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Sato woke up with a bad headache the next morning. He had ended up drinking the rest of the wine by himself trying to get rid of his woos. He got up and shook his groggy head. When he looked around he realized he had fallen asleep outside. "No wonder I'm cold."

Straightening out his clothes Sato made his way towards the lower deck to get some food. There was a large kitchen below that Misaki had stationed some of the better cooks from her demons to manage. Sato liked coming here. There were a few girls he had found to be really cute. He had yet to muster up the courage to talk to any of them directly. He had hoped one day he could talk to them normally. But then last night happened. He had heard everything from the room Misaki was in. Each and every one of those damn girls did not know how to lower their voices!

This is what caused him to finish off all the wine and pass out last night. He knew it was shameless to listen in but he couldn't help it! He was a man you know! But because of that his manly instincts finally kicked in. As soon as he entered the cafeteria he walked right over to one of the cute girls that he knew did not have a lover yet, grabbed her by the hand, and swept her off her feet into a princess carry. The girl let out a small yelp in confusion but when she saw Sato her cheeks blushed and she nestled into his embrace, not showing any signs of resistance.

Seeing this Sato was cursing himself. If it was this easy he would have done this a long time ago! He decided he was not satisfied with just one! He held the first girl in his arms with one arm and then walked over to another cute girl who he knew did not have a man and grabbed her hand and pulled her away with him too!

This girl also showed no resistance and trotted along with Sato as he brought both girls to his bedroom….....

"Where's Sato? I haven't seen him for a few days now." Misaki asked as she looked around the deck.

"Oh, he is probably in his room. From what I heard a few days ago he pulled two girls from the cafeteria to his room and hasn't left there since." Chiho said. She only knew this because she went to look for him about the guard duty for the night watch.

"Oh? So Sato has finally become a full man?"Masaki gave a cheeky smile.

"Were you not the same when we first did it? You wouldn't let me leave the room for almost five days! I thought I was going to die!" Chiho said as she blushed.

"Well at that time I was punishing you for being mean to me back then. Though you didn't seem to hate it with all your Ohs and Ahs" Misaki teased causing Chiho's face to turn bright red.

"Mitsu!" Chiho quickly ran over and covered Misaki's mouth.

"Fine, fine, I will not say any more. But that's good for him, Sato finally got himself some little wives." Misaki said with a smile. She had been meaning to help him find a wife for a while but things kept cropping up.

"But at this rate, I do not think they will survive." Miyu had a feelin

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