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Back on board Jin, Misaki brought Feng Wei to her room and sat her on the bed. "Little Wei, You are about to go to sleep for a little while. When you wake up you will be just like your mother and be a full fledged demon okay."

Feng Wei didn't understand much of what was being said but hearing she would be like her new mother she nodded her head and hugged Misaki. Misaki smiled and kissed the top of Feng Wei's head. Her motherly instinct was in full bloom. "Then we will start, Mother will not leave until you are fully asleep. So do not be scared okay?"

"Wei'er will be strong for Mother." Feng Wei said firmly.

"Good girl!" Misaki held Feng Wei's hand as she hit the button to begin Feng Wei's evolution. This was the first time she was ever in contact with someone during the evolution process. She felt as if a bit of her power was drawn from her and injected into Feng Wei as a black spiral of flames surrounded Feng Wei.

By the time Feng Wei was fully asleep and engulfed in flames, Misaki let go of Feng Wei's hand, waved her own hand, sending out a stream of magic and gently lifted the ball of flames up off the edge of the bed moving it more towards the center. A warm expression was on Misaki's face as she slid her hand over the flames. "Little Wei, when you come out, Mother will make sure you have everything you want."

"Mitsu did you want a kid that badly?" Chiho, who was standing at the door watching the whole scene, walked in and asked.

"No, it was just that I saw something in her that resembled me. She had a light that wished to destroy everything if she had the power to do so. Don't get me wrong I do hope to see a day when Chiho's and the other's little bellies plump up and give me a daughter. " Misaki said, pulling Chiho into her arms.

"You know there will probably be more kids like her. You can save them too." Chiho wondered if Misaki was just having a moment of humanity when she saw Feng Wei or if she was out to save all children like her.

"If I wanted to save every brat from their despair would I have destroyed the entire city? I felt a connection with Little Wei which is why I did what I did." Misaki explained.

"That sounds just like you!" Chiho joked as she wrapped her arms around Misaki's neck pulling her self in to kiss Misaki's lips.

Jin moved swiftly across China, destroying everything in his path. No humans remained in any of the areas they passed through. When Misaki said she wanted to clean up the world she really meant it. She did not need to save any humans unless they caught her eye. But this also did not mean she would go out of her way to search them out either. If she saw someone by accident that interested her she would take them under her wing. Otherwise, all humans would die and be cleansed from this world.

They did a full spiral around China, Misaki really liked the country mountainous regions the most because of how beautiful they looked.Some areas were really mystical in a sense. Months passed and Jin was now in the last section of China that was basically devoid of life. Misaki had picked up over one billion monsters in total from China alone. This number made even Leo surprised.

When Leo heard how many she now had, Leo immediately got up out of his seat and walked out of the meeting room to Jin's main deck, telling Misaki to follow before he left.

"What is it that you want to talk about?"Misaki asked. she felt Leo was acting slightly weird.

"Dear disciple, I do not know if you realize that right now, of all the gods, even the supreme gods, you have the biggest army the Gods realm has ever seen. Even the previous demon goddess was not able to acquire so many demons under her. You little girl and this planet is basically a demon breeding ground, a place that is perfect for building an army. But a lot of it has to do with the system this world implemented. Since monsters will always spawn on this world due to that system, you will always have a n

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