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Misaki watched as her kin began to retreat. She, with Chiho, Mo'mo, and Miyu took up the rear blocking the devils that were trying to attack her injured kin. Rya, Frell, Sato, Gen, and even Lor'ia were doing the same. As they retreated a mass of divinity rushed past them as she heard Lord Mevesis yell out. "Cover the demons as they retreat! Someone take over keeping that ship in the crack!"

Seeing the reinforcements come in and help with her kins retreat Misaki finally released a sigh of relief. Misaki flew towards the command area, her body beaten and tattered. She was covered in wounds, she had sustained thousands of attacks with just her body alone. It was a given that she would be in bad shape.

As she sat down in a chair, Rya quickly came over and began casting healing magic on her. "Misaki you're too reckless!"

"There was nothing I could do. If I did not rush in when I did more of those ships might have appeared. If that happened we would not have lasted at all. I can not let my kin die. Not if I can do something to protect them all. Unfortunately, some still died... " Misaki's voice was filled with sorrow, and her eyes became watery. To her, her kin was family. They trusted her and followed her expecting to have better lives. She looked at them as her brother and sisters. She hated to even see them get hurt but she knew that there was nothing she could do about it. She had hoped to at least not let any of them die but that was also wishful thinking.

"Mitsu, why don't we turn this area into a monument for all those who have fallen?" Chiho asked.

Hearing this Misaki nodded her head. She found this to be a very good idea. "Then let's do that. We can not bury them because they will turn into zombies. The least we can do is erect a monument in the name of those who had died sacrificing themselves while protecting this world."

"My little disciple, I am very proud of you." Leo came walking in. He himself had a few wounds on his body but other than that he showed no sign of tiredness. "During that onslaught of attacks, you did not even yell out in pain as you continued the task ahead of you ignoring everything."

"I was just doing what I could to protect my kin." Misaki answered.

"Even still, not many would do what you did, sacrificing themselves as you did." Leo really respected Misaki's actions. Her will to sustain so much to protect her kin was beyond his expectations. It was the first time in his life, someone like him who loved to live free and unfretted, felt that following someone and having someone under his wing was not a bad thing.

Although Misaki was a demon, although her ways could be very ruthless, she still showed compassion when it came to her kin. She was a leader who cherished those around her and showed no mercy to those who crossed her. The human race had made her lose her humanity, but her followers helped her regain it back to a certain extent. But her discontent for humanity was real. She f

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