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After logging out Misaki found a face mask and a pair of sunglasses and put them on. She had to take a bus to get to Chiho's house and did not want to bring any more attention to herself. That was why Misaki decided to take Chiho's advice and disguise herself. Chiho's house was only ten minutes away by bus but a thirty minute walk. Luckily the bus that went in Chiho's home's direction passed by quite frequently so she did not have to wait long before taking one.

Chiho's house looked like something you would see in a Yakuza movie for the home of an old Yakuza boss. Her house was surrounded by a tall wall that was as tall as two Misaki's. There was a large double doored wooden gate that could not be opened without being let in or had the code to open the gate. Next to the gate was a nameplate that read Nagasawa, Chiho's surname.

Misaki always felt nervous coming to Chiho's house mainly because there was always some ruffian looking men hanging around doing all the housework. When Misaki first came here she was almost scared to death when she met these guys. It took a bit of time to get used to the people here. Once she did she found that even though the people in Chiho's house looked like they would murder anyone at any moment. They were actually really kind. They would bow to Misaki calling her Young Miss which made Misaki feel like a princess at times.

Today was the same as any other day. Misaki pressed the intercom button at the side to be let in as normal. The person who opened the door was a bald headed young man who was in his mid twenties. He had a large scar across his face and a few teeth missing when he smiled. Seeing the familiar bald head Misaki smiled as she said: "Good morning Tetsu!"

"Osu! Good morning Young Miss. Our Young Miss is waiting for you inside. I heard that you came to start training with Master in swordplay?" Tetsu asked. He was surprised to see that his Young Miss's best friend was wanting to take up actual sword fighting.

"Mhm! I need to learn not only sword fighting. But all kinds of martial arts plus parkour." Misaki explained as she walked into the yard.

"If you need someone to train you in parkour I have a friend who is very good at it and I also have a few friends who are good at aikido, kung fu and taekwondo. Actually Young Miss these three martial arts along with parkour would really mix well with each other." Tetsu explained.

"Hmm… Then I will need to bother you, Tetsu, to introduce me. As long as they are trustworthy, that is." It was not that Misaki did not trust Tetsu, it was she did not trust those she did not know. She was a young girl after all. If she was going to get training from people she had to make sure her safety would not be in jeopardy.

"Haha! Do not worry I will call all four of them over now. All four owe Master a great deal so as long as I introduce you to them in front of Master they would never think of trying anything." Tetsu smiled as he quickly pulled o

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