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Chapter 2225: Shameless (1)

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Ye Qingtang nodded and walked down the path leading further into the Evil Soul Forest, still holding the Night Soul Beast. On the inside, however, she was still thinking about Spy Cloud’s mission.

In her previous life, the Evil Soul Forest’s secret was exposed only 200-300 years later. But it was only because people had discovered the Night Soul Beast’s weakness, did they truly start to uncover the secret behind the Evil Soul Forest.

But now, the various factions seemed to have an inkling of the Evil Soul Forest’s secret and sent forth their men.

Could it be…

Spy Cloud had also received the news?

This was not a good thing in Ye Qingtang’s opinion. She had come to the Evil Soul Forest thinking that she was earlier than the others by a couple of hundred years, and so there wouldn’t be any issues. But they would have some trouble if they collided with those other factions.

Ye Qing was deep in thought but Jing Ze and the rest did not know what he was thinking..

After experiencing the Night Soul Beast, they were even more fearful of the Evil Soul Forest now. They instinctively followed close behind Ye Qing whilst vigilantly observing their surroundings.

Luckily they didn’t meet any demons in this latter part of their journey.

By the time night fell, they even discovered a cave.

But that cave was filled with white bones covered with dark red bloodstains that looked freshly dried. The entire cave was filled with the thick stench of blood.

The group immediately wanted to retreat on seeing the inside of the cave.

Ye Qingtang was the only one whose eyes shone. She had noticed that after arriving at this cave, the Night Soul Beast in her arms underwent a significant change. If she was right, this should be the Night Soul Beast’s cave.

So she simply walked in. Lei Yan and the rest wanted to stop her but didn’t manage to in time.

“Boss, this is some demon’s cave. If that demon returns and sees us, we will be in deep trouble again,” Nangong Lie said.

Who knew how many demons there were in this Evil Soul Forest? Just that earlier Night Soul Beast alone was enough to leave a lingering fear in their hearts.

“It’s a cave, that’s right. But it looks like it has been abandoned. Now that night has fallen, the smell of blood in here can mask our scent. We won’t be discovered by that Night Soul Beast here.” Ye Qingtang explained in all seriousness as she surveyed the inside of the cave.

“Abandoned?” The teenagers exchanged looks. Studying those freshly-dried bloodstains, this place didn’t look like it had just been abandoned.

But the moment Ye Qing said the words “Night Soul Beast”, the hairs on those teenagers stood on end. Seeing that she was already prepared to settle down, they had no choice but to follow suit.

“Boss is so brave… why do I feel that he is not scared of death at all?” Lei Yan muttered softly.

Not hiding despite seeing the Night Soul Beast. And now, she even dared to stay in some demon’s cave.

How brave must one be to behave like that?

Yun Chen heard Lei Yan’s words but didn’t react. He only looked at Ye Qing’s profile from the back, the glow of admiration and respect growing more intense in his eyes.

He already believed that Ye Qing came from some extraordinary background and might be some kind of secretly-powerful hermit. His calm manner in a place like this Evil Soul Forest only reinforced this belief.

The Night Soul Beast stared on as this group of pathetic humans barged into its cave. It was nearly driven mad with anger, but it had no choice but to remain in Ye Qingtang’s hands, no energy to even struggle, fearing that she would smile at it.

Kidnapping it and taking over its home.

These humans were even more shameless than a demon!

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