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Misaki looked over her other system screens and felt very confused. 'Why was there such a sudden change in the system!?' Although Misaki did not mind this sudden boost in her power, there was not much of an explanation of what was what! She had no idea what [Grade]s and [Range]s she could fight and which she should not fight or what was the lowest [Range] color or if [Range] was purely based on color. What was the highest? What was the lowest? All these questions ran thought Misaki's mind. \"Sato what do you think? This change came out of nowhere. Do you think it's Eternal Games screwing with us? No that can't be… I haven't even logged in today so how would I gain the update?\"

\"This I do not know. I, myself have not logged in either… I have been running around the city's center doing what you asked. But this mentality change thing… I have a feeling that this is not good. I had noticed some changes but if this really boosted the change in our mentalities so that it causes our race's habits to take control, won't this cause chaos in the newly formed community? We do have orcs, elves, and other races intermingling...\" Sato started to get a bit worried. He saw how much Misaki had built up. If things went out of control it would destroy everything!

\"I will need to think about this… Hopefully, the change will still be a gradual thing. It would only cause chaos if it happens instantly. I just need a bit of time to come up with a countermeasure...\" As Misaki went into deep thought, footsteps could be heard coming towards their direction.

Misaki and Sato quickly went into alert mode as they looked to see how it was. \"Mitsu!\" Misaki watched as Chiho came bounding towards her. Chiho's movement was quick. It was less than a second before she had her arms wrapped around Misaki giving her a hug. \"Mitsu, farming in game is no fun without you!\"

\"Yeah, master it was no fun I had to deal with this pervert all day!\" Chizuru quickly chimed in as she pointed at Shinji before joining in on the hug session.

\"Sorry, but I had to handle the Eternal Games headquarter issue. But enough about that, what are your opinions on the sudden change in the system?\" Misaki asked.

\"It seems to have changed to match the evolution of races. I am not sure what to really think about that. There is not much information to go on. What concerns me is the system pushing our mentality to match our races without our consent… I knew this was happening already but to know it is being forced is very unsettling. All I know is to evolve I need to do a lot of elf like things…. Mainly hunting monsters and gathering wild herbs. Mitsu you have the strongest race out of all of us, what are your requirements to evolve?\" Chiho asked. This question sparked everyone's interest as they all looked at Misaki curiously.

\"For me, in order to become a Demon Queen, I must kill 50,000 Humans and 100,000 monsters and reach 200 Stars. From what I can tell when it says \"humans\" it means anything that is humanoid class. As an example, an elf.\" Misak said with a bitter smile. She really disliked her requirements for evolution.

\"Isn't that a bit too much!?\" Chiho yelled out. \"Now that I think about it, what will happen to us when our mentalities do change fully?\" Chiho had a bad thought run through her mind. If their mentalities changed what would happen to the relationships between them? Worst yet what would happen to Misaki!?

\"This I do not know. It was what I was thinking about before you came. If our mentalities change quickly it will cause chaos. I worry that we might lose our own self awareness! I do not want to lose myself and harm the ones I love and care for... \" Misaki said dejectedly.

\"That will never happen!\" Sato suddenly shouted out. He looked at Misaki seriously as he continued: \"No matter what happens in the future I will do everything in my power to help you keep a strand of your humanity even if it is only a tiny b

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