404 Si Wuya’s Weakness
403 Checkmate
402 Yu Zhenghai Could Turn The Tides
401 Pincered
400 Other Tribesmen
399 Ten Thousand Tribes
398 Yield
397 Killing a Person is as Simple as Making His Head Roll On The Ground
396 I’m An Idol Too?
395 The First on the Whitelis
394 Embroidered Clothes in the Nigh
393 Great Disturbance under the Heavens and the Plan to Capture Disciples
392 Regrets and Cutting the Golden Lotus
391 Rumors Abound and the Mutated Golden Lotus
390 There is Virtue in All Living Things
389 Slash Again
388 Human Hands and Heaven-grade Weapons
387 Grand Display of Power
386 Being Stabbed at Everyday
385 The Melilot Graveyard and the Piles of Bones
384 Cannot Be Found Anywhere
383 How Rumors Begin
382 Of Goals and the Mutated Golden Lotus
381 The Sword Devil
380 Three Chances
379 Kill Yu Shangrong
378 The Nine-leaf Method Part Two
377 The Nine-leaf Method Part One
376 The Guardian, Ye Tianxin
375 The Evil Extermination Plan
374 The World as Your Chessboard
373 Quit While You’re Ahead
372 Twenty Years in a Blink of an Eye
371 Insights on Death
370 The True Gap of the Nine-leaf Stage
369 The Patriarch
368 The Old Men’s Intimidation Effec
367 The Right to Converse
366 The Old Age Pavilion
365 In Pursuit of the Answer to Life
364 The Attitude of a Great Sec
363 Moving Clouds
362 Undetermined
361 Looking Northwest, Shooting the Wolf in the Sky
360 Frenzied Moun
359 The Sky Has Gone Cold
358 Destined to be Alone
357 The List that Makes the Cultivation World Shudder
356 He Must be Cold
355 Back to Where He Belongs
354 White Hair Overnigh
353 Seventh Senior Sister’s Fairer
352 You Picked the Wrong Person
351 How Does it Feel to be Surrounded?
350 Those Who Sought Longevity
349 Visitors from the Divine Capital
348 Yu Shangrong’s Secre
347 Tear Stain Boxing Gloves
346 A Wronged Soul Cries in Lonely Moonlit City
345 Birds of a Feather
344 Teaching the Traitor a Lesson
343 The Melilot’s Lifespan
342 Instructing Yu Shangrong
341 Mental Attitude Determines the Height of Your Sword
340 Why Aren’t You a Nine-leaf?
339 Unneeded Pride
338 Yu Shangrong’s Sword Path
337 Gain
336 Like Meeting an Old Friend
335 There was a Bright Moon
334 How Did I Teach You in the Past?
333 The Mantis Stalks the Cicada, Unaware of the Oriole Behind
332 Outcome
331 Who Will Be His Match?
330 Why Are Eight-leafs Elites So Powerful?
329 The Ultimate Battle
328 The Great Limit, Yu Shangrong’s Goal
327 Pursuing the Rascals
326 Kill the Prince, Striving in Radiant Cloud Fores
325 Die Together, Then
324 What Makes a Devil
323 With Me Here, We’re Undefeatable
322 All Living Things are Equal
321 A Great Show
320 Playing Along
319 Beat Them at Their Own Game
318 Seeing Through Jiang Aijian’s Plan
317 A Person who Regularly Walks by the River Cannot Avoid Getting Their Shoes We
316 Cooldown and the Nine Transformation Yin Yang
315 Unique Cards Increasing the Difficulty
314 Completing Old Eighth’s Cultivation Method
313 Guiding By The Hand
312 Yu Shangrong’s Identity
311 Ye Tianxin’s Secre
310 The Fourth Open Heavenly Writing Scroll
309 The Third Heavenly Writing Technique
308 Old But Energetic
307 Great Blitz Treasure Seal
306 Terrifying Talents
305 I Shall Properly Instruct All Of You In The Future
304 Eldest Senior Brother’s Ambition
303 Farewell Beyond the Western Pass
302 The Secret of Nine-leaf
301 A Single Technique Against Various Methods
300 True Colors
299 Have Another Cup of Wine
298 Sword Fight at the Evil Sky Pavilion
297 A Fight Between Elites
296 He’s Here
295 Here Comes the Flying Coffin
294 Life, Secluded Cultivation
293 The Person Inside the Coffin
292 The Saying of the FairFolk And The Third Technique
291 The White Lady
290 Promise of a Battle
289 Living Dead
288 The Second in Fiend Zen
287 Fell Into Submission
286 King of Swords
285 Fiend Zen is not Zen
284 Greatest Fiend Zen from the Beginning
283 The First Seat of the Temple of Great Emptiness
282 Losing the First Showdown
281 Seven Stars Landing
280 Prioritize the Old
279 Open Heavenly Writing Final Remnant Piece
278 Against The Heavenly Energy
277 Master’s Dying Flash?
276 The Rascal Is Causing Trouble Again
275 Heaven Writing Scroll Reopened
274 Persuading with Fists
273 Persuading with Name
272 Persuading with Morals
271 Persuading with Reason
270 Dark Yin Palm Eunuch Li
269 Prince of Qi, Qin Jun
268 Old Acquaintance, Gaining from Risks
267 Eldest Senior Brother’s People
266 To Help Master
265 The Disturbance at Upper Prime City and the Divine Capital
264 The Elite Beside the Big Sho
263 Moon as Bright as Jade
262 Harsher Instructions
261 The Nine Tribulations Thunderblas
260 This Is A True Elite
259 Eight Methods Connected
258 There’s No End To Disciplining His Disciples
257 Opening the Box
256 A Rascal Has No Right To Negotiate
255 Old Seventh and the Five Mice
254 Senior Brother Has No Choice
253 Power
252 The Heavenly Sword Sect’s Hidden Trump Card
251 Offer A Sacrifice
250 Buddhist Master Jing Yan and Days of Old
249 Not Worthy to Fight Me
248 Helper
247 Clearing The Evil Sky Pavilion’s Name
246 The Debate on the Lotus Dais
245 A Fight To Death
244 As He Wishes
243 Thirteen Letters of Provocation
242 The Lost Key
241 The Neglected Box
240 Master is Old
239 Si Wuya’s Punishmen
238 Yu Shangrong’s Attitude
237 Mingshi Yin’s Method
236 Come Back With Me To Face Master
235 Making Things Difficult For A Fellow Disciple
234 A Friend With The Surname Ri
233 The Person Who Hates The Evil Sky Pavilion The Mos
232 The Secret To A Long Life
231 In the Same Boa
230 Si Wuya’s Method
229 Your Lives Have Nothing To Do With Me
228 Binding Mantra
227 Why Do You Slander Me, Third Junior Brother?
226 Catching Disciples
225 Yu Zhenghai’s Ambition
224 Four Dark Knights
223 Reinforcements from the Palace
222 Think About the Shining Golden Palm
221 No Chance To Act Like A Pretentious Prick
220 Mo Li and Mo Qi
219 Slender West Lake, A Person of the Evil Sky Pavilion
218 It Takes Technique to Con Someone
217 Even A Pig Has Its Value
216 Depravity?
215 Time and Tide Wait For No Man
214 Open The Heavenly Writing Scroll
213 Sky Fragments Combined
212 The Old Beggar
211 Fragments Collected
210 The Nameless Beggar and the Return of Yunsan
209 This Is For Your Own Good
208 The Right to Join the Evil Sky Pavilion! Where Is Si Wuya?
207 Seven Days? Lady Jade Was Harmed?
206 Nowhere to Run, Yanzi Yunsan!
205 Hua Yuexing, One of the Divine Capital’s Three Godly Archers
204 Strength Does Not Lie in Numbers
203 Skylark Pagoda
202 Come Down, Eldest Senior Brother
201 Grand Technique, Scram
200 The Greatest Cult Under The Heavens
199 A Battle of Impostors
198 Disturbance in Anyang
197 First Meeting With Second Senior Brother
196 Revisiting Anyang, Same City, Different People
195 At Sixteen
194 Aligning Stars
193 She’s Not a Child Anymore
192 Emancipate Yourself and Become the Master
191 The Nirvana Sash
190 Taking Leave
189 Nascent Divinity Tribulation Realm
188 Another Junk?
187 Seven Star Soul
186 Sky Fragmen
185 Every Family Has Its Own Problems
184 Four Season Vanities, Arhats Combined!
183 The Four Divine Monks, Wen Jue Zhi Zhang
182 I’ll Grant Your Wish
181 A Fine Line
180 I Have Always Been Reasonable
179 No Choice
178 An Exorbitant Price
177 Submit or Be Clobbered
176 Exception
175 Return, Enter Three Souls
174 The Sword Devil’s Principles
173 Seven-leaf Hua Wudao, Nine Scripts Six Compatible Seal
172 A Newcomer Should Have a Newcomer’s Resolve
171 My Sincere Heart Shines as Brightly as the Sun and the Moon
170 Sable Magnolia
169 The Rascal Has Nowhere to Run
168 This is for Your Own Good, Eighth Junior Brother
167 Such Is His Fate
166 Nobody Can Do Anything About Me
165 Your Ten-year Limi
164 The Most Powerful Subordinate
163 Breaking the Cocoon or Binding Oneself
162 The Incredible Bai People
161 I Know Your Schemes
160 Wei Zhuoyan Has Such Resolve?
159 Cheng Huang? Ye Tianxin’s Alive!
158 So Weak That It’s Boring
157 Fan Xiuwen’s Choice
156 The Predecessors’ Determination to End in Mutual Destruction?
155 The Nine Cuts Hand Seals
154 Unexpected
153 The Ten Shamans Have Arrived, Hold the Fort!
152 Sword Saint Luo Shisan
151 Power of the Ten Shamans
150 Deliberately
149 How Dare You Plot Against Golden Court Mountain?
148 The Cloud-splitting Chario
147 A Neglected Treasure
146 A Good Deal
145 A Red Hand is Needed to Open the Box
144 The Magnanimous Eldest Senior Brother
143 The Box’s Secre
142 Don’t Be Afraid, Junior Brother
141 I’m Not a Pushover
140 Long Time No See, Eighth Junior Brother
139 Beard the Lion in His Den
138 Seeking Peace at a High Price
137 Offering Amnesty is a Great Mishap
136 The Red Robes’ Visi
135 The Great Dark Heaven Memorial
134 A Close Friend of Eldest Senior Brother
133 Completing the Cultivation Methods
132 You Know Me Well, Junior Brother Wuya
131 The Second Disciple’s Choice
130 Differing Opinions and Tacit Agreements
129 The Seventh Disciple’s Thoughts
128 Teaching the Eighth Disciple
127 The Way to Open the Box
126 To Redeem Oneself
125 The Death of Ye Tianxin
124 A Nice Sword
123 Palace Conflicts and Bones of the Bais
122 Meeting Jiang Aijian Again
121 Releasing Zhao Yue
120 He Who Follows His Heart Is Not Ordinary
119 The Most Powerful Elder! Huawu? Wuhua?
118 You Will Have to Make A Choice Eventually
117 Thunderblas
116 The Six Compatible Daoist Seal
115 There Were No Different Paths in Great Yan In The Pas
114 I’m Not the Same Person Anymore
113 he Five Energies Universe! Guard the Tree Stump and Wait for Hua Wudao!
112 You’re Not Afraid of Me?
111 Bestowing You the Separation Hook
110 Old Enemy
109 What a Shame!
108 Of Captures and Lucky Draws
107 Old Eighth, The Rascal!
106 The Green Jade Altar
105 Disciples as Reinforcemen
104 I Have Always Been Merciful
103 The Price of Stupidity
102 One of the Three Godly Archers
101 Someone from the Palace
100 Ding Fanqiu’s Strength
99 Little Girl, Let’s Go Before It’s Too Late
98 Truth?
97 Sunken Bones
96 Truth and Lies
95 The Style of the Grand Patriarch?
94 Separation Hook
93 The Power of Witchcraf
92 Mingshi Yin Is In Trouble
91 You’re Not My Disciple
90 Be Gentle, Senior Brother
89 Implications
88 Not on Purpose
87 The Disciple Is Being Fierce Again
86 The Disciple Continues to be Fierce
85 The Disciple Is Fierce
84 Don’t Even Think About Leaving
83 Fan Xiuwen
82 The Master has Spoken
81 A Powerful Helper
80 On the Top of the Blacklis
79 Intelligent Mingshi Yin
78 Leader of the Black Knights
77 Binding Cage
76 The Mystery of Ye Tianxin
75 Strange Power
74 Improving Cultivation Base Part Two
73 Improving Cultivation Base Part One
72 Duped
71 Is it Too Late to Run Away Now?
70 In the Bag
69 The Villainous Disciple Is Causing Trouble Again
68 The Elite from the Palace
67 You Dare Tell a Lie?
66 Taking Zhao Yue Away
65 Enlightened Senior Monk?
64 There will Always be Someone Better
63 Brahman Lullaby
62 Strength of the Temple of Great Emptiness
61 Great Meditation Dharani
60 A Sword Lover
59 The Sharpest Sword
58 Bi An
57 Zhao Yue's Whereabouts
56 Everything Is Under His Control
55 Please Calm Down
54 Sword Devil's Destiny
53 Indescribable Power
52 Am I Qualified Now?
51 Bullsh*
50 Request Asylum
49 A Newcomer
48 Continue To Draw
47 How Dare You
46 Down On Luck
45 Offense Is The Best Defense
44 Reorganize Trump Cards
43 What To Do Without Trump Cards?
42 The Older, The Wiser
41 The Old Villain Is Back
40 Who Gave You The Courage
39 Ye Tianxin's Plan?
38 Take Back Everything You Have
37 The Evil Disciple
36 Back To The Peak Again
35 Master, You Have Fallen into A Trap
34 This Is Just The Beginning
33 You Only Have Three Months Left to Live
32 I Have Told You This is a Trap
31 The Lakeside Gang
30 Listen To Me, Don't Provoke Them
29 Mighty Experts
28 Disobedience
27 You Are A Naughty Leader
26 Investigate the Kidnapping
25 You Look Good To Me, Old Man
24 Ride the Whitzard with Master
23 The Extraordinary Power of Heaven Writing
22 Regain Youth
21 The Magical Effect of Luck Points
20 The Disciple Who Fled
19 World Events
18 Mingshi Yin's Probe
17 Teaching
16 The Mind of Villainous Disciples 2/2
15 The Mind of Villainous Disciples 1/2
14 Complete the Tasks
13 Assign Tasks
12 New Routine?
11 Continue Taming
10 A Fatal Blow
9 Assign Tasks
8 Lucky Draw And Shopping Mall
7 Start Taming
6 I Only Know Ultimate Skills
5 The Peak Form
4 The Attitude of the Villainous Disciples
3 To Teach Without Severity Is The Teacher's Laziness
2 The Strategy To Drive Back Enemies
1 The Patriarch of Villains