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Above Tokyo city the skies were filled with those from the Gods realm and Devils realm, casting a shadow over Tokyo blocking the sun from shining down.The fighting had yet to cease. Every once and a while a body could be seen falling to the ground. Most likely dead or severely injured.

Misaki was also there with her demon kin, as they fought to kill as many devils as they could. Misaki was flying too and fro around the area sending out orders and killing devils as she did. Behind her was Mo'mo, Chiho, Miyu, her newest wife Ano'la, and not too far away casting heals on Misaki and the rest as soon as they got a wound was Naomi, the Angel Factions daughter.

Seeing how Naomi was acting like a small tail, Misaki couldn't help but smile and take a glance at Sariel who was not too far away. As expected the leader of the Angel Faction's face did not look good.Mo'mo who was flying at Miaki's side couldn't help but ask. "Is she the fifth?"

Misaki let out a laugh and looked back at Naomi who just happened to be looking in her direction. When their eyes met Naomi's face turned bright red and quickly averted her gaze. "Hm… Maybe… She is very cute and to make things even better by taking her as a wife it would piss off Sariel. So it is very tempting."

"Mitsu, your charm is even enough to convert angels. You truly are a demon goddess." Chiho joked.

"Okay enough joking around, the reason Naomi is with us is because she was the only one willing to join us demons on this raid of the ghastly ship. We will be entering the ship and killing everything that moves and then taking the ship for ourselves. Once it is clear of all enemies, I will steal it for myself." Misaki wanted to keep the ghastly ship since she figured it would be a waste to just destroy such a large warship. The only thing she hoped was that once all the enemies were killed off, the ghastly ship would become her follower. She couldn't take it as an item since the ship itself was indeed a monster in its own right.

After finishing what she said She turned to the red faced Naomi and seriously asked. "I will ask this once more Naomi. Do you really want to help us? Once we enter the ghastly ship there is no turning back. We will go in and start killing everything. You might get hurt or maybe even die. If you want, you can still turn around and stay at your father's side."

"No… I will stay with you…" Naomi replied, her eyes fluttered as they started to well up with tears as she asked: "Am I not wanted here, you Highness?"

"That is not the case I was just making sure you want to go through with this. Think of it as me caring for your safety." Misaki said with a smile.

Just these words were enough to make Naomi's face turn as red as an apple. To her, Misaki was like a knight willing to protect her from all the evils of the world. Seeing Naomi's reaction Misaki only shook her head. Misaki could tell Naomi's feelings at first glance. But she would not act on them until Naomi came to her and offered herself up. Then, and only then, would Misaki be able to gloat in front of Sariel, hopefully angering him to death.

This was the real reason why Misaki did not instantly take Naomi as her wife. She wanted to anger Sariel to death because of the comments he made. She knew that Sariel did not like her kind and she felt it was funny because before humans knew that demons, gods, and devils were truly real, they had already depicted them as enemies in films, books, and other arts.

"Okay let's go we will need to push past the ones on the deck first. Chiho, Miyu, and Sato, I will leave, keeping the number of devils that get close to us down to you three. Use ranged attacks making it so they can not just all rush us at the same time. Naomi, you will be in the middle, it will allow us to protect you better while you are healing us. Mo'mo and I will be the vanguard. Gen and Ano'la protect the sides so we do not get flanked. Think of this as an epic raid and call

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