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time to show just how strong she was in front of Feng Wei. In other words, she wanted to look cool in front of her new daughter.

The sky suddenly filled with thousands of magic circles that covered the entire city. A bright light formed in the center of each magic circle. Misaki pointed at them and said to Feng Wei: "Watch now." A second after she spoke a beam of light shot from every magic circle blasting the ground below destroying everything it touched, in a matter of seconds the entire city was gone. Nothing remained except for scorched ground where the light hit.

Feng Wei's eyes opened wide in surprise as she let out a laugh and clapped her hands. "Mother is very strong!"

"Mhm! Now they will never come back to haunt my cute daughter." Misaki gave Feng Wei a big hug before flying back to everyone else. Feng Wei was quickly snatched from Misaki's hands by her wives, leaving Misaki to feel a bit lonely.

"We will now quickly sweep through China. Although they have some decent tech it's nothing compared to what we have, so I am a bit disappointed." Misaki said as she started to fly back towards Jin.

"Mitsu what about Feng Wei's evolution?" Chiho asked.

"I will start it when we get on to the ship where it is safe just in case."


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