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Misaki charged forward without any hesitation she had to take this chance or she would be in for a long grueling battle. Luckily her Queen's Blade seems to be very good against Treant King and can easily cut it apart. Misaki dodged left and right as she continued to run forward. She did not stop for even a second. Many cuts appeared on her skin as debris scraped her skin. Each little cut would drain 1 [HP]. But Misaki did not take any notice of this as she was finally right behind the Treant King!

Spinning the Queen's Blade in her hand Misaki gritted her teeth and swung hard at the ankle region of the Treant King's leg. Misaki's sword sunk in and easily severed the Treant King's Leg from its foot. The Treant King who was flailing about in a berserk state suddenly felt its center of gravity go off and fell backward slamming into the ground kicking up more dust and debris.

*Cough* *Cough*

Misaki waved her hand fanning the air in front of her to clear the cloud of dust. "To think that that actually worked!" Misaki was overjoyed that she was able to bring down the Treant King. She quickly ran over to the other leg and cut that foot off as well. After which she did a few front flips and landed at the last arm that the Treant King had that was still flailing about. She struck down hard and cut off the Treant King's remaining arm. She then climbed back up on top of its chest, stabbed her sword into the Treant King and sat down and looked at the Treant King with a bright smile on her face.

"You know… You brought this on yourself. You destroyed my hideout. You threw many, many trees at me and chased me all over. Hell, you even killed me once! Then even after you killed me you were not satisfied and still chased after me and started attacking me again! But unfortunately for you, I was prepared this time. They say karma's a bitch and it seems this is true for you. You just had to go pick on this Queen who is just a frail little girl. Now you have no arms or feet! Anyway, it's time for you to become my experience points and boost my level once again. I wonder how much hp you have left after losing two arms and two feet. I will make sure to cut you up into many pieces so that I can use you to build other things. So do not worry your death will not be in vain. " Misaki waved her hand as if what she said was a not really a big deal. She stood back up after catching her breath, dusted off her butt, and grabbed hold of her Queen's Blade.

Misaki lifted her head and looked at the Treant King's face as she started to walk across its chest. She had only gone a few steps when she suddenly stopped as she felt the Treant King's chest start to swell. A blast of cold sweat hit her as she had a bad feeling that something insane was about to happen. She looked on as the Treant King looked right at her and opened its mouth.

The Treant King's jaw seemed as if it came unhinged as a bright light could be seen growing in size deep within then Treant Kin

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