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In the darkness, Misaki could still hear Shu'la and Sato calling out her name. But slowly the sounds of the outside world disappeared. She felt her consciousness slipping. Everything, even her own thoughts were starting to slip away.

\"Shu'la look!\" Sato said as he pointed at Misaki.

The hair on her head started to turn a crimson red color and grew down to her waist. The black horns on her head that were only like short stubs grew even longer. The black scales on her tail started to turn a hint of red. Her skin went from being white to a more tanned color.

The black swirls of energy started to grow more intense as an oppressive aura weighed down on the area. Shu'la and Sato were forced to the ground. Mo'mo, who was originally holding Misaki up, was forced to let go as she let out a cry. \"AHH!\" She was only still standing with mere determination since she did not want to put Misaki go. But the black swirls of energy had suddenly turned into black flames burning Mo'mo's arms. Mo'mo had no choice but to let go. When she did she was finally forced to the ground as well just like Shu'la and Sato.

The strange part was that Misaki did not fall to the ground after losing her support. No, instead she started to float upwards. His entire body was now covered in black flames. The oppressive aura was getting stronger and stronger. The ground and everything in the surrounding vicinity started to shake. Cracks started to appear in the ground as they slowly spread out like a spider web.

Shu'la, Sato, and Mo'mo all wanted to know what was going to happen next but suddenly as if nothing had happened the entire place went dead quiet. The ground stopped shaking and the oppressive aura vanished. It was as if all the things before never occurred.

The three who were watching Misaki slowly let out a breath of air and started to get up. Right as they were about to stand on their feet a circular black light surrounded Misaki shooting up into the sky. The oppressive aura suddenly came back one hundredfold smashing them back into the ground. This time though it only lasted a few seconds as the light slowly dimmed and so did the oppressive aura.

Sweat dripped from everyone's faces as they watched as Misaki floated back down to the ground. The black flames that surrounded her started to retreat into Misaki's skin. Leaving behind a black flame like tattoo that started from her hand and rose up her right arm all the way to the right side of her face.

Misaki consciousness started to come back. Before she even opened her eyes and she heard a system prompt.


Her brows furrowed as she slowly opened her eyes and as she did the area around her seemed to tense up under some kind of invisible pressure. Her eyes were now fully black in color there was no white in her eyes. They ere like a bottomless abyss giving one the feeling of dread when looking into them.


\"My lord... No! My Queen!\" \"My Queen!\" Both Shu'la and

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