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Sword Among Us

Author: Black Swordsman Online

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Updated: 2021-10-01 22:02:47

Latest chapter: 1066 Wind Chimes Returns

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《Sword Among Us》Latest chapter
1066 Wind Chimes Returns
1065 Encircled by Four Myth Realm Martial Artists
1064 Murder Case, The Imperial Court is Enraged!
1063 Take Action!
1062 Dispirited Wandering Know-it-all
1061 Switch to Another World to Catch a Breath, Get Ready for the Wedding
1060 The Situation Took a Swift Turn to the Worse
1059 Wild Wolves’ Strength
1058 Total Control
1057 One Emperor Enters Beijing, the Headquarters Falls!
1056 Absolute Counter
1055 The Secret Behind Marrow Changing Classic, Huge Increase in Strength
《Sword Among Us》' main text
1066 Wind Chimes Returns
1065 Encircled by Four Myth Realm Martial Artists
1064 Murder Case, The Imperial Court is Enraged!
1063 Take Action!
1062 Dispirited Wandering Know-it-all
1061 Switch to Another World to Catch a Breath, Get Ready for the Wedding
1060 The Situation Took a Swift Turn to the Worse
1059 Wild Wolves’ Strength
1058 Total Control
1057 One Emperor Enters Beijing, the Headquarters Falls!
1056 Absolute Counter
1055 The Secret Behind Marrow Changing Classic, Huge Increase in Strength
1054 The Empty Headquarters of Class One Hall, Fight!
1053 Marrow Cleansing Classic, First Realm
1052 “It’s Simple, Kill Me”
1051 Phantasmal Shadow’s Passing
1050 Torture of Breaking Bones, All Sorts of Tormen
1049 Last Breath
1048 Happy Died?
1047 Public Invitation
1046 You Fight Yours, and I’ll Kill Mine
1045 Evil Emperor Attacks
1044 Wind Assault Tower’s Retrea
1043 White-haired Evil Emperor
1042 Cut Down a Tentacle
1041 “What’s This Saber Technique?!”
1040 A Fierce Baptism
1039 Discovery!
1038 Mighty Lineup
1037 A Storm in Beijing
1036 Evil Emperor Arrived Earlier
1035 Second Realm, Becoming Proficien
1034 Full Winds in Wide Skies
1033 One Emperor, Dawn
1032 Fighting in the Prison
1031 A Guest Visits the Prison
1030 Evil King Is Injured and Flees
1029 Peak VS Peak
1028 Just Happened to be There, Stone Plates in Hand
1027 Mysterious Stone Plate
1026 Big Bro Cockroach, Why Didn’t you Die?!
1025 Drastic Change among the Thousand Buddha Statues
1024 Empress Yin’s Sword Technique
1023 Dafo Temple, Thousand Buddhas
1022 The Five Qis Return to Their Origin
1021 Enlightened
1020 Marrow Cleansing Classic
1019 Mastered Tendon Changing Classic
1018 Myth Realm Elites as Sparring Partners
1017 The Situation Changed
1016 Sinister Plots One After Another
1015 Inflict Injury on Himself as a Ruse
1014 Visitor under the Umbrella, Lion’s Roar
1013 Demon Breaking Golden Cymbal Music
1012 Barrel of Gunpowder. Not Joining
1011 Restaurants Talking About the Past At Nigh
1010 One Emperor Appears
1009 Break the Matrix, Get out Unscathed
1008 Able to Take in A Lot of Hits!
1007 Also Known As Flying Guillotine
1006 Survival Platform!
1005 Beautiful Robes Faction, Three-man Group
1004 Head Hunter
1003 Wind Blew, Clouds Moved, A Storm is Coming
1002 Danger Approaches
1001 A Great Disturbance
1000 Five Venoms, Destroyed
999 Destroy Two Gu Poison Insects Back to Back
998 Five Venoms’ Fierce Counterattack
997 Wild Wolves Attack
996 Break the Matrix
995 Ten Thousand Poison Matrix
994 Unexpected Reward
993 Cat and Mouse
992 Six Golden-winged Mother of Gu Poison Creatures
991 Do I Have to Make Myself Clearer?
990 Unique
989 400 Arm Strength
988 Wandering Know-it-all’s Reminder
987 Spider
986 Rising to Power from the Ruins
985 Forcefully Kill Them
984 Settle for Second Bes
983 Setting up Rules
982 Wave-like Subtle Steps
981 Going to the Door and Causing Trouble
980 Return to the Ruins of Sky Demon Sec
979 Sun Finger
978 Secret of the Portrai
977 Never-ending Chase
976 Suspicions Around Mantuo Villa
975 Shock, Refusal to Believe
974 Golden Saber Constable
973 Danger
972 Old Acquaintance
971 Let the Killing Intent in You Weaken
970 Flame Wolf
969 Madam Wang
968 Contact Wandering Know-it-all
967 What Is Your Name?
966 Fight Against Wild Wolves
965 The Sky Demon Plays the Zither
964 Dream Clouds’ Experience
963 Top Ten Battle Replay!
962 Blood Spills Across the Land
961 Sword Technique Revealed
960 Killing Intent in Ghost’s Domain
959 The Prophet Wrote a Letter Over
958 Astonishing Discovery
957 Solo Kill, Try Again
956 Demonic Venomous Larva
955 The Three Wolves Appeared
954 It’s Me
953 Happy’s Change
952 Didn’t Die!
951 Grieving Needle
950 Dream Clouds’ Orders
949 Ghost's Domain
948 Qi Cultivation Increasing By Leaps and Bounds
947 Fu Tianqiong
946 What’s Wrong With Chen Kaixin? Verify Ability to Move to and Fro
945 Confession and Surprise
944 A Troubled Nigh
943 A Tug Before Twelve
942 Level Up, Moksha Realm!
941 Work Together
940 Reservation, Participating
939 Bathe
938 Attention from Phantasmal Shadow
937 Return in Defea
936 Indestructible Body
935 Madam Wang’s Portrai
934 Blood Alliance’s Members
933 Delightful Surprise in a Predicament!
932 When You Run Into A house, Don’t Enter I
931 Hunter Clan
930 Mountain Villa of Ten Thousand Beasts
929 Using Heaven Crystal to Intimidate Enemies
928 Plans for the Other World
927 “Hey, Man”
926 Clear The Game, Choice
925 Witnessing the Buddhist’s Lion’s Roar Once More
924 Exquisite Go Game! Tendon Change Classic
923 Ten Moves
922 One with the World, Mad Monk
921 Reemerge in World of Martial Arts
920 Great Dao Heart Demonic Seed Ar
919 New World of Martial Arts
918 Chen Kaixin’s Counterattack
917 Sudden Pain
916 Surprise in Reality, Unexpected Cohabitation
915 Established
914 Use Superior Military Tactics, Then Move to Diplomacy, And Do Two Things at the Same Time
913 Take Under His Wings
912 Opening the Doors to His Mansion and Setting up a Banque
911 Entire Situation
910 Send an Army to the North
909 Hundred Flowers Enchantment Secre
908 Blood Drenched Mountain Trail
907 Disciple in Using Sorcerer Clan’s Gu Poison
906 The Precious Saber, Dragon Saber
905 Happy is Injured
904 Wandering Universal Eight Trigrams Souls VS Bright Sword Technique
903 Happy’s Path
902 At Equal Grounds
901 Zhentian Goes Up The Stage
900 Wine Offering, Kill
899 Flames of War Rising Everywhere, Asking for Teachings in Shaolin Temple
898 Ambush and Battle at the Ore Mine
897 Aid in Fighting
896 The Strength of Foreign Elites
895 Two Great Elites
894 Sword Will Rushes to the Clouds
893 Hanago, Do Jin
892 The Corpses on the Barren Lands
891 The Deadly Still Town
890 Final Madness on the Plains!
889 Choice, Giving Up
888 Dream Clouds’ Ambush Plan
887 Sorry, Wrong Apartmen
886 Great Era
885 The Prophet’s Rules
884 Stealing Techniques In Frenzy
883 Accumulate Strength
882 The Mighty Descends on the Plains
881 Easy Prey! Crush Them!
880 Mobilization of Troops, Noticed an Elite Squad
879 The Mongolian Army Attacks
878 Violent Wind and Bloody Rain’s Determination
877 Escape Through Smoke and Fire
876 Not Afraid of Being Attacked!
875 Ambush!
874 Heavy Repeating Crossbow
873 Displaying Abilities
872 Chasing Away Class One Hall
871 Three Person Trip
870 Take the Initiative in Attacking
869 Snatching Points?! Kill Them!
868 Eight Skills From the Well
867 Young Marshal Kuo Zhong
866 Feixuan’s Invitation
865 Attack the Camp and Destroy Ten Thousand Cavaliers
864 Young Meng Chang
863 Ingeniously Fighting Against Two Myth Realm Martial Artists
862 Clear Sword River
861 Heavenly Purple Aura Ne
860 Encounter! Happy VS Ralston
859 Right Arm, You Live, Left Arm, You Die
858 Ten Great People
857 Thirteen Eagles
856 Priest Xi Yin
855 Class One Hall’s Sleepless Nigh
854 Meeting Shi Feixuan Once More
853 A Difficult Choice
852 “Is My Qi Something That You Can Touch…”
851 Charge at the Formation
850 Extinguish the Torches, Fight at Nigh
849 Extinguish the Torches! Log Off!
848 Meeting Zhao Deyan Again
847 Flames of War Lighting Up at the Slightest Trigger
846 Defend Tenaciously
845 The Unease Once They Caused a Stir on the Official Website
844 Double Points
843 Enter the Enemy Fray Alone
842 Ten Thousand Horses Gallop Forward, Cavaliers’ Charge!
841 Deep in the Plains
840 Goal, Aru City
839 Unexpected System Notification
838 Points Drained to Zero
837 Tanking Little Li Flying Dagger
836 Great Saber Breaker Art Establishes Its Migh
835 Omitted Information
834 Favorable Opportunity, Good Geographical Position, and Support from the People
833 Dream Clouds Attacks
832 Use the Momentum
831 Engaged in a Fierce Battle Against Class One Hall
830 War Achievements Increase By Leaps and Bounds
829 More than Two Thousand Five Hundred Points
828 The Martial Artists’ Discipline
827 Chase, War Achievemen
826 Kill and Save
825 The Quest He Did Not Want to Trigger
824 Two Armies Go Up Against Each Other
823 Praise from the Emperor
822 Dayligh
821 Become One with the Horse
820 Manager Cui
819 First Soul Returning Claw
818 Quest Regulator
817 Demon Commander
816 Points
815 A Great Army, Swimming Dragon
814 Shifting Stars
813 Night Falls, War Achievement Points Rank
812 Harvest Points
811 Teamwork
810 Two-person Party
809 Avoid the Main Army
808 Enemy’s Reconnoiterer
807 Brutality at the Battlefield
806 First Battle
805 Meeting Yu Yan
804 Set Out!
803 Enemy of Ten Thousand
802 Borders, Main Camp
801 Before Leaving Beijing
800 Paying A Large Sum
799 Apologize for Your Mistakes?
798 Condemning Someone for Their Errors
797 Bloodbath
796 Little Li Flying Dagger
795 Ten Thousand Swords, Group Slaughter
794 Sing a Song, Ambush from Ten Sides
793 Using Gold and Money Sect’s Secret Branch
792 Search for Lu Xiaofeng
791 Break the Peace in Beijing
790 “As You Wish”
789 Shifting Stars VS Heaven and Earth Great Shif
788 Learn in Secret!
787 Ximen Chuixue
786 Qi Rushes to the Stars in Heaven
785 Lose
784 Happy Arrived!
783 Responsible Hero’s Rules
782 The Three Giants’ Worries
781 Notify the World! Flames of War Rise!
780 Eighth Prince
779 Tolerate, Once Someone Has A Chance, He Will Showcase His Talents
778 Sword Draw
777 Ximen Chuixue
776 Sword of Heavenly Lake Faction’s Leader
775 Sword of Heavenly Lake Faction
774 Calm
773 Ally
772 Death Compensation
771 Frightening Man
770 Order to Restrict Force
769 Not Resisting, Surprise
768 Too Late!
767 Slaughter
766 Flashy
765 Instant Kill
764 Arrived!
763 Encirclemen
762 War Outside the City
761 A Force of Two Thousand
760 Phantasmal Shadow Arrives at the Stage
759 Break Out!
758 One Emperor Shows Up
757 Feng Zhi Dies
756 Shed Blood in Yangzhou City
755 “Slaughter Our Way Out!”
754 Start All Over Again, Sadness
753 A Disastrous Price
752 Those who Break the Zither Strings will Play Soul Breaking Song
751 Chaos, Despair
750 The Loud Bang in Yangzhou City
749 Heavenly Lightning and Fire
748 Uneasy Presence
747 Invisible Enemy
746 Happy Attacked!
745 The Coastal Area at the South
744 Ten Thousand Poison, Demonic Sound
743 Weapons Clash in War
742 Orderly
741 Venomous Scheme
740 Tear Down the Walls! Deep Roar!
739 Devour, Emergency Measure
738 War Drums
737 Things are About to Change?!
736 Nine-Tailed Fox Killed
735 Barren Murderer Returns to China
734 Yangzhou Under Curfew, Getting Scared By Your Own Shadows
733 Push Down Towering Palace!
732 A Thief Visits
731 Qilin Blood
730 Dragon Shadow
729 Man in Black Visits
728 Dragon Sec
727 Mu Clan Branch
726 Fight For Territory
725 Red Dust Shows His Migh
724 The First Myth Realm Martial Artist Who Died
723 Jiujin Arrived
722 Great Saber Breaker Art VS Silver Light Arha
721 Seize the Saber, Failed
720 Suffering a Setback in the Cave of Extreme Cold
719 Will Not Stop Until One Side Dies, and Persecuted for Being Rich
718 Accident! Jinjiu and Yinshi
717 Universe’s Lightning Destruction Style
716 Worried, Make Full Preparations
715 Cannot Spoil Her
714 Sword Tomb Plate
713 Normal Martial Arts
712 Man in Black VS Man in Black
711 Angry Man in Black
710 The Accident of Being Dressed the Same!
709 Murong Clan Grand Elder
708 Mysterious Man in Black
707 Winning with Only A Few against Many
706 The Marshall’s Army
705 Blood-soaked Por
704 Elite Heavy-armored Cavaliers
703 Cavaliers, Kill!
702 Miss Son
701 The Moving Eunuch Yang’s Warehouse
700 Three Women on the Same Platform, the Toughest Momen
699 The Tragedy of the Chinese World of Martial Artists in Happy’s Previous Life
698 One Person Doing the Work of Two
697 Xu Zhiling, Pass the Fake as the Real Deal
696 Goryeo, Bright Sword Sect Members
695 True Nine Words Seals
694 Xu Zhiling’s Reques
693 Attack, Clash
692 Li Shiming, Xu Zhiling
691 Forceful Entry!
690 One Though
689 Psychic!
688 Great Sky Demon Ar
687 A Beautiful Lady Visits, A Great Glory
686 Yangzhou, Eunuch Yang’s Warehouse
685 Twin Demons
684 Next Step
683 “This Fight... It Was Worth It!”
682 Giving A Gif
681 Eighth Slash
680 Willpower! Stand Tall!
679 Arhat Body
678 Seventh Slash
677 Fifth Slash
676 First Slash
675 Fulfill the Promise and Meet at Mount Tai
674 Three Dragons Sword Qi
673 Copied Method…
672 Destruction
671 Heaven Crystal Shows Its Power!
670 Sword Sect Master’s Plan
669 A Chaotic Situation
668 Fight over Heaven Crystal
667 Four Cloud Range Immortals
666 Heaven Crystal Shows Its Migh
665 Great Saber Breaker Art!
664 Tit for Ta
663 Discovery
662 I Am Mu Li
661 Sword Crafting Hall!
660 Torn Army’s Death
659 Oriole at the Back
658 Caravan Attacked
657 Calm…
656 Enter the Coastal Area
655 A Gradual Threa
654 Violent!
653 The Setting Sun Shines on Abyss Tower
652 Unappealing to Those of Refined Tastes
651 Black Pigeons All Over the Sky
650 Declaration of War
649 Negotiation Failed
648 Throwing Dart from the Crowd
647 Arrive at Towering Palace
646 Three Dragons Guild
645 Go After An Easy Prey
644 Towering Palace’s Shadow
643 Xie Yi’s Ambitions
642 Wind and Rain Alliance
641 Escape Through the Ground!
640 Towering Palace’s Rise to Power
639 Unrest, Worry
638 Return in Disappointmen
637 Complete Counter
636 Happy’s Wild Imagination
635 Loser?
634 One Slash!
633 One Hundred Moves!
632 Resolute in Killing
631 Clash of Blood
630 Setting up a Branch next to Sky Demon Sec
629 Consumable Demon Vessel
628 Obtained Scale
627 Conclusion
626 Small Country to the Southwes
625 Learn Through Rumors
624 Kill Two Elders in One Go
623 Xing Wuzui
622 The Terrifying Change at the Roof
621 Protect the Golden Bell
620 Destroying Things One by One
619 The Real Sky Demon Sec
618 Strong VS Strong
617 Phantasmal Shadow’s Face
616 Fire Qilin's Secre
615 Qilin Shows Its Tracks
614 Sky Demon Slip
613 “You Can’t Go Out!”
612 Sky Breaker Sound
611 Fierce Battle
610 Great Elder of the Evil Cul
609 Amazing Foresigh
608 Extreme Flames
607 The Strange Maitreya Monk
606 Snake Mouth, Honey Sword
605 Rolling Stones
604 Sky Demon Secret Cave Opened
603 Fire Wolf, Sever
602 Four Keys, Four Mechanisms
601 Mechanism
600 Wind Assault Tower
599 The Worst Plan
598 There are Plenty of Chances
597 Storm Outside the Evil Cul
596 The Fight for Sky Demon Orders
595 Buying Sky Demon Orders
594 Golden Thread Snake King
593 Cunning Elder Chen
592 Return to the City, Puzzlement!
591 Constable with the Golden Saber
590 Forbearance
589 Lost Track of the Ques
588 Three Evils of Phoenix Sun
587 Coincidentally Obtained!
586 Resistant to All Poison
585 Womanizer!
584 Old Extreme Yin
583 Successor of Sword Classic
582 Witch Wan Wan
581 Seven Star Beauty Orchid Grass
580 One Dead, the Other Flees
579 Ambushed by the Evil Cul
578 Beggar’s Sect’s Letter
577 The Abandoned Disciples of Sword Sect, the Birth of Heaven Crystal?
576 Joined!
575 An Information Revealed Carelessly
574 Allergic
573 Serving Xu Yao
572 Nine Yang Divine Skill
571 Innocent Boy and Girl
570 Operations of the South China Martial Arts Ranking Board
569 Divine Weapon as a Reward!
568 A Pleasant Surprise, Must Meet Requirements!
567 Second Stage for the Nine Yang Skill Quest, Complete!
566 Break Up?!
565 Handing Over the Position Voluntarily
564 “Assist” Class One Hall
563 Order from Sky Demon Sec
562 Ice Blue Flame Force
561 Change, Five Elders of Sky Demon Sec
560 Mend the Path of Righteousness, Extra Points
559 Unknown Danger
558 Mu Clan’s Strength
557 Demon Sect Attacked
556 Getting Hit by a Divine Art, Wang Chongyang
555 Understanding! Epiphany!
554 One Emperor’s Sixth Sword!
553 Retain Righ
552 Surprise
551 Xiao Feng!
550 Battle to the Death, Epiphany!
549 The Lucky Vast Heaven
548 One Emperor’s Quicksword
547 Ten Thousand Poison Duke
546 Phantasmal Battle Armor
545 Dream Clouds’ Three Attacks
544 Six Pulses Divine Sword
543 Guo Jing Has a Reques
542 Fight the Mighty Northern Clan
541 Raging Sun Burns the Sky
540 “There Are Still Seven Moves!”
539 Get Up the Stage! Dragon Subduing Palm VS Dragon Subduing Palm!
538 Twenty Million Sales, Same Field!
537 Eight Aristocratic Families
536 Enter Dragon Tiger Arena
535 Silver Wolf’s First Person Point of View
534 Meeting Silver Wolf!
533 Silver Wolf Owns Up
532 Repen
531 Scheme Against Song Qingshu
530 Meet Song Qingshu
529 One Emperor is Injured
528 Fight!
527 One Emperor Appears and Fights Silver Wolf
526 Overcome Difficulties on the Way
525 Elites from Various Places
524 Arena of Hero’s Mountain Villa
523 Complete Reality School, Yin Zhiping
522 Sword Will, General of the Former Dynasty
521 Hero’s Mountain Villa
520 Title
519 Emperor’s Hammer Technique
518 Swallow For
517 Sharing Experience
516 Joined Finger
515 The Young Girl in the Murong Clan
514 Beware of Beggar’s Sec
513 The Promise from Murong Clan’s Master
512 Ancient Tomb Filled with Traps!
511 Sky Demon Sec
510 Greatest Butterfly Effec
509 Zhang Sanfeng
508 Establish the System!
507 Change in Events, Four Powers Gaining a Stable Footing
506 Kill in Two Moves!
505 You’re Far More Inferior Compared to One Emperor!
504 Grand Lineup
503 Third True Dragon Style, Secre
502 Second Page of Nine Yang Skill
501 Enlightenment! Reach Bodhidharma
500 Look At You In A Different Ligh
499 Going up Shaolin Temple Again
498 One Emperor’s Secret?
497 Demonic Sound Duchess
496 Silver Mask Duke
495 Perfected Undying King of Abyss Ar
494 Origin Leopard Pill
493 Identity Exposed
492 Receive Ques
491 Understand the Second Move
490 The Dungeon of the Royal Mansion
489 Embroidered Uniform Guards Clearing Out the Place
488 Clash in Main Ques
487 Dream Clouds’ Worry
486 Surrender at the Sight of the Dragon
485 A Picture of Dragon and Elephan
484 Langye’s Gues
483 Vice Commander
482 The Fight Stirred Up By Women
481 Forces of Power in Beijing
480 Wandering Know-it-all Asks for Help
479 Shaolin Temple’s Nine Yang
478 Practice Dragon Subduing Technique Hard
477 Obtained Dragon Saber
476 Book of Wumu
475 Fight Against Lion King Head-on
474 A Divine Weapon in Each Hand!
473 One Emperor: Do Not Disappoint Me
472 Nine Yang Divine Skill?
471 Killing Sword
470 One Emperor
469 Wield Heavenly Sword, Sweep Through the Mass
468 Snatch Heavenly Sword
467 Zhou Zhiruo’s Confession
466 Say It Again!
465 Spirit Snake Island, Xie Xun
464 A Single Boa
463 World of Martial Artists in Other Countries, Independent Branch
462 Foreign Players Entered
461 What Should I Do to Save You…?
460 Drawing Someone to Their Side
459 Immortal Cold Moon
458 Demonic Sound Duchess
457 Title
456 Moon Invitation
455 Feelings Are Hurt When Money Comes into Play
454 Direction of Quest, Los
453 Death of a Grandmaster
452 Climb the Tower!
451 Fight With My All
450 Tap an Acupoint, a Thief Takes from Pouch
449 Do Not Carelessly Enter the Forest! Do Not Chase Desperate Enemies!
448 Shaolin’s Nine Yang Skill VS Profound Abyss Divine Palm
447 Master Yuan Hui
446 Setup
445 Fight in the Dark!
444 Outwit Both Men
443 Kill with the Sword!
442 Draw the Sword
441 Three Monsters Gathered
440 A Group of Mighty Warriors Gathered!
439 The Lively Eternal Peace Temple. So Many Familiar People…
438 Flying Dragon Sword Will
437 Wind Chimes, Silver Wolf
436 Six Prideful Chill Techniques
435 Little North's Earth Elemental Zombie
434 Third-echelon Demon Vessel
433 Sect Prison
432 Intelligent Heart Temple, Verbally Taught Nine Yang Skill
431 Life and Death Realm Sword Technique
430 Waiting for Her to Cheat on Me
429 Reaching New Heights
428 Injure a Person in Inaction Realm
427 Emei Sect, Ring of the Leader
426 Visiting Eternal Peace Temple at Nigh
425 Ride Together
424 Zhou Yu’s Wariness
423 The Request from Emei Sect’s Mistress
422 End of Quest?
421 Fourth-Echelon Nation Protecting Divine Sword
420 Provocation from Zhou Yu
419 Zhou Yu Appears
418 Zhang Wuji is Injured
417 Shadow Empress, Queen of flexible weapons
416 Ming Cult Disciples
415 Tunnel in a Sea of Fire
414 Inner Hall Members at Light Summi
413 Cautious in Every Step
412 Flag Bearer? Elite?
411 Ming Cult’s Counterattack
410 Kill Zhang Wuji
409 Splitting Up
408 Provocation, Counterattack!
407 Blood Robes’ Scheme
406 Join Emei
405 Gather in Mount Huangshan
404 Solidify Position—Baokang
403 Ming Cult Appears
402 Opened the Brocade Box! Demon Vessel Appeared
401 Inherited Legacy
400 Reward from Wind God
399 Enter Life and Death, Surpass Life and Death
398 Severely Injure Manor Master
397 Happy Interfered
396 Unique Palm Technique
395 Explore the Manor
394 Rescue Mission
393 Change in Progress
392 Hero Invitation!
391 Phantasmal Crystal
390 Extreme Grinding
389 Forgemaster
388 New Era
387 Fusion!
386 Sever an Arm!
385 Undying King of Abyss Ar
384 Madness!
383 Star Sucking Great Skill 1
382 Battle!
381 Emperor Shocks World!
380 Attack! Sword Force
379 Power Not Compromised?
378 Hall Master of Assassin Hall
377 Happy Appeared
376 A Cornered Beast Will Put Up a Stubborn Figh
375 Class One Hall’s Determination
374 World of Martial Arts Shocked
373 Walk on the Reincarnation Bridge
372 Weapons are Blind in the Hall of the Royal Mausoleum
371 Class One Hall, Vice Hall Master Barren
370 Great Players from Tang Sec
369 Instability in the World of Martial Arts
368 Legendary Ironsmith, Heartless Iron
367 Mu Clan Takes Action
366 Butterfly Effect, Change
365 Kind Tycoon's Suggestion
364 Admit His Superiority
363 Meeting Ninja King Again
362 Charge Through the First Level
361 Beat Them At Their Own Game
360 Lu Mingyue’s Motives
359 A Kind Person Will Be Easy to Bully!
358 A Familiar Person
357 The Unrest Caused by Refinemen
356 Destroy Stone King
355 Rise to Fame
354 Counterattack!
353 Students, Unyielding
352 Chief Promise Clouds
351 Bloody Battle!
350 Luring the Snake out of Its Hole
349 Competition
348 Beautiful Robes Faction in Danger
347 Mu Clan Gold Storage
346 They’re A Bunch of Robbers?!
345 Grandmaster!
344 Secret of Golden Bell, Loyalty
343 Stone King’s Hear
342 Storm on the Rich Rank
341 Shock Brought by the Refinement!
340 Divine Sword, Clear Abyss
339 Work for Happy, Meeting Black Rose Again
338 Breaking the Formation!
337 A Strange Feeling
336 Alliance Between Five Sects. Met Silver Wolf
335 Occupation
334 Build the Sec
333 Target, Happy
332 For Money!
331 Sweep! Silver Wolf Appears Again!
330 Shadowless Needle
329 Fight Against Sunflower Once More
328 Demon Subduing True Qi
327 Sect’s Foundation
326 Elite on the Dragon Rank
325 Battle to the Death!
324 Unexpected Emergency, Request for Help
323 No One in the Room
322 Rumors, Schemes, the Town Goes into Motion
321 Four Great Factions of Power, Cold Moon Palace
320 Astonishingly High Price
319 Act in Prescribed Order, Eliminate
318 Shennongjia
317 New Model!
316 One Emperor’s Legend of Ten Billion
315 Being Issued an Arrest Warrant Embroidered Uniform Guards
314 Silver Aquatic Dragon Se
313 Zhou Yu, One Emperor!
312 On Common Reed Bank, Big Dipper Constellation
311 Enchanting Sigh
310 Seven Wounds Fis
309 Weapon Change!
308 Kill Without Mercy
307 Mysterious White Veiled Woman
306 Metal Armored Battleships, Round Formation
305 The Accumulated Strength in the Aristocratic Family!
304 Mastermind
303 Pirates Attack
302 Set Sail, Planning
301 “I Won’t Let You Down”
300 “I Have Decided to Step Down”
299 Three Girls
298 Setting Their Sect in a Spot Rich With Resources
297 Tempted, New Plans
296 Meeting Old Friends
295 Grade One Masterpiece, Nation Protecting Divine Sword
294 Carrots, Rabbits, Fallen Rain
293 Return to the Murong Clan
292 As in, H-A-P-P-Y
291 Exit the Mausoleum
290 Golden Armor
289 Lure
288 Surviving in a Dangerous Situation
287 Old Swordsman
286 Retreated In Time!
285 Ninja King Appears, Happy is Heavily Injured
284 An Enchanting Sigh
283 Guardian of the Royal Mausoleum
282 Happy, Chen Kaixin
281 Golden Gauntle
280 Kill!!
279 Defeat All in One Fell Swoop
278 The Three Great Sects' Resolve
277 Identity Seen Through
276 Encounter!
275 The Ninja King’s Clone Who Vanished?
274 Nine Dies, One Lives, Ten Dies, None Lives
273 High-tier Throwing Knife Technique—Shadowless Knife
272 Massacre in the Tunnel
271 The Loot That Was Not Taken
270 Seven Stars Brilliant Moon
269 Resolution
268 Life and Death Circui
267 Could He Be from Wudang Sect?
266 Astonishing Attacks
265 Life and Death Realm, Shadow Ninja
264 Shadow Warriors
263 Emei Sect, Moon Reflection Temple
262 Yellow Dragon Bow
261 Wall Breaks! Blood Soaked Hall in Royal Mausoleum
260 Beautiful Robes Faction’s Strength
259 Splitting Throwing Knives, High-tier Throwing Knife Technique
258 Enter the Mausoleum
257 The World of Martial Artists Was Not Calm
256 Seven Great Sects
255 Royal Mausoleum, Ninja
254 Mount Hua’s Summit, Sword Dance Summi
253 Fox Monster Escapes, Royal Mausoleum Appears
252 Demonic Fox Monster Slaughters a City!
251 Who Killed My Yao Hua?!
250 When a Person is About to Die, the Light will Go off
249 Heroes Forced into a Corner
248 Merciless Saber, Loving Sword
247 Eliminate
246 The Two Women on Phoenix Rank
245 A Scene of Resentmen
244 People With Exceptional Abilities Everywhere
243 Grand Momentum
242 Destroy the Sec
241 Class One Hall’s Worries
240 Heart Devouring Silver Snake
239 Will Not Stop Until One Side is Dead
238 Proud over All Life’s Poisonous Curse
237 Open Challenge!
236 Issue a Declaration of War
235 Appearance of a Woman, and Heart of a Man
234 Storm on the Famous People Rank!
233 Constellation Breathing Technique
232 Petite Dragon
231 Silver Wolf
230 A School for Scholars
229 Exposed? Prepared for all Eventualities
228 Computing Genius Li Ning
227 Misty Nigh
226 Phantasm Body Movement Skill
225 Swordswoman Momo
224 Kill!!
223 Five Venom's Plot!
222 Discovered Five Venoms
221 Hoof Shadow Shows Its Tracks
220 Rotten Luck! Awakening a Person Who Is Still Dreaming
219 Ultimate Technique VS Ultimate Technique
218 Sunflower
217 Strong VS Strong
216 What Are You Trying To Do, You Pervert!
215 Needle Tide, Successor of Sunflower Manual
214 Crazy Man? Embroidery Needles!
213 Shifting Flower Palace, Nian!
212 Moon Pavilion, Display of Strength
211 Turbulence in the Deser
210 Silver Wolf Emperor Breaker Sword
209 Dead She-wolf’s Relics
208 Provoke
207 Woolen Robe Swordsman Ji Feng
206 Slaughter
205 Top on Famous People Rank
204 Danger Outside the Chamber
203 Attack! Thousand Year Corpse King's Right Arm
202 Dead She-wolf
201 Pear Blossom Storm Needles
200 Wipe Ou
199 Exposed
198 Hostility
197 Appear in the Second Level
196 Chivalry Sect is in Trouble
195 The Mechanism in Fox Cave
194 The Benefits That Vanished
193 Drastic Change in Fox Cave
192 Shadowless, Storm!
191 White Fox!
190 Enter the Cave
189 Breakthrough!
188 Golden Bell Cocoon Shows Its Migh
187 The Grand Situation in Fox Cave
186 Four-man Party
185 Immortal Fox Village
184 Ten Thousand Poisonous Palms Show Its Migh
183 Tavern in the Village
182 Happy’s Ambition
181 In Operation
180 The Beast Hidden in the Body
179 Strengthen
178 Three Party Members
177 Medicinal Stone’s Plan
176 Human Skin Masks
175 Fox Cave
174 Three Great Sects
173 How Does Someone Become Powerful?
172 Lu Xiaofeng
171 Commission Shop
170 Demon Vessel Appeared
169 Class S Battle Assessmen
168 Pressure
167 Hunting Down the Thousand Year Corpse King
166 Blackmail Him to the Very End
165 Rob the Local Tyrant!
164 Forbidden Grounds of Luoyang
163 Rumors
162 Psychological Trauma Caused Him To Act Abnormally
161 Getting Down from the Ranking Board
160 Herbalist Pomelo
159 Dew Pill
158 Nine Yin Blocked Pulses
157 Heaven Origin Sword
156 Ghost Slayer Ar
155 Glutinous Rice’s Instincts
154 Market Price Change
153 Repay Kindness Unto Those Who Were Kind to You, and Seek Revenge on Those Who Wronged You
152 A Powerful Fighter on the Dragon Rank?
151 High-grade Moun
150 World of Martial Arts Secret News Log
149 Hidden Tribute, Divine Breaker
148 Show No Mercy
147 A Hopeless Situation? A Hopeless Situation!
146 Hall Master of Class One Hall
145 The Thought of Spreading His Wings Blooms
144 Beautiful Robes Faction
143 Hypocrite
142 Its Might is Brought into Full Display
141 Wind Flowers, Snow, and Moon Sword
140 Class One Hall Interferes
139 Execute Dragon Capture and Dissolve the Danger
138 Natural Chasm
137 Burial Ground
136 Bodhidharma Cave and the Eighteen Bronzemen
135 Forthright Person
134 My Item!
133 Yan Mountain Tiger
132 Successor of Eastern Heretic 1
131 Fight for the Brocade Box
130 Break Down the Door and Enter
129 Ten True Dragon Styles
128 Solving the Game
127 Lion's Roar from a Buddhis
126 The Conclusion That Did Not Change
125 The Exquisite Game at its Last Stages
124 Zen Meditation-related Questioning, Passed the Tes
123 A Small Temple in the Depths of the Mountain, an Eminent Monk
122 A Mass Gathering in Shaolin
121 Inspecting the Spoils of War
120 All-powerful Medicinal Stone
119 Unkempt Man
118 Attack!
117 The Oriole is Behind You
116 High-tier Body Fortification Technique, Break the Formation!
115 Thirteen Staff-Using Monks
114 The Emperor’s Wrath
113 Set Out on a Journey
112 Chain Attack
111 Black Rose Clan
110 Inconsistency in Information
109 Going to the Headquarters to Collect a Deb
108 The Seventh Realm
107 Bewitching Treasure
106 Flowering Knights Slash
105 I Don’t Mind if You Pledge to Marry Me
104 Mysterious Jade Slit Ring
103 Jade Coral
102 You Have to Win Your Respect!
101 Disturbance in the Ancient Tomb
100 Increase Progress
99 Soul Severing Gues
98 Quicksword Xiao Shan
97 Collecting a Debt from Mountain Range Sec
96 Practicing Martial Arts in the Ancient Tomb
95 Pass Through
94 Ancient Tomb
93 Yangzhou City
92 Zhou Yu
91 Greedy Ambition
90 Heaven Domination Sect Members
89 Ambushed
88 Horse Plate
87 Protect the Courier Station
86 Three Bow Fusion
85 Item Protection
84 The Only Representative
83 Near The Beginning
82 Vice Sect Master Long Meng
81 Dragon Tiger Sect Retreats
80 Fight a Great Wolf Alone
79 Green Jade Shrouded in Heavenly Silks
78 Slaughter
77 Slaughter to Open the Path, Occupy the Land to Become King
76 Murder in the Fores
75 Business Opportunity in Marke
74 Birth of a Champion
73 Poaching People on Stage
72 Happy’s Worry
71 First Place on the Power Ranking Board
70 Power
69 Blessed Realm
68 Killing Intent Under the Stage
67 Remember My Name!
66 Dual and Reverse Swordplay
65 Arhat Spade
64 An Evil but Powerful Player
63 Fourth Dark Horse
62 Teasing Phoenix Dances
61 Three Dark Horses
60 Making Friends Through Martial Arts
59 Offline Martial Arts Tournamen
58 The Person in His Memories
57 Reward Initiative
56 All Sorts of Changes
55 Butterfly Effec
54 Blue Figure in the Valley
53 Three Plans
52 Acknowledged, Shifting Stars
51 Up Against Uncle Rong
50 Secret Technique, Black Dragon Murder
49 Four Great Families
48 Punish the Enemy, Hidden Treasure
47 Supreme Grade Bandit King
46 Both Sides Were Heavily Wounded
45 Rise to the Challenge
44 Black Wind Mountain’s Bandit Chief
43 Invade Black Wind Mountain At Nigh
42 Gusu City, Dragon Tiger Sec
41 Develop the System
40 Butterfly Effec
39 Xu Xin Visits
38 Revenge Ques
37 Knife Throwing Skills in Grandmaster Realm
36 Luring the Snake into the “Trap”
35 Tomb Robbers’ Revenge
34 Metamorphosis
33 Qi Increased, Flowering Knights Saber Technique
32 Path of Hidden Weapons
31 Eight Trigrams, Nine Palaces
30 Kiting
29 Money-consuming Hidden Weapons
28 Preparations Complete
27 Reinforcements
26 Chain of Missions
25 Class A Battle Assessmen
24 Throwing Knives Show Their Migh
23 Did Not Leave Far
22 Mini Storyline
21 Small Black House
20 Young Yu Yan
19 Expert and Greenhorns
18 Secret Technique, Blood Cycle Slash
17 Ran Into a Robbery
16 Battle Assessmen
15 Losing Way in the Tomb
14 Tomb Robbery Ques
13 Clan Ques
12 A Small Trick to Practice Martial Arts
11 Rascal in the Tavern
10 Masterpiece
9 South China Martial Arts Ranking Board
8 Qi Realm
7 Three Moves
6 Boy vs Wild Wolves
5 Beginner Novice Level
4 Gate Realm, Gate to Enter the Path Leading to Life and Death
3 A Dream That Lasted Three Years, the Embarrassing Confession
2 Murong Clan
1 Person in the Mirror