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Misaki rolled her eyes at Leo and watched on as two of her wives continued to spill blood. In the end, it was General Utsumi who ended up spilling it all. "It was Watase Eriko! She said if we changed sides with her we would not have to worry about protecting ourselves any longer. She promised us a life where we would not need to live worrying if you would kill us or not! In return for betraying you, we were to be given high up seats at Eternal Games!"

Misaki heard all this and only shook her head. "What's the point of switching sides? Now, because of that woman, you had to deal with such unbearable pain. Was it truly worth it? See I had planned to see if you wanted to become my followers which would have given you an even better life. But you had to go and betray me. This is fine though, the great purge of Japan is already underway! Kill them both."

Waving her hand and getting up from her seat Misaki walked out of the room with her wives leaving behind a few demons who were licking their lips. Leo, Frell, and Rya followed soon after. As the door closed behind them, screams could be heard coming from within. "Little Disciple! Little Disciple!" Leo walked quickly to arrive next to Misaki.

"So I am your disciple now?" Misaki asked, giving Leo a sidelong glance. He had said that he was only going to take her as a disciple if she was able to take over this world.

"Anyone who can pull off a surprise attack on one of those old fogies is worthy of being my disciple." Leo patted the top of Misaki's head. It was like doting father patting his indifferent daughter's head.

Misaki let a faint smile show on her lips: "My next stop is the city where two people are currently supposedly guarding. I need to settle a few things with these two people. But before that..." Misaki turned to Chiho. "There is no sign of Tetsu."

"Tetsu would only go to one place if he was not here and that is the Nagasawa clan's old home." Chiho answered Misaki's next question before she could even ask it.

"Then let's get going." Misaki tapped the air and formed a void rift right to the Nagasawa clan's old home.

Misaki and Chiho looked at the now dilapidated and broken down Nagasawa residence. A smile formed on both their faces as they remember the time from before the world changed. "Mitsu did you ever think we would come to be lovers one day? Back then we were nothing but game addicts, mainly you were a massive game addict who pulled me along."

"No, at that time until we had that fight, I never once had such thoughts, to be honest. I didn't care for love. Before the world changed, I only cared about playing whatever games I could get my hands on too. After it, I was worried about the people we saved. Now I am happy, I feel released from the confines of my old life. I have you, Miyu, and Mo'mo now. What more could I ask for?" Misaki said as she leaned in and kissed Chiho's lips. Seeing the jealous looks on the other two's faces she also gave them a kiss as well.

"Little Disciple you now have me too!" Leo butted into the conversation as if the warm atmosphere was nothing.

Misaki only pushed him away and stepped through the gates. They entered the yard and walked down the path until they reached the front sliding door. Misaki's nose twitched as she slid the door open. A frown formed on her face as she saw the pool of blood and a very familiar person laying within it. Tetsu laid hunched over with a sword sticking out of her gut. Next to her was an envelope that rested just outside the pool of blood.

"Tetsu committed suicide." Chiho's face did not even change as she stepped forward and placed the palm of her hand on Tetsu's open eyes and slowly closed them.

"The letter she wrote explains it all… To be honest it's hard for me to even believe how stupid she was." Misaki said as she handed the letter to Chiho.

Chiho opened the letter and began reading it. 'Young Miss, I can no longer take the happenings of this world.

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