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Misaki's message sent the people in the command tent where Chief Takahara was into a rage. They couldn't believe that the young girl would be so audacious to actually tell them to abandon the project to build the wall! This was Japan's last hope! "Chief you are not going to really listen to that freak are you sir?"

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Chief Takahara did not say a word, he only sighed. He knew that these men here were all on pins and needles with the monster horde. He had no choice but to ask Misaki why she said such a thing. "Misaki why do you say that we should fall back and give up on building the wall?"

Misaki who was currently holding off a group of monsters to allow Tetsu time to smash through another wall wondered why she even tried to help these people if they were just going to keep questioning her. "Boss type monster level 250. Let me just say I am only level 52. There is no one in this world right now that I know of that can fight that thing head on. I need to use the city buildings as cover to kill it and even then I might fail and need to fall back myself. I also think that it is also this monster that is controlling the horde. Ogre's have a high [Intelligence] stat so they are capable of using magic that can control things. Especially if that said Ogre is level 250. You military people can do as you wish but my plan right now is to sacrifice some to save a lot." After finishing her words Misaki took the earpiece off her ear and tossed it onto the ground. She did not want to wait for Chief Takahara's reply.

After slicing the head off another monster Misaki quickly jumped through the wall that was just knocked down by Tetsu. "Alright let's move!"

Misaki took the lead and swung her sword down causing a wave of energy to shoot out destroying wall after wall until it exited the other side of the building and flew up towards the sky. Tetsu watched Misaki's action and wondered why she didn't do that in the first place! He had very low [Strength] since most of his [Status Points] went into [Stamina] and [Vitality]! While Misaki only needed to wave her sword and break every wall in the building in one go! Shaking his head Tetsu quickly followed after Misaki. Behind the two of them, a group of monsters followed after them relentlessly.


Eternal Games Headquarters

"Eriko the monsters are about to flood into the city. A level 250 boss showed up. It seems Misaki and her team have also retreated back to the city. Should we go help?" Watase Toshi asked. His sister seems to have changed a lot in the past week. She keeps wanting to play the wait and see card.

"No, if we go help now then the government will still have a foothold within the country. We want the government to be fully wiped out or at least close to it. Let the boss deal with them. Even if the city gets invaded our headquarters is heavily guarded

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