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Chapter 2227: Evil Fruit (1)

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Nangong Lie was smart and stuffed his nose so that he could bear things better. Qin Feng and Yun Chen were also rather calm. But this was Jing Ze’s first experience with this amount of blood and he looked very conflicted.

Mu Ziying was the only one who looked like it was completely normal to be soaking in a pool of demon blood.

The reason Ye Qing had them soak inside the pool of demon blood was because the demons in this Evil Soul Forest were very special. Their blood could nourish one’s veins and tendons.

It was several hundred years later after the Evil Soul Forest was completely conquered that people realized this secret.

Although Ye Qingtang had been guiding Lei Yan and the rest and adjusting their cultivation methods, this was a good chance to strengthen their foundations. Especially since they had just endured a highly intense battle and their bodies would be extra receptive to external nourishment.

After Ye Qingtang saw that they had settled down, she also submerged herself into the blood pool..

It must be said…

The smell of demon blood was really… exciting.

Qin Feng and the others didn’t know the true effects of this demon blood. They thought it was just to evade the Night Soul Beast’s pursuit. After a full day of battle, those teenagers were exhausted and soon fell asleep while leaning against the side of the pit.

The next morning, Ye Qingtang woke up those sleeping teenagers. Covered in that dreadful stench, Ye Qingtang chased them out of the cave before they even had the chance to stretch their limbs.

To continue hunting and killing even more demons.

At this moment, they all wished for death…

Several days pa.s.sed in this way. Nangong Lie couldn’t even bear to think about the kind of life they had been living over the past few days.

The moment daylight broke, they would be chased out of the cave by Ye Qing to hunt and kill demons. When the sun set, they would then drag those demon carca.s.ses back to soak in their blood.

While they were soaking in the pool of blood, Ye Qing would also highlight unsatisfactory points during their battles that day. Every day, they would listen groggily to Ye Qing’s lecturing, before finally succ.u.mbing to the sweet darkness of sleep.


They didn’t know if it was just their imagination. Originally they thought that they would definitely be utterly exhausted after a few days, and end up being half-dead. But every morning when they woke up, they would feel like the fatigue from the previous day had been wiped clean.

Even their battles with those demons now felt much easier.

“Boss is right. Real battles are the key. I feel like I’m showing signs of a breakthrough…” Nangong Lie could feel the spirit energy inside his body gradually increase. He felt very moved.

In the past, he had been unable to focus on cultivation. But after being dragged to this G.o.dforsaken place by Ye Qing, he would be killed by the Night Soul Beast if he didn’t survive those battles. Under such circ.u.mstances, he wouldn’t get the chance to slack off even if he wanted to.

Nangong Lie was not alone. Jing Ze and the rest could also feel their powers increase by the day. Qin Feng’s case was more special. His powers had been declining but had now stabilized.

Since entering the Netherworld Academy, this was the first time he felt his spirit energy increase…

He could hardly believe it.

After discovering the benefits, the teenagers didn’t even need Ye Qing to urge them. Every morning, as if having gotten a shot of adrenaline, they would automatically go hunting and killing demons as a team.

Ye Qingtang saw the changes in this group of brats, the hint of a smile surfacing in her eyes. One day, she didn’t follow them on their hunt.

Instead, she emerged from the blood pool to go to a nearby river to wash off the stench. But right after sh

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