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Moments later the ground began to rumble as a strong earthquake hit. The ground cracked open right underneath the magic circle, wit ha span of the entire circle itself, destroying half of Tokyo in the process. If you looked closely you would see that the spot that opened up did not show the sides of the ground, it was just a black hole that looked as if one fell into it they would fall eternally into the dark abyss.

From this large crack, a large ghastly looking pirate ship that seemed to be alive rose up out of the crack. As it did, screams and wails of the dead could be heard. The boat's structure seemed to pulsate as if it was the heart of a biological life form. If you looked closely you could actually that it was indeed a life form of some sort. It was like it was made of muscles and veins without the skin to cover it all up.

"HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! To think we get to go on a rampage in such a pure looking world. Wait huh?" A sick looking old man who was nothing but skin and rotten flesh felt a sense of danger. He looked up to see a large ball of black flame being hurled towards him. "You dare attack!?"

Misaki was not one to wait for someone to finish their monologue as she quickly tossed out an attack towards the foreign invader. Her attack was followed by a rain of arrows from Chiho, massive Black wind blades by Miyu, and a Beam of light from Mo'mo's mouth that destroyed anything it touched.

Lord Mevesis and the other gods were all surprised at Misaki's decisive attack and couldn't help but nod their head in approval. What's more, as soon as Misaki attacked she yelled out. "Don't let them come out easily, kill everything that comes out of the crack!"

"You dare!?" The old man yelled from the ghastly ship. He waved his hand and a barrier made of blood suddenly formed in front of Misaki and her army.

"Well if it isn't Old Man Stinker! Still got some flesh I see!" Leo yelled out. "I thought you died back in the last war but it seems I will have to kill you again! Hahahaha!"

The old man's eyes grew wide when he noticed Leo charging at him. "Leo! What are you doing in the lower world!?"

"Me? I am here training my disciple. It's just your bad luck you guys chose to mess around on the wrong planet." Leo answered as his sword slammed into the blood barrier smashing it into nothingness. "Huh? Were you always this weak?"

The old man's face turned grim as he turned around and waved his hand. As he did a door opened in the ghastly ship where millions of devils suddenly started pouring out. Seeing this Misaki quickly took action. "Get into your units and attack in groups! Protect each other from all sides!"

Misaki was not taking this lightly because they were completely outnumbered already and the war had just started. Lord Mevesis flew next to Misaki and whispered: "Hold out for thirty minutes. I will assist as well. But this number of enemies is not easy to deal with. Even if we have to retreat a bit do so. I will follow your call. These are your people who are fighting, so I will follow your orders here. When the reinforcements arrive we'll pull your people back to give them rest and recuperate. "

"I will have to thank you then, Lord Mevesis. If things start looking grim we will pull back but we have the upper hand since they still have yet tofully escape the confines of the ship but if more come through the crack...." Misaki was worried if a few million had come through on one ship what would happen if more ships came.

"Shit, Misaki the ship is raising further out of the crack!" Sato yelled over after slicing a devil in two. He watched the ghastly ship as it started rising into the skies of Earth.

"Gen, take control of my unit. I will go in and see if I can push that ship back down." Misakigave out her orders and flew towards the ship. Misaki and Leo had come up with a unit system for her followers who were under the command of those she trusted most. Her unit was some of

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