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Chiho and Mo'mo both looked at each other and gave a small nod before jumping on and hugging Misaki. They both then each took a cheek and kissed it. "Mitsu does not need to worry about giving us things. You show how much you care for us by your actions. Especially at night..." Mo'mo blushed as she said the last bit of words. These words also made Chiho's whole face red. But she did not deny Mo'mo's words. She had never known that Misaki to be so good at such naughty things until just recently.

Misaki had slightly pink cheeks as she rubbed her nose and said: "Well, I can't just let my wives go unsatisfied. Plus the way you two attack is also very good!"

"Hoho! That's the spirit of being young! But your Highness must have a lot of energy to be able to take on two at once. Who knows maybe we will see a little Demon Queen running around in the near future. Haha!" The middle aged man who gave the hairpins to Misaki let out a hearty laugh listening to the three girls.

Misaki said her goodbyes to the middle aged man and continued walking with Mo'mo and Chiho. After hearing what he said Misaki wondered if it was even possible for such a thing to happen. Her genetic makeup was completely different but she had no idea if it was possible to get either Chiho or Mo'mo pregnant or if she would still need to involve a male. With this question on her mind, she decided to ask Mo'mo, and if she did not know she could always ask Miyu later on. "Mo'mo, is it possible for two females to produce a child among the monster races?"

"Hmm? Of course, it is. There are many female only races out there. It's just not possible to have a male baby since there is no male involved. If you wanted a male I would suggest using Sato..." Mo'mo was explaining when she was cut off by Chiho.

"Absolutely not!" Chiho felt utterly threatened by Sato from before when he was so buddy-buddy with Misaki. But when she realized that she yelled out so loudly she quickly shrank back down out of embarrassment.

Misaki let out a laugh at Chiho's outburst. She pulled her close and kissed her cheek. "Do not worry. Although I do have a bit of interest in the male part. There are items out there that can replace it. Plus if I wanted to see one I would rather ask Big Brother Gen. Wouldn't his be bigger?" Both girls unconsciously nodded their heads at Misaki's question with blushed faces.

As they walked and talked, many of the Dark Elves blushed after hearing Misaki and the girls' conversation. Some even whistled and told them to get a room. It was only then that they realized this was not the place to begin having such conversations.

They ended up visiting a few more shops before stopping to grab a bite to eat to try the local cuisine. Dark Elves, unlike Wood Elves, also had meat in their diet. So they ended up having forest vegetables and earth deer, a low grade monster species. After that, they headed back to the place that Za'Bo had set up for Misaki and her whole group.

When they walked through the door Misaki saw Miyu and Sato sitting in chairs talking but she did not see Gen or Lor'ia. "Big sister Miyu where is Big Brother Gen?"

Hearing Misaki's question caused Miyu to blush as she said: "They are in one of the rooms. They decided to start sharinga room together."

Seeing Miyu's blushing face she already knew what those two were up to, so she did not ask any more than that. "Big Sister Miyu, come here for a second I want to ask you something privately."

Now Misaki could talk to Miyu in a private chat but she figured it would be best to do this where no one was around. Miyu had a habit of showing her feelings on her face. The two went to one of the rooms on the opposite side of the house far away from Gen's room and sat on a bed. "I will not beat around the bush. Big Sister Miyu, do you prefer a male or a female as a partner?"

Miyu felt both embarrassed and surprised at this question. But she still would never hide anything from

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