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Ferocious Boss: Hubby, Let's Get Married

Author: October Prime

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Updated: 2021-10-01 22:06:16

Latest chapter: 955 Uncle, My Boyfriend Is Coming Today

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《Ferocious Boss: Hubby, Let's Get Married》Latest chapter
955 Uncle, My Boyfriend Is Coming Today
954 You’re Handsome Anyway, Just Show Your Face
953 Give Her More Warmth
952 You Xi Is Nothing; How Could He Be Compared with Qingsi
951 I’ll Definitely Marry You
950 Do You Still Want To Marry Me?
949 With Me Here, Let’s See Who Dares To Make Fun Of Her!
948 Don’t Mention His Own Mother, He Can’t Even Admit It To Himself
947 Uncle, Is That Gingko Shaped Necklace The Only One?
946 You Xi Cousin Brother? She Sneered
945 My Boyfriend is A Very Good Person, But Sometimes He Behaves Stupidly
944 He’s So Outstanding That He Deserves To Be Infatuated
《Ferocious Boss: Hubby, Let's Get Married》' main text
955 Uncle, My Boyfriend Is Coming Today
954 You’re Handsome Anyway, Just Show Your Face
953 Give Her More Warmth
952 You Xi Is Nothing; How Could He Be Compared with Qingsi
951 I’ll Definitely Marry You
950 Do You Still Want To Marry Me?
949 With Me Here, Let’s See Who Dares To Make Fun Of Her!
948 Don’t Mention His Own Mother, He Can’t Even Admit It To Himself
947 Uncle, Is That Gingko Shaped Necklace The Only One?
946 You Xi Cousin Brother? She Sneered
945 My Boyfriend is A Very Good Person, But Sometimes He Behaves Stupidly
944 He’s So Outstanding That He Deserves To Be Infatuated
943 The Only One To Be Treated Tenderly By Him
942 Do You Feel Desolated When You Are Alone?
941 His Entire Heart was Given to Her
940 I Will Definitely Bring Your Daughter-in-Law Back
939 It is Easy. I Just Have to Break Your Leg
938 I am Really Not Interested in That Girl
937 He Does Not Dare to Defy the Devil’s Orders
936 Spare Me, Uncle; I Will Tell You Anything!
935 My Second Uncle is a Devil
934 The Only Daughter of the Xia Family was Your Mother
933 I Have to Protect Her, or I Will Panic
932 His Eyes were Full of Affection
931 Finally Meeting You
930 Qingsi, This Is Your Maternal Grandpa
929 A Child Will Always Be Loved By Their Own Family
928 Uncle’s Voice Was Very Seductive!
927 Qingsi, Let Uncle Bring You Back Home
926 Everyone Who Had Harmed Her, Shall Pay The Price
925 Qingsi, Uncle Will Protect You
924 Qingsi, I Am Your Maternal Uncle
923 She Was The Best Gift Bestowed So Far
922 Younger Sister May Not Have Died That Year
921 I Think I Will be Happy in the Future
920 She Had Nothing Valuable of Her Own to be Swindled Off
919 Maybe I am Your Uncle?
918 This Girl Really Made His Heart Ache
917 No One Will Hurt You Anymore
916 The Xias are Bullies
915 You Have to Go After Him If You Like Him; You Should Pounce Forward Bravely
914 Am I Under House Arrest?
913 You Need to Be Crueler than Anyone Else to Survive
912 The Number One Male Idol of the Country
911 The Handsome Mister Touched My Head
910 F*ck, This Mister Is Very Handsome!
909 If Your Wife Was Taken Away, Won’t You Be Anxious Too?
908 Big Sis Qingsi Was Snatched Away
907 We Will Take Yan Qingsi With Us
906 If She Is Going To Die, You Can Forget About Staying Alive
905 I Haven’t Told You that I Want To Be Married to You
904 You Want Me To Die, I Insist On Staying Alive
903 Who Exactly Was That Person Who Kept Trying To Assassinate Her?
902 Why Did You Only Tell Me About Her Existence Now?
901 I Want to See This Girl Immediately
900 I Cannot Sleep Without You!
899 Yan Qingsi is too Vicious; She is Not a Nice Lady
898 My Pockets are Deep; I Can Pay for However Much I Lose
897 My Idiot Son Looks Especially Handsome Today
896 I Cannot Bear to See You Sad
895 There Are Too Many People Liking You; I Have Not Approved Ye
894 If This was the Olden Times, She Would Be a Lost Princess
893 Why is It so Hard to Have a Daughter-in-Law?
892 Is My Daughter-in-Law Beautiful?
891 Finally, A Living Yan Qingsi
890 Beware, You May Not Find A Spouse In The Future
889 That Brat Would Cut All Ties With His Family In His Ruthless Retaliations
888 I Intend To Slam You To Death On The Shore
887 I’ll Oppose Anyone For Her Sake
886 Evidently, Yan Qingsi Was A Bane Of Mankind
885 Ye Shaoguang Found A Way Into Her Heart After All!
884 Long Time No See, I Miss You So Much
883 How Can I Die When I Haven’t Won Your Heart Yet?
882 Protect The Meat I Fed Into Your Body
881 She Did Not Love Him, It Was Not A Crime
880 It Was That Silly Lady Who Showed No Interest In Him
879 Don't Feed Yourself Thin
878 I Will Let You Sleep On The Bed Tonigh
877 If You Marry Me, Will You Treat Me Well Forever?
876 I'm Tired; I Cannot Entertain You Today
875 Don't Tell Me You Are Dating Behind My Back
874 I Don't Expect That You'd Like Her, But Don't Penalise Her
873 Her Darling Daughter-in-Law
872 The Exact Same Faces
871 A Night of Indulgence, A Night of Absurdity
870 You Do Not Know How Much I Love You
869 He Missed The Only Love That Could Ever Fulfill His Hear
868 His Mother Is A Mistress
867 You Are The Only Woman I Have
866 He Preferred Not to Show His Abjection to The Person He Liked
865 I Have A Prodigal Mother And Girlfriend
864 He Asked For It, He Can’t Blame Us
863 Just Sit Back And Watch As I Wreak Havoc On The Culpri
862 Prepare to Feel My Wrath For Double-Crossing Me
861 Ye Shaoguang Is A Homicide Suspect?
860 Loving Her Would Be Catastrophic
859 Hinder Me At Her Peril
858 Stay Away From That Lady
857 Come Up For You To Molest?
856 Don’t Meddle In My Affairs
855 How Could He Not Punish You?
854 Because The Boss Is Jealous
853 Uncle, That Concubine Is Mine
852 Do You Have To Be Shameless Just Because She Is Shameless?
851 You're So Handsome, Especially When You're Cooking
850 She Was Critically Injured; We Do Not Know If She Is Dead Or Alive
849 Yan Qingsi will Drag Him Along into Hell
848 How Shameless, the Two of You Snakes Hooking Up Together
847 I Will Give You a Taste of Something Worse than Death
846 I Will Not Be Hard on You, But Your Son...
845 This Meal is Heavily Seasoned; It's Not to Her Taste
844 You're Not Allowed to Open Your Eyes or to Move
843 I Cannot Sleep Without Cuddling with You
842 An Answer Just Within Reach
841 Uncle is so Fierce that I Do Not Dare to Provoke Him
840 I Definitely Will Not Dare to Touch a Hair on Her Forehead
839 I'm a B*stard If I Sell You Ou
838 As Meek as a Lamb Before His Uncle
837 I'll Cut Off Your Tongue If You Dare to Make a Sound
836 I Suddenly Pity The Brat, Ye Shaoguang
835 Ye Shaoguang is Mopping the Floor
834 I Beg You to Stay
833 I'm Her Boyfriend
832 It's So Nice to have Someone Serve Me!
831 You Said You Would Let Me Bed You for Life; Then I Should Test You Ou
830 I Have to Leave This Marriage
829 What to Do with a Vicious Mistress?
828 A B*tch will Get Tortured by Another B*tch
827 The Mistress is Here At the Doorstep!
826 Can’t Your Boss See His Girlfriend?
825 I Wish You Well On Your Journey to Death
824 This Man is My Worst Nightmare for Life
823 It Has Been a Living Hell for Me; I Cannot Die Even If I Wanted To
822 The Tables Have Turned on the B*stard!
821 That B*stard No Longer Exists in this World
820 She is the Devil, But You are also a Demon
819 I Will Never Trust You Again
818 I Will Have No Regrets if I Can See My Brother Once
817 The Start of Mrs. Helan’s Miserable Life
816 That B*stard was Dead to Me a Long Time Ago
815 I Will Watch Her in Place of Her Mother
814 Does My Mother Have Any Connection with the Yous?
813 How Can I Let You Go Since I Have Already Caught You?
812 Proving that the B*stard is a B*stard is a Problem
811 Murdering Them is too Merciful
810 If You Want to Commit Suicide, Go and Cut Your Throa
809 The Dogged Fighting Spirit of That B*tch
808 A Lie that Lasts Half a Life
807 Your Daughter Looks Like Someone Else; Who is Her Father?
806 You were Not the Father; Why the Heartache?
805 You are Willing to Help Your Wife Support Her Paramours, But I am No
804 Disagreements Torture the B*stard
803 How are You Going to Prove that This is Not Your Husband?
802 That B*stard is a Fake?
801 Give No Quarter to a B*tch
800 Do You Want to See the Green Hat Your Wife Has Made You Wear?
799 Your Wife Put a Large Green Hat on Your Head
798 I Will Let You Destroy Yourself and Not Say Anything
797 A Hundred Ways to Run that B*tch to Death
796 A Young B*tch Raised by an Old B*tch
795 Mrs. Yue Turns Into A Superwoman
794 Teaching You How to Torture B*stards
793 Touching This B*tch Would Only Dirty Your Hands
792 The Proper Way to Tear a B*tch Up
791 Talking About Tearing Up That B*tch
790 A Deadly Gift for Mrs. Yue
789 I Will Let You Bed Me Forever
788 You Said You Liked Me, So I Accepted I
787 If I Cannot Provide Her With Happiness, Then I Would Rather Not Have Her at All
786 The Second Elder of the You family
785 I Would Strangle Him and Save Face
784 He was Walled Off, Surrounded by Enemies
783 I Beat Him Up, Why Didn’t You Look for Me?
782 Get Fooled by The Family of Three
781 This Is The Last Time That I Will Trust You
780 Will You Only be Happy If I Kill You?
779 I Will Not Forgive That B*tch
778 That is My Future Mother-in-Law
777 Just Marry My Son, Then
776 You Had Better Remember to Not Touch Yan Qingsi
775 Debasing You, Destroying You
774 My Uncle is a B*stard
773 I will Kill You if You Dare to Lay a Finger on Her!
772 There is No Use in Lying to Me
771 The Person He Feared the Most Since Young
770 She Tried to Sabotage My Son—I Will Not Let Her Get Away With I
769 They Dare to Chase Us Off
768 You Were Not Trying to Sabotage Me?
767 A Pair Made in Hell
766 Do You Blame Others When Your Son Is Suicidal?
765 This Move was Played Beautifully!
764 Your Boyfriend Is Trustworthy, Right?
763 Master Yue Isn’t Soft-handed In Killing Someone!
762 The Scene Is Too Dirty, You Can't See It!
761 Good Master, Don’t Be Anxious
760 Hurry Up and Let Me Kiss You
759 Since We Are Fooling Around, Let Us Play Him to Death
758 Beating Him Up is too Light of a Punishment for Him
757 Do You Want to Do Bad Thing Together?
756 no title
755 Let Me Help You Somehow, I Will Feel Better About I
754 I Want to Help You Protect Your Daughter
753 You Better Fulfil Your Promise of Happiness to Me
752 His Love Runs Deeper than I Though
751 I Do Not Want to Let You Go Even If You Want to Escape
750 Go Ahead and Sleep, I Will Be Snacking Away
749 Yue Tingfeng, How Long Will You Love Me For?
748 She Liked This Kiss
747 I Can Carry You, You Do Not Have to Stand Alone
746 Did You Ever Think That I Will Be Hurt?
745 Will You Love Me Forever?
744 You Do Not Sympathize Me, Worst Still You Are So Fierce To Me
743 Loving Someone Wasted Half of His Life Away
742 Loving Her is Enough for Me
741 The Hopefulness In His Heart Destroyed By Reality Ruthlessly
740 A Man Has Loved You for so Many Years
739 She Made Me Wait, And She Never Returned
738 She Wants to Speak About Her Cruelest Reality
737 Report to the Boss!
736 I Will Not Let Anything Happen to You
735 Your Mother, Where is She?
734 I am Yan Qingsi’s Husbando
733 A Fellow with Bad in His Bones
732 I See No One But You
731 He has Fallen into My Trap; I Have No Intention of Letting Him Go
730 The Boss is Not Bad, He is Nice to You
729 I Have a Daughter-In-Law Now, Move Aside, Son
728 It Won't Take a Lot of Effort for Me to Finish You
727 I Can Give You Whatever You Wan
726 I Don't Know Her Name, I Don't Know Anything About Her
725 I'll Agree to All of Your Conditions If You Bring Me to Met Her
724 Boss, Madam Asked You to Go Back and Play Fight the Landlord
723 Since We Are in Disagreement, Let's Figh
722 She's My Girlfriend, I'm Her Boss
721 I'm Thinking When Will You Marry Me
720 You're The Person I Have a Crush On
719 Ask My Boyfriend If He will Let Me Go with You
718 Why Should You Not Love Me When I Like You
717 I will Kill Whoever Who Dares to Marry You
716 Ji Mianmian, Can You Like Me?
715 It will be All Right as Long as You Come Back
714 You Will Never Find What You Have Los
713 He Has Not Hooked Up with Her Ye
712 If I Wanted Someone to Suffer, They Will Never Laugh Again
711 I Will Satisfy You Nicely
710 I Will Tell You if You Kiss Me
709 We Simply Spent The Night Together
708 You Spent The Night With Ye Shaoguang Last Night?
707 For You, I Want To Change For The Better.
706 Scars of Love
705 I’m Already Obsessed, but You’re Still Oblivious
704 You Like Me, Ye Shaoguang
703 I’m Addicted to You
702 Do You Really Care About Him?
701 Don’t Even Attempt to Seduce Me, I’m Strong-Willed
700 Waiting for You to Roll on the Bed Together
699 I’ll Strip You Naked and Toss You Out.
698 Listen Closely, That Woman Is Not My Girlfriend
697 Look, You’re Determined to Let Me Kiss You
696 I Am Willing to Allow You to Completely Devour Me. I'm All Yours.
695 Your Majesty Will Spoil You Rotten Tonight!
694 Chapter 694
693 Hey, You Dropped Your Boyfriend!
692 Having a Date With Someone
691 Whatever I Like, I Want You to Like Too
690 Accompanying Someone to Watch a Movie
689 I Made Him Suffer, I Am Such a Monster
688 I Hope You Two Have Children Soon
687 I Finally Do Not Have to Be Responsible Toward You
686 If You Did Not Like Them, Do Not Bother Courting Them
685 There is Always Someone Who Will Brings Sparkle into Your Life
684 I Am Gradually Shedding My Shell For You
683 It is No Use Acting Coy
682 I Want to Make You Suffer
681 I Wish You Happiness With My Goddess
680 Boss Yue’s Intimidation Tactics
679 Boss Yue is Dangerous
678 I Have Braved a Sea of Strangers to Find You
677 I Have Found My Happiness
676 Nothing Comes Out of Matchmaking Anyway
675 Icy Peach Blossom Eyes
674 Facing Her, He Do Not Have The Heart To Do So
673 You Did Nothing, The Only Thing You Had Done Was Stripped Her Of Her Clothes
672 Without My Permission, You’ll Never Get Her
671 My Reward For Saving You Is Her
670 How Did the Assistant That I Was Looking for Ended Up on Your Bed
669 How About You Give Me Your Heart?
668 You Bedded Me Again
667 Too Lonely, Wanting Company
666 He Never Even Touched Me
665 If You Love Her, Go Pursue Her
664 He’s Too Scary, Too Emotionless
663 Young Master Yue Has A Controlling Wife
662 My Girlfriend Wants Me Home
661 Showing Kindness to Only One Woman
660 You’re Fooling Around Outside When I’m Not Around
659 The Necklace with Hidden Secre
658 Didn’t Get the Girl, Almost Got Himself Killed
657 You’re Not the One I Fancy
656 Aren’t You Afraid That He Dies from The Fall?
655 I Want Your Life, Will You Let Me Have It?
654 I’ll Kill You If You Touch Her
653 You Can’t Touch Her; This Isn’t A Game You Can Play
652 Yan Qingsi’s Crisis 5
651 Yan Qingsi’s Crisis 4
650 Yan Qingsi’s Crisis 3
649 Yan Qingsi’s Crisis 3
648 Yan Qingsi's Crisis 2
647 Yan Qingsi's Crisis 1
646 With Someone in Her Heart, Toying With Other Men Was No Longer an Option
645 Yan Qingsi, You Don’t Know How Heinous You Are
644 Let Go of That Man, Ravage Me Instead
643 I Want to Protect You
642 Who Are You Trying to Seduce?
641 Even If It Was Hatred, He Wanted to Be Engraved Into Her Memory Forever
640 Are You Apologizing on Your Knees?
639 If I Want A Man, I’ll Go for A Young Hunk
638 You’re Worthless in My Eyes
637 You’re Not Fit to Be with Me, and I Despise You
636 I Want to Love You Again
635 Go to Hell, And Bring That B*tch With You
634 Qingsi Is Our Family’s Treasured Lucky Charm
633 Where’s the So-Called Enmity Between Mother-in-Law and Daughter-in-Law?
632 Other Women May Be Better, But Mrs. Yue Did Not Like Them
631 There May Be Plenty of Good Girls in This World, But I Have My Heart Set on Her
630 I Like Her, and I’m Not Letting Her Go
629 She's Not the One Bothering Me, I'm The One Who's Bothering Her
628 How About Finding Ways to Impress Me Rather Than Trying to End Me
627 Ye Shaoguang, You're Too Shameless
626 I Just Want to Put on My Pants and Not Take Responsibility
625 Ji Mianmian, Are You Trying to Go Back on Your Words?
624 Sorry for Bedding You—I Was an Animal
623 You’re Just Going to Leave After Sleeping with Me? Are You Even Human?
622 My Man Is Better Than Anyone Else
621 Yan Qingsi Is My Future Wife
620 Hug Hug, Kiss Kiss, Sleep Sleep, Ah!
619 I’ll Bite You to Death, You Liar!
618 I’m Not Even Done Playing with Her Yet, So Why Would I Let Any of You Touch Her First?
617 Next Time, You Won’t Have the Chance to Be Free from My Grip
616 Are You Going to Run Away or Are You Waiting to Die?
615 Put Her Down and I’ll Let the Both of You Live
614 Sneak You Out for a Romantic Nigh
613 Can You Please Don’t Fight With Me for My Wife?
612 Qingsi, Sleep With Me Tonigh
611 The World Most Dejected Boyfriend
610 Looking at My Handsome Man
609 Their Relationship Isn’t Pure
608 Help Me Get This Woman
607 Going to Meet My Future Mother-in-Law
606 Telling the Entire World That I’m In A Relationship
605 Let Me Be the Only Person to Know How Handsome You Are
604 My Heart Breaks for You
603 Yan Qingsi Admitted to Trading Sex for Favors!
602 Can’t He Have Some Decency?
601 I Won’t Take Off My Clothes Willy-Nilly
600 You Talk About Bedding Me Whenever You Speak with Me
599 Your Naivety Is Simply Too Infatuating
598 Are You Hiding A Lady
597 Ye Shaoguang, We Had Slept Together
596 The Boss Is an Envious B*stard Of A Man
595 Goddess, I Am Your Little Retarded Fool
594 You Wouldn’t Even Know If I Sold You Ou
593 I Won’t Forgive You If You Go Back On Your Word
592 Shall I Do The Honors Of Stripping You
591 You Were The One I’ve Always Wanted
590 You Didn’t Even React To My Kiss
589 The Person I Want To Sleep With Is You
588 Yan Qingsi, You Have Sinned And You Are Doomed
587 Yan Qingsi, Let’s Have A Baby
586 Even If She Leaves, She’ll Leave With Her Head Held High.
585 I Cannot Let Anyone Bully My Yan Qingsi
584 I Know For Myself How Good Yan Qingsi Is.
583 I’m Your One And Only
582 This Is Her Boyfriend, Her Only Man
581 Do You Admit to Sleeping with Someone?
580 Why Should I be Nice to You?
579 Do Not be Afraid, I Will Protect You
578 Never Mind, I Still Love This B*tch
577 Yan Qingsi is Out of the Entertainment Industry
576 You Kill the Person, I will Bury the Body, I Want to Be with You
575 You Would Have Fallen for Me Sooner or Later
574 I am Glued to You and Cannot Break Free
573 Can You Really Walk With Him Till the End?
572 I Have Wrecked Him for Life
571 Do Not Let Such a Witch Escape
570 You Will Lose Me Like This
569 You Definitely Cannot Marry This Sc*mbag
568 I Don’t Want You to Get Hur
567 I’ve Extended My Coattail, Ride It Quick
566 My Son Has Picked You, You Can Only Marry Into My Family
565 If You Don’t Marry Him, Who Else Can You Marry
564 She Was Not Afraid Of Any Evil, Except That Pair Of Eyes
563 You Deserve Not Getting A Wife
562 Finally Understood What Was Most Importan
561 You Are The Most Beautiful Scenery I Have Seen
560 If You’re Heartless, I’ll Give You One
559 You Future Mother-in-law Misses You
558 Yan Qingsi, Did You Fell In Love With Yue Tingfeng?
557 I Have No Requests Other Than Sleeping with You
556 Are You Willing to Say Yes to Sleeping with You as Well?
555 You'll like Her as Much as I Do
554 My Daughter-In-Law Is Grea
553 On What Basis Must I Forgive All of You?
552 I Don't Accept Your Apology
551 Tell Her I'm into Her Assistan
550 Want to Sleep with Me, You're Welcome To
549 The Thing I Regret the Most Is Not Killing Her Back Then
548 I Won't Let This Slide, and I Won't Let You Off
547 You’re The Best Mother-In-Law
546 I'll Work Harder for Her to Sleep with Me a Couple More Times
545 I’ll Finish Her Off As Long As I’m Alive
544 You Will Only Bring Disasters to Others
543 Sister Qingsi Is Gone
542 I like You, I Really like You
541 She Still Could Not Protect the People Who Loved Her
540 How Does Someone as Evil as She Is Deserve to Be Loved
539 She’s Dead, We Can Get Married Now
538 Don’t Leave Me Alone, I’m Scared!
537 Yan Qingsi, Go To Hell!
536 You Dare Bring This Up, Have You No Shame!
535 My Girlfriend Is Amazing!
534 Stupid Girl, This Is A Kiss!
533 Kissed, Kissed, Kissed!
532 Hurry, Take Your Clothes Off
531 You Want Sex? Sure, I’ll Oblige
530 After Kissing, It’s Bedtime Of Course!
529 Kabedon Forced Kiss Superweapon
528 My Goddess Has Been Stolen Away from Me
527 Give Him a Kiss and Sleep with Him, It'll Work
526 Be Good, Sister Will Fill You up When We Go Back
525 Don't Touch Me, Don't Make Me Fail
524 You're Welcome to Sleep with Me Anytime
523 When You Can't Convince a Man with Words, Sleep with Him
522 You Stole the First Kiss I Was Saving for My Future Husband
521 Don't Wait till He Finishes You, End Him Firs
520 The Person I Love the Most Is Still You
519 I Can Bear the Pain as Long as You Feel Good
518 This B*tch, An Ungrateful Bra
517 A Life of Shame
516 With No Money, What Makes the Man?
515 A B*tch, A B*stard
514 Wanting to Slap That B*tch to Death So Badly
513 My Son Is The Complimentary Gift Of My Daughter-in-law
512 Forget About Getting A Wife In This Life
511 You Tell Me, Was It Enjoyable Last Night?
510 Bad Women Are Cuter
509 Be Careful of Being Poisoned by Her Without Even Getting to Sleep with Her
508 I'll Kill Him 300 Times a Day
507 I Can Let You Sleep with Me Forever
506 Not Only Are You Shameless, You're Addicted Now, Aren't You?
505 What Positions Do You Want, Anything
504 Can the Man in the Video Even Compete with Me?
503 Yes, It Was Fun to Be Thrown Over
502 You Kissed Me, so I Broke Your Jaw
501 I'm Not Trying to Strip You Naked, I'm Trying to Kill You
500 This Violent Chick is Plotting Against Him
499 Can’t You See That I’m Taking Off Your Clothes?
498 I Didn’t Do Bad Things, I was Servicing Mankind
497 Professional Mistress for Thirty Years
496 You Can’t Handle This Vixen
495 Your Woman Sucks
494 Miss, Are You That Kinky?
493 Chastity? Is That More Important Than Life?
492 Are You Still A Man?
491 Serve Us Well And We’ll Let Both Of You Go
490 If You Want To Die Go Ahead, Not Me
489 For This Man, You Are Willing to Give Up Everything
488 It’s Not Worth Staying Mad At These Bastards
487 Physical Assault Is A Wonderful Thing
486 Go F*ck Them Up!
485 An Evil Woman Like Her Is Capable Of Doing Anything
484 There Were Reports Of You Guys Engaging in Illegal Activities
483 Waiting For Our Prey To Present Itself
482 My Darlings, This Sister Will Bring You Guys Along On A Mischievous Adventure
481 I’m Very Talented In Judging Women, Hence I Choose You
480 That Vermin Named Yue Needs To Know His Place, He’s Not Even Worthy Of My Time
479 I Poisoned Them, Sterilizing Them Permanently.
478 It’s More Thrilling And Fun To Sin, Would You Want To Try?
477 Who Would Love A B*stard Like Him
476 He’s Unworthy For You
475 A Man like Him Could Not Even Be Compared to a Dog
474 I Won’t Spare That Heinous Man Any Mercy
473 I’m a Vile, Good-For-Nothing Woman
472 You Are the Best Mom I’ve Ever Seen
471 You Are the Most Awesome Little Old Lady
470 Our Father-And-Son Relationship Ends Here
469 Can You Call Yourself a Man After Trying to Attack a Girl?
468 A Scumbag and a Crone Are a Perfect Match for Each Other
467 That Pair of B*tches Were Back
466 Hearing Those Names, Her Heart Filled with Disgus
465 My Greatest Fortune Is Meeting You
464 You Hit Well, You Insulted Well, You Crushed Them Well!
463 Do You Miss Me?
462 I Genuinely Cannot Stand Looking At Trash Like You.
461 Chapter 461: Senior Adulteress, I Toast You.
460 Happy Cheating To You Both
459 B*tch, Please Shut Your Mouth!
458 This Man Was Yue Tingfeng’s Father?
457 So Much Pressure To Support Two Spendthrift Women In The Family
456 Son, Mother Helped You Kill off a Love Rival
455 Someone of His Virtue Trying to Steal My Daughter-In-Law
454 Face Smacked By Yue Mama
453 The Biggest Shame In History
452 Tonight Might Be The Night I’ll Have Her
451 Women, They Are Made To Be Played
450 Just Make Sure You Both Don't Gang Up On Me In The Future
449 You Need To Keep Me In Your Thoughts
448 You Little Nymph Should Come Get Me In Trouble
447 I’m Visiting My Girlfriend. Is That A Problem?
446 You Don’t Lack Women, Keep Your Hands Off Her
445 I Have Tons of Admirers, I Don't Need You
444 No One Would Want You Even If You Sell Yourself
443 Did You Think I Would Be Afraid of Yue Tingfeng?
442 If the Money Wasn't Enough to Drown You, That's Because My Boss Is Poor
441 Ye Shaoguang Is In Need Of A Good Beating
440 Do I Need a Reason to Miss You?
439 Hang On, Don't Miss Me Too Much
438 Spend a Night with Me and I'll Let Her Go
437 Do It out of Respect, Uncle!
436 You're Not a Respected Person, So What Can I Do With That?
435 If You’re Really Capable of Making Your Move, Then Quit Your Bullsh*
434 Miss Yan Should Refer To Me As Her Maternal Uncle
433 Make Qingsi Your Wife As Soon As Possible
432 Be Good and Wait for Me to Come Back
431 My Son, Were You Kicked Off the Bed Again?
430 An Endless Night to Talk Our Feelings Ou
429 The Mother Who Sets Up Her Own Son
428 You’re Shameless, Well Done!
427 I Like Everything About You
426 I’m Your Daughter’s Boyfriend
425 The Day I See You Fall Deeply in Love
424 I’ll Play This Game with You
423 Baby, Tell Sis
422 I Just Want to Hug You
421 The Two of You Would Run Wild If I Don’t Come Back
420 Don’t Pick On Qingsi, Lecture Me Instead
419 I Don’t Believe that He Would Die
418 Do You Dare to Take Yue Tingfeng’s Woman?
417 Gotta Catch that B*stard
416 Yan Qingsi, That Cruel Low-Life
415 Losing Everything Except Your Underwear
414 How Shameless Can This Woman Be?
413 Making You Lose So Hard That It Hurts
412 With Every Passing Minute, I Faint Because of How Handsome My Goddess Is
411 Joining Forces to Smite Those Good-for-Nothings
410 Perfect, The Old Hag Showed Up
409 We Have to Take Back Our Dignity After Being Bullied
408 I’m Dying to Go Home and Go to Bed
407 I’m Mrs. Yue’s Future Daughter-In-Law
406 You Can Lay Hands on Anyone Except Her
405 At One Look I Knew He Wasn’t a Good Person
404 Hey, I’ve Never Met a Woman as Shameless as You
403 I Never Knew You Were Still a Sentimental Person
402 Only A Dead Man Can’t Reveal Secrets
401 The Truth Is, I Miss You!
400 Men Love B*tches
399 After All, I’m Yue Tingfeng’s Woman
398 My Intention Is to Finish Off All of You
397 She Is A Vixen That Hooks Up With Two Men
396 She Thought that You’re a Slutty Misstress
395 Please Forgive Me Once More
394 Yes, I Hit You
393 If You Wish To Die With Her, I Won’t Stop You
392 Watch Me Be Sweet With Your Ex-Man
391 Yes, I Didn’t Look At You In The Eye
390 Were You Both Gay Last Night?
389 We Were Having A Scandalous Affair
388 Try Finding For Your Lost Heart Back
387 I Think I Might Have Lost the Ability to Love Anyone
386 The Main Point Is, I Am Super in Love with You
385 I Will Give You an Eternity
384 Don’t You Dare Flirt Behind My Back
383 We're Just Too Infatuated With Each Other
382 Regular Friends That Would Embark On A Sex Binge That Promises To Reach A Pleasure Nirvana To The Point Of Blacking Out Friends?
381 I Should Have Laid My Hands On You Sooner
380 Back Then, I Was Also an Overlord
379 I Can’t Stand Your Stench
378 To Me, She’s Better Than You by A Hundredfold
377 You’re Too Gullible
376 Mama Yue Destroys Those Good-for-Nothings
375 I’m Bullying You Now; What Are You Going to Do About It?
374 It Isn’t Worth It to Risk Your Life for Some Trash
373 I Won’t Have Any Shortage of Men, Even Without You
372 They Even Dared To Lay Their Hands on My Woman
371 If Neither of You Came, I’d Probably Be Dead by Now
370 After Seeing Him, She Suddenly Felt Relaxed
369 Someone Wanted Her Dead!
368 He's so Worried About Qingsi
367 If Something Happens to Her, I Don't Want to Live Anymore
366 Can't Say No to the Warmth
365 You Stupid Boy, What Have You Eaten That Wasn't Good
364 She's His Inexorable Doom, He Can't Avoid I
363 I Don't Want to See You Get Hurt or Cry
362 She's Not a Pet, She's My Girlfriend
361 I like Her Evil
360 Compared To You, I Hate Him More
359 B*tch, Why Don’t You Go To…
358 When Will You Learn To Rely On Me
357 Oblivious Even After Being Taken Advantage Of
356 I Won’t Let You Bear Them Alone
355 Dear, Behave Yourself
354 That Vile Woman, Can You Trust Her Words?
353 Goddess, Bring Me Along
352 I Never Hated You, I Just Didn't Want To Admit I
351 I Hated You, yet I Can’t Help Missing You
350 Don’t Worry About His Money
349 I May Have Fallen out of Favor
348 You Care for Her, You’re Jealous for Her
347 Keep Me Company Tonight?
346 It's Fine If She's Unharmed
345 I Will Not Allow Anyone Else To See Her Weak Side
344 He Must Have Really Fallen For This Woman
343 Why Do You Want To Aggrieve Yourself?
342 You Can Bully Her, But Not Her Son
341 What Deal Did You Make With Yan Qingsi?
340 He Could Not Forget and Move On, He Still Loves Her!
339 The Feeling of Being Defended by People Feels Amazing
338 Our Qingsi Is an Amazing Lady
337 My Son Is Dating Yan Qingsi
336 If I'm Being Scandalous, I Would Have Done It with Someone Else
335 My Brother Spoils Me the Mos
334 My Son’s Romantic Rival Is Here, Step up Your Game
333 Our Qingsi Is Unrivaled In Her Natural Beauty
332 You Are My Girl, All That I Could Ever Want Was To Treat You Better
331 Please, I Am Begging You, Stop Treating Me So Well
330 Since Qingsi Is Here, Don’t Let Her Leave
329 Sometimes, I Really Feel Like Beating You Up
328 I’ve Waited An Entire Night For You, But You Never Showed Up
327 Don’t Need To Hurry, Your Big Brother Will Take You Up
326 Bye, I Miss You Too
325 I Want You Both to Kill Each Other
324 If You Live, Then She Shall Die
323 You’re Such A Useless Man, Why Are You Still Alive
322 I’ll Forgive You If You Jump Down from the Twenty-eighth Floor
321 The Little Scheme of Mother Yue
320 Do You Want to Sleep with Me Tonigh
319 This Is My Son’s Woman, You Don’t Stand a Chance
318 You Took My Son’s Woman
317 I’ve Never Seen Someone Cuter than Her
316 He Paid Off Debt by Sleeping with Me
315 Mom, Please Stop Insulting Me
314 You Mean Nothing to Her
313 You Were Just Kicked off of Bed, Weren't You
312 Son, You Were Taken Advantage of Again
311 You're Mine from Now On, and Only Mine
310 She's My Girl, I'll Take Her
309 Qingsi, a Man like Me Is Better for You
308 Uncle Rival, You Shouldn't Play If You Can't Afford To
307 The Sky Had Just Turned Dark, and You're Here Seducing Me
306 Come Along, Uncle
305 I Can’t Wait to Kill Her
304 Yan Qingsi, I Will Keep This Grudge.
303 Do You Enjoy Bullying Others?
302 I’m Shameless, I’m Despicable
301 for Every Insult You Give Me, I’ll Return It a Hundredfold
300 You’re Shameless, You’re Wicked
299 You’re Too Inexperienced to Be Beating Me Up
298 I’ll Kill All You B*tches
297 My Son, Who Are You Pining For?
296 I Want to Spoil You, Yan Qingsi
295 You Are Much Better Compared to Him
294 I Have Got a Girl That I Like
293 I Can’t Sleep Without You
292 I’m Waiting for You to Come to Bed
291 This Bi*ch, I’m Not Gonna Go Easy On Her
290 You Bullied My Woman, Yet Feigned Innocence
289 Only One Person Can Bully Yan Qingsi
288 Young Master Yue Is Actually Treating You Well
287 If That Was Not Love, What Was?
286 I Am Unwell, Serve Me Another Day
285 There Must Be Ripples in His Hear
284 I Will Allow You to Sleep with Me Tonigh
283 What Are You Talking About Behind My Back?
282 Thank You, Baby
281 It’s Not the First Time I’ve Taken Advantage of You
280 Baby, Don't Be Naive
279 Be My Woman, I'll Protect You
278 Who Allowed Him to Kiss You?
277 Are You Afraid of Getting Attracted to Me?
276 He Didn't Offend Me, I Just Don't Like Him
275 She Is mine, Do Not Touch Her
274 Uncle, Do Not Steal My Girl
273 The B*tches Who Made Him a Cuckold
272 The Unassuming Film Star—Qin
271 I’ve Liked Him For So Long Time That I’ve Forgotten Time
270 Will It Hurt to Say ‘I Miss You’?
269 I Will Repay Your Debts for You
268 I Think I May Have Been Taken Advantage Of
267 Why Didn’t You Call Her a Nymph Today
266 Your Lady Would Have Been Snatched Away
265 You Do Not Need to like Me, I Am Just a Horrible Person
264 I Treated You so Badly, Why Did You Help Me?
263 Try to Play Tricks on Me? I’ll Play You to Death
262 You Dare to Bully Her? You Must Be Tired of Living
261 I’m Here, I Won’t Let You Be Bullied
260 I’ll Give Her 1314 Every Day
259 Did He Mean To Bury Me With Money?
258 This Is A Woman I Can Never Miss
257 Yue Tingfeng You Shameless B*stard
256 You Really Don’t Fear Death Hitting on That Vixen
255 She Doesn't Even Love Herself, How Can She Love Someone Else?
254 Yan Qingsi, I’m Coming After You.
253 If You Don’t Like Her, Why Do You Care?
252 Their Romance Was Public
251 Yan Qingsi, I Fancy You, So What Now?
250 Playing with Feelings? Count Me Out.
249 I Told You, Tonight Is My Treat.
248 Shh, Don’t Speak
247 Lend Me Your Son For a Nigh
246 Your Woman Will Be Taken Away If You Do Not Hurry
245 This Nymph Sure Can Flir
244 It’s A Lot Fitting To Be completely Nude For A Person Like You
243 I Can’t Stand Your Presence
242 What A Loss For Me
241 The Both of You are Equally Horrible
240 He Was Never Your Man
239 Kiss Me If You Want To Make It Up To Me
238 I Will Not Give Yan Qingsi Up to You
237 I Was Her First Man
236 I Decided to Bring My Woman to Meet You
235 A Tenderness He Dared Not Touch
234 The Women Who Come at a Flick of My Finger Are No Match for You
233 The Room Is Ready, Boss. My Treat.
232 Yue Tingfeng, How Should I Thank You?
231 Yan Qingsi, When Will You Treat Me Nicely Too?
230 I Told You, I Can Give You Whatever You Wan
229 Your Name Is Yan Tingfeng, You’re Already Mine
228 Let Me Do the Work, You Just Sit Back and Enjoy the Ride
227 I Seriously Want to Bed You
226 Did You Miss Me?
225 She Is the Woman I Wan
224 Are You Afraid That I Am Going to Devour Your Son?
223 Do You Want Me to Give You a Grandchild?
222 Don’t Be Shy, Mr. Yue
221 Your Son Is So Enthralled With Me
220 This Happens When I've Already Taken off My Pants
219 I’m Your First Man
218 If I Don't Do You, I'll Change My Surname to Yan
217 Master Brought a Woman Home!
216 It's the Middle of the Night, It's the Perfect Time to Meet You
215 Here to Catch People in Adultery!
214 You're Not Qualified to Come near My People
213 How Dare You Come near My People
212 Let's See Who Dares to Touch Yan Qingsi
211 If Something Happens to Her, I Will Not Forgive You
210 Steal My Man and I Will Beat You to Death
209 What Man on Earth Would Want to Touch a Woman Like You
208 Stop Acting so Righteous When You Wanted to Sleep With Me
207 Don’t Worry Sis, I Will Take Care of Your Boyfriend
206 Counting My Sister’s 19 Boyfriends
205 I Specialize in Snatching Away My Big Sister’s Boyfriends
204 I’m Seducing Other Men Behind Your Back
203 Not Only Does He Like Me, He Can’t Help but Love Me
202 He Obviously Prefers A Tramp Like Me
201 Yan Qingsi, Don’t Fool Around so Much That You Dig Your Own Grave
200 You’re so Careless, Big Sis
199 I’ll Kill You, Yan Qingsi
198 You May Not Miss Me, But I Miss You Loads
197 Yan Qingsi Was Jinchuan’s Curse
196 I’ll Give You Anything You Wan
195 You Can’t Tell Me What to Do
194 Qingsi, You Must Tame Yue Tingfeng
193 You Think You Can Buy Me off with One Yuan?
192 Qingsi, I Sold You Out!
191 Yue Tingfeng, Come Take My Clothes Off
190 Tell Them to Leave, We Can Carry On
189 I Will Show You Who Is Your Man
188 When Was I Ever Your Woman?
187 Young Master Yue Is Jealous
186 I Need a Girlfriend, Are You up for It?
185 Betraying a Friend for the Sake of a Girl
184 Signing the Devil’s Contract for Yan Qingsi
183 I’m Acting Behind Her Back
182 There Was Only One Yan Qingsi—Whoever Gets Her First Can Keep Her
181 King Jin’s Mystery Lover
180 He and His Bro Are Vying for The Same Woman
179 She Might Be the Only Person That I’ll Ever Truly Love in My Entire Life
178 Yan Qingsi Obtained Favors in Exchange for Sex
177 I’ll Give You What You Wan
176 Does He like Her or Does He Only Want to Bed Her
175 Feels so Good to Use Your Man, I Think I’ll Keep Him
174 Your Man Loves a Slut like Me
173 How Shameless of Her to Be Kissing Him in the Stree
172 Kiss Me and I’ll Tell You!
171 What If Your Mom Wants Me to Get Married to You?
170 Yue Tingfeng Is Mine, Don’t You Dare Try to Steal Him Away
169 That Little Minx Is Your Son’s Woman
168 I Have A Nice Body, Plus I Know How to Seduce Men
167 I Have Taken An Interest In Your Man!
166 I’ve Taken An Interest In Your Man!
165 Son, We Can’t Be Like Animals
164 Your Son Came Onto Me In The Car
163 We Are Loving Each Other
162 To Wake Up In Bed With You Every Day
161 Who The F*ck Is Your Woman?
160 Everything Belongs to Me, Including You
159 Kill That B*tch
158 One Look and He Knew That the Vixen Was Yan Qingsi
157 Why Does She Have Such A Good Life?
156 My Hubby, King Jin, Has Made His Relationship Public
155 Yan Qingsi Is Just Another Pretty Face
154 That Good-For-Nothing Yan Qingsi Is Back
153 This Woman Really Does Look the Part When She Dresses Up
152 Hello Everyone, I’m Yan Qingsi!
151 We’ve Already Slept on the Same Bed and Shared the Same Pillow
150 A Mind Filled with Yan Qingsi
149 Yue Tingfeng: I’m Happy To Pay
148 Yan Qingsi Is Mine, Don’t Try to Bully Her
147 Bully My People, Am I Non-Existent To You?
146 No One Can Bully His People
145 I Love You so Much
144 Shut Them up with Money
143 Son, at Least You Weren’t Taken Advantage of Sexually
142 Yan Qingsi, You B*tch!
141 Yue Tingfeng, Do You Have No Sense of Shame?
140 She Is Not My Future Wife
139 My Happiness Was Built On Her Sufferings
138 You Framed Me! You’ll Pay For This!
137 I Must Destroy Yan Qingsi
136 I’m Being Slandered, Y’all Got It Wrong
135 This Woman Is so Wicked; It Is Terrifying
134 Once I Take Action, You’re Dead
133 Revenge On The Bitch Is Swee
132 The Circle of Life, The Cycle of Revenge!
131 You Are Meant To Be Mine
130 I Am Such A Lowlife. Of Course, I will Stick by Your Side
129 I Am Coming in
128 To Eat or Not to Eat?
127 Yue Tingfeng. Do You Feel Good?
126 Hands Off My Woman
125 The Yue Family’s Young Master Is My Man
124 I’m a Man; I’ll Protect You
123 My Man Doesn’t Give a Damn About Y’All
122 Yes, I’m Secretly Keeping a Man
121 You Have to Be Careful, Uncle
120 I Dare You to Try And F*cking Slap Me
119 You’ve Fallen in Love with Me, Haven’t You, Yue Tingfeng?
118 I’m Worried That You’ll Miss Me!
117 Don’t Even Think About Getting Your Hands on My Woman
116 Believe Me, I’ll End You Right Now
115 Trying to Get Your Hands on My Man? You’re Playing with Fire!
114 You Don’t Stand A Chance Among My Men
113 That Don Juan is Yue Tingfeng
112 I’ll Let the Dog out If You Don’t Go
111 I Just Want to Be Hugging You Tonigh
110 Yan Qingsi, What Is So Good About You?
109 There Is A Man In Miss Qingsi’s Room
108 Men Are Just Trouble-seeking Playthings
107 Tonight I Just Want You
106 Why Are You In My Bed, Mr. Yue?
105 Uncle, I Was Not Going to Harm You
104 I Am Going to Slap That Bastard!
103 It’s Just a Woman, Is It Worth You Treating Her like a Queen?
102 It Was Love At First Sigh
101 All That Matters is I Like
100 Why? Do You Miss Me?
99 She Was Determined to Get Him
98 The Realization Made Yue Tingfeng Afraid
97 Yan Qingsi Really Was a Monster
96 Yan Qingsi Is Pregnant And The Child Is Mine?
95 Her Son Was A Horrible Person
94 I’m Pregnant With Your Son’s Child
93 Think of Me Constantly
92 Yan Qingsi, You Are Shameless
91 Yue Tingfeng, I’ll Have You Wrapped Around My Finger One Day
90 He Had Wrongly Accused Yan Qingsi
89 Yue Tingfeng, It’s Best That You Don’t Fall in Love with Me
88 Why Should I Care About You, Yue Tingfeng?
87 What Reason Do You Have for Controlling Me, Yue Tingfeng?
86 How Much More Degenerate Can You Be, Yan Qingsi?
85 Are You Jealous, Mr. Yue?
84 The Knives Are Out for Yan Qingsi
83 He Lost His Self-Control Because Of A Woman
82 Yue Tingfeng Felt That He Had Been Played
81 The Pressure Is Killing Me
80 He Was Determined to Have Yan Qingsi
79 Failing to Get Yan Qingsi Would Result in Regre
78 I Don’t Fancy That Man
77 It Never Ends Well for Those Who Offend Him
76 Don’t Even Think About Touching What Belongs to Me
75 I Will Skin Her Foxy Hide
74 Devoured, Bones and All
73 A Naked Little Vixen Was the First Thing She Saw When She Came In
72 She Would Bite the Other Person
71 What Good Are You, Yan Qingsi?
70 Run, For the Misdeed Is Done
69 My Dear Little Brother, Big Sis Is Here to See You
68 I’m A Fox-Spirit That Specializes in Devouring Men
67 She Really Did Want to Kill Him
66 Yan Qingsi, We’re Fated!
65 Who Would Want to Look at Yan Mingzhu When One Has Yan Qingsi?
64 Luo Jinchuan, Show Me Your Prowess
63 Yan Qingsi Was Dazzlingly Beautiful but Extremely Lethal
62 I Have Sleepless Nights Just Thinking About You
61 Could Not Bear To Dispose Of Her
60 Sooner or Later I’ll Take Back Whatever That Was Snatched Away from Me
59 Who Are You Crying for When No One Gives A Damn About You?
58 I Dare to Take You as My Wife, But Do You Dare to Marry Me?
57 Come and Kill Me If You Can!
56 Men Are All Trash
55 Let’s Not Hookup, King Jin
54 The Game of Conquest Was Just About to Begin!
53 Yan Qingsi Had to Die
52 Yue Tingfeng, Whether It’s Me Playing You or You Playing Me, Nothing’s A Given Yet!
51 She Was Exactly That Kind of Shameless and Heartless Woman
50 The Best Way: Seduce Him
49 How About A Parting Kiss
48 If You Wanted A Kiss, Just Say So
47 Sorry, I Am Currently Not Interested In You
46 You’re Not The Only One
45 Yue Tingfeng’s Daunting Gaze
44 Yan Qingsi, That Interesting Woman!
43 Crying Will Not Avenge Her 2
42 Crying Will Not Avenge Her I
41 Why Do I Feel Like He Is Interested In Me
40 A Pie That Fell From The Sky!
39 The F*cking Couple On The Balcony
38 Quite The Bite She Has
37 Who Is That Wh*re?
36 Just Why Aren’t You His Type?
35 This Brazen Little Minx
34 Her Man Was Nothing
33 Mr. Yue Is Hardcore
32 Because I Can’t Bear To Part With Young Master Yue! 2
31 Because I Can’t Bear To Part With Young Master Yue! 1
30 Ignoring Him Was the Best Option 2
29 Ignoring Him Was the Best Option 1
28 I Want to Slaughter Yue Tingfeng! 2
27 I Want to Slaughter Yue Tingfeng! 1
26 I’m Nothing but A Slut in His Eyes 2
25 I’m Nothing but A Slut in His Eyes 1
24 I Remember That Scent! 5
23 I Remember That Scent! 4
22 I Remember That Scent! 3
21 I Remember That Scent! 2
20 I Remember That Scent I
19 This Kiss Is A Thank You Gift III
18 This Kiss Is A Thank You Gift II
17 This Kiss Is A Thank You Gift I
16 Oh? You're Interested In Me? III
15 Oh? You're Interested In Me? II
14 Oh? You’re Interested In Me? I
13 I, Yan Qingsi, Am Back II
12 I, Yan Qingsi, Am Back I
11 I’m Using Your Man IV
10 I’m Using Your Man III
9 I’m Using Your Man II
8 I’m Using Your Man I
7 You Plotted Against Me, So I’m Taking Your Man VII
6 You Plotted Against Me, So I’m Taking Your Man VI
5 You Plotted Against Me, So I’m Taking Your Man V
4 You Plotted Against Me, So I’m Taking Your Man IV
3 You Plotted Against Me, So I’m Taking Your Man III
2 You Plotted Against Me, So I’m Taking Your Man II
1 You Plotted Against Me, So I’m Taking Your Man I