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Standing on Jin's deck there was a sudden scream. "Oh my god, a mini Mitsu!' Chiho charged forward and was about to snatch up Feng Wei but came up with air. Chiho looked up at Misaki with an aggrieved expression when she saw Feng Wei in Misaki arms and Misaki with an expression on her face that said do not touch my daughter. But Chiho would not give up, she figured she would wait until Misaki wasn't looking and cuddle Feng Wei then!

As for Misaki Kenji and Misaki Yuki, they both stared at Feng Wei who was the spitting image of Misaki feeling a bit strange. "Mitsu this is?"

"Your grandchild."Misaki said flatly, making Misaki Yuki's face contort a bit. But then her eyes lit up as an idea came to mind.

Misaki Yuki walked up to Feng Wei who was about the same height as her, held the little girl's hands in hers, put a big smile on her face, and said: "Just call me Big Sister Yuki from now on."

"Mother told me to call you grandmother from now on." Feng Wei replied without hesitation.

"No, no! Not grandmother, Big Sister!" Misaki Yuki was getting flustered. She wasn't ready to be a grandmother! Not when she just turned back into a little kid!

Feng Wei looked at Misaki Yuki and saw that Misaki shake her head, signaling not to call her big sister. "Grandmother..." She would do as her mother said!

Of course, Misaki Yuki saw the two's interaction and quickly protested. "Mitsu! How is this fair!? How do I look like a grandmother!?"

"You are still thinking in human standards, mom. As a demon you won't age so it doesn't matter how old you actually look you will always be Little Wei's grandmother. " Misaki Yuki wanted to argue more but when she thought about it like how Misaki said she could not argue those facts. She could only give up and accept it.

"Fine, but what does she call your father?" Misaki Yuki asked.

"Big sister!" There was a loud shattering sound as if glass was breaking as Misaki Yuki's heart shattered into dust.


Feng Wei was basically attached to Misaki's hip. Wherever Misaki wentshe would follow. Even at night instead of the usual group of girls playing around on the bed having intimate time together. It was now Feng Wei resting her head on Misaki's shoulder while Misaki read her a book.

The girls loved Feng Wei as well but they were starting to feel a little neglected. It had already been a week and they had not had any intimate action at all. Mo'mo was the first to not be able to take it anymore. "Mitsu!" Misaki who was in the middle of a shower which was basically the only time she was alone was jumped on by Mo'mo. Let's just say her normal shower took three times as long as usual.

What was used to be Misaki shower time, turned into R*pe Misaki shower time. Though calling it r*pe on a willing party was a little much. It was only when this happened that Misaki realized she had been neglecting the girls but at least she found doing it in the shower was not so bad.

With things se

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