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Shu'la went to take hold of Sato but stopped and asked Misaki: "My Queen, Are we walking or running?"

"We will be flying. You only need to give Sato a lift. If he makes a fuss just drop him." Misaki said uncaringly. The her now, did not care for humans as the her before her evolution. Misaki knew this was due to the mentality change done to her by the system but this did not bother her in the slightest. She felt as if her head was much clearer now. As if the mundane things like worrying over others' life or death were meaningless now. She knew why her evolution was forced and that because of her mental instability at the time, it caused her to have her original mentality almost fully wiped out and replaced with her race mentality. But this was also a good thing. The less uncaring she was the less others could hurt her…

"My Queen, if we are flying who will carry you?" Shu'la was very confused. She was the only one here who could fly.

"It's fine just carry Sato. Mo'mo climb on my back." Mo'mo blushed. She did not know why but this new Misaki was a lot more to her liking. It to the point, she could not help but submit herself to Misaki. This also caused her to act more shyly since Mo'mo was heart was fluttering with the thought of being so close to Misaki now. Mo'mo shyly hooked her arms around Misaki's neck and climbed up onto her back wrapping her legs around Misaki's waist.

Misaki held onto Mo'mo's thighs to give her a bit more support and slowly ascended into the air. Shu'la's mouth opened wide and a bright smile formed on her face as she happily said: "My Queen you can fly!"

"Un! Now we can dominate the skies together Shu'la!" Misaki's cold demeanor softened when she spoke to Shu'la but seeing Sato being carried in her claws caused Misaki's brow to furrow and all traces of that softness from before disappeared. "Sato."

Sato, who was still trying to get a grasp of what was going on, felt a cold chill run down his spine when Misaki called his name. "Ah! Yes-yes My-my Lo… Queen" Misaki's gaze made him so nervous he couldn't help but stutter.

"From now on Mo'mo is Dark Front's mistress. Make sure she gets treated as one." Misaki knew that she was married to Mo'mo due to a misunderstanding. But now after everything Misaki was not going to toss Mo'mo aside. Plus now Misaki was forming new plans in her mind as she flew over the city.

With a gulp, Sato said: "Yes of course." He did not know what to think of this new Misaki. She seemed to have such a presence about her that he felt like if he did not submit he would die without even knowing it. But at the same time when he thought about what he had said earlier in the day, he tried to push his fear aside and do as he had promised.

"Good! Shu'la, bring him back. I have a few things to take care of first. Send me a message when you drop him off I will summon you and Ra'thar when your done." Misaki said.

"But, My Queen if you summon Ra'thar wouldn't Dark Front be overrun by monsters?" Shu'la asked.

"If the humans can not even handle this level of monsters what good are they!?" Misaki's angry voice bellowed out across the area causing the whole area to shake.

Shu'la instantly had sweat rolling down her back out of fear. She quickly bowed her head and said frantically: "Yes! My Queen. Shu'la has said something stupid."

"Haha! Shu'la relax you are my aid and guard why would I be mad at you. My anger was not for you but for the lowly humans who can't even take care of themselves without the protection of the monsters that almost wiped them out. They would not even be here now if not for me. So if I want to bring my followers out for a stroll around the city what right do they have to complain? If they lose a few lives then so be it." Misaki's voice started off normal but towards the end of her words, her voice was filled with more and more rage. She looked at Sato who seemed to be sweating buckets and shook her head. "Sato when you get b

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