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Misaki had Shu'la lift her into the air and bring her towards the Zombie horde. "Shu'la fly to the back of the horde. We will kill from the back. This should split the horde enough to make it easier for the other teams."

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"Yes, my Lord. I will do my best to assist you, my Lord!" Shu'la gave a small bow then proceeded to fly towards the back of the horde. It seemed that more zombies were being added to the horde by the second as the ones in the cars started to join the group.

The horde of zombies was massive. It was just a sea of the walking dead. Misaki saw this and wondered if she would be able to survive if she started to get surrounded. "Shu'la no need to hold back today, go all out! Otherwise, the two of us will not have good endings!"

"Do not worry my Lord. If anything happens I will at least make sure my Lord is safe first." Shu'la voice was full of determination. She would sacrifice herself without a second thought to protect her lord!

"I can not leave you to cover for me Shu'la! You are not a slave! You are my friend. If things go wrong we both escape together or we both die together! It is that simple!" Although Misaki was touched by Shu'la's words but she would not let her friend die for her. Although Shu'la is her follower she still considers Shu'la her friend and friends do not leave friends to die in your place.

Shu'la was very proud to be a follower of her Lord. If there were other demon lords out there, how many of them would be willing to die alongside their followers instead of saving their own hide?

It took almost fifteen minutes to get to the backside of the horde. That was just how many there were. Misaki hovered over the horde of zombies and looked off into the distance where the others were. "Is everyone ready?"

Multiple ready calls from the team leaders sounded out. Misaki gave Shu'la a sign and shouted: "Commence attack!"

Misaki fired off a barrage of fireballs into the horde of zombies. Those fireballs created many craters with each impact as the zombies close to the impact points were blown away several meters. Shu'la dropped Misaki off before flying back into the air and started to attack the zombies below herself. Misaki waved her Queen's Blade left and right cutting the tops of the zombies heads off that were close to her. She had to aim for the brain to make sure she actually killed it. Since just cutting the head off would not actually kill the zombie. Its body might fall over and become motionless. But the head would still be alive and well. So aiming for the head was really the only way to kill them.

Shu'la sent down wave after wave of an attack called [Wind Scythe]. It was a wind aoe magic that sent out twenty attacks that resembled thin scythes made out of wind into the horde of zombies below. Her attacks could not be controlled after they were fired but it was enough to slice many zombies in half while others lost a leg or arm in the attack.

On the other side of the horde, multiple kinds of magic spells were being fired off. Each team was doing its best to wipe out as many as they could. Even the other winged monsters were firing off magic spells left and right. Because of the loud explosion of the spells, the zombie horde quickly split just like Misaki had wanted. During this time Misaki never stopped once.

Her sword was covered in slimy goo as she continued to kill one after the other.

Just knowing that if they failed to stop this horde here, then there was a chance that they could split off and head towards the base which made Misaki fight even harder. Even though Ra'thar was there it did not mean that they would be one hundred percent protected and able to survive such a mass of zombies. What's more, if they did get attacked by this horde, Eternal Games might take that chance to sneak attack them while they were preoccu

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