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It was the last day of travel and everyone in Misaki's team was very tired. They had been trying to rush back so that they could take a nice long break. Misaki, Chiho, Chizuru, and Sato were all talking with one another as they walked when Shu'la suddenly landed in front of Misaki. Causing all four of them to stop. "My Lord! Word has come back that Eternal Games is doing an all out attack at the border of Main Street! There have already been many casualties on both sides. Right now the death count for Dark Front is around two hundred and Eternal Games has around three hundred dead. But it seems things have started to turn around when Eternal Games pulled out some new kind of beam weapon locking down our side and pushing us into a defensive position."

Misaki's face went black hearing this news. She couldn't help but yell out loud: "That bitch! Does Watase Eriko not understand that no matter how hard she tries she will never win! I am already being nice as it is by letting her take the north side of Japan right now! She has not even taken back the northern side of Japan yet and she wants to start a damn war!?"

An immense oppressive Aura undulated out of Misaki causing everyone around her to fall quite, as a cold sweat formed on their backs. They all instantly kneeled to the ground in front of Misaki. This included Chiho, Chizuru and Sato. Misaki eyes turned cold. "Shu'la you will take me to the front lines. Have the monsters split into two groups. One group will follow us and carry a Full Diver with them. The other group will escort the others to the base. Full Divers will also split up. One group will be carried by the monsters while the other will stay with the group here until they get to the base. Once you are there you are to deploy to the front lines!"

Misaki's orders were simple and quick. Everyone did as Misaki asked and formed two groups quickly. Once everyone was ready Misaki and the others followed route and headed towards the battlefield. It took about three hours to arrive at the base camp before the defensive line. Misaki noticed that a command tent was already constructed so she had including her self. Chiho and her normal team along with Sato and a few of his trusted aides in his guild go there first. The rest were to wait outside until given further orders.

Misaki entered the tent and the first thing she heard was Grandpa Nagasawa yelling. "What the hell are we supposed to do!? We are basically locked down due to the beam weapon!"

"Old Master what if we asked Ra'thar to assist?" one person asked.

"No... That won't work. Ra'thar is our trump card. Plus he also has to protect the base camp. His presence is keeping the monsters away. I do not want to risk opening our backs just because we are sitting in a defensive stance." Grandpa Nagasawa replied.

"Grandpa is right we can not move Ra'thar at this time. It's more important that he just sits and eats. " Grandpa Nagasawa's eyes went wide but his lips quickly turned up as he smiled. "Haha! Brat your here! Good, you can take command now. I will go get some people together to gets some additional supplies."

"Alright, Grandpa do what you need to." Misaki smiled and gave Grandpa Nagasawa a hug before sitting down on the main seat. But once Grandpa Nagasawa left Misaki's eyes turned cold once again as she looked at the people in front of her. "I need to know what the hell you all are doing? How can our people die so easily? If you can not come up with a decent attack plan, stay purely on defense and wait for me to get back! You can not allow two hundred-ish people to die " Misaki was so mad she slammed her first off the table causing the whole table in front of her to slit open and fall to the floor...

The people in the room were all silent, Misaki's demon Lord Aura was making it hard for anyone there to breathe. "Have you burnt the dead bodies yet? Like I told you to?"

"Yes, my Lord. Ever since the zombies showed up we have been taking ext

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