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The very next day Misaki, Chiho, Chizuru, Shinji, and Tetsu were all in a smaller meeting room with a few sets of armor in front of them. Standing next to the armor sets was an older man in his sixties with short hair and a clean shaven face. He had a long scar that started from the middle of his forehead and stretched out across his right eye before ending down on the middle of his cheek. His green bulky skin made it known that he was of the orc race now. Yes, this old man also had a system. This man's name was Ogata Sujuro.

"Young Miss as requested, the armor for your team is all light armor. I used the Starlight ore with a mix of the graphene carbon mix that we used for making our walls. I checked the results in my inventory after a bit of testing and I have to say just the breastplate alone shows some crazy stats. Each set comes with underclothes made from the skin of the large black snake that you had killed. Since your team was also has a lot of females I made sure to craft some undergarments as well." Ogata blushed after saying that last bit. But when he looked up he saw that Misaki and the others were all staring at the armor in a daze. "Ummm… Young Miss?"

Misaki was busy staring at the armor in front of her. She felt like she was seeing things so she leaned over and whispered to Chiho who was standing next to her. "Chiho am I seeing things or do these underclothes look like school uniforms to me?"

"No, they are definitely school uniforms..." Chiho answered quickly while nodding her head.

"My design did not look like a school uniform right?" Misaki asked.

Ogata coughed and held up the paper with a bunch of scribbles on it to show Misaki. The paper in his hand really looked like something a two year old would have drawn as there were no signs of any armor shape whatsoever. "Ahem… Young Miss, can you call this a design? To be honest I had no idea what you wanted me to make. I could only base what you wanted off the small notes you made that pointed to the scribbles. I mean Young Miss what exactly is this? It's a bunch of circles!"

Misaki's face instantly turned red. She reached up and grabbed the "armor designs" and quickly stuffed them into her inventory. "I-I made them in a hurry okay!"

"Master it's okay your designs were very beautiful. I happen to like abstract art myself! It's just some people who do not know how to appreciate a work of art. " Chizuru cut in with her own two cents. trying to make Misaki feel better.

But unfortunately, Chizuru's words cause Misaki to feel even more embarrassed. She really wanted to dig a hole and bury herself in it. Chiho and Shinji were on the side giggling away while Tetsu was making all kinds of weird faces. Seeing this Misaki shouted out: "Tetsu just laugh! No need to hold it in!"

These words broke Tetsu's front as he, well, now he is a she, burst out laughing. Feeling utterly embarrassed Misaki picked up her set of armor and tossed it into her inventory. She then equipped it from there. A bright flash of light was seen and after it dimmed Misaki was standing there in a black school uniform adorned with black armor. Chest plate, greaves, shoulder guards, wrist guards, and hand guards. The armor itself was like a night sky that was a deep dark black that had a shimmer of white dots that seemed to shine. There was a faint glow to the armor as if it was giving off a moon's subtle shine.

Misaki really liked how it looked. She went to her character screen to see the actual stats.

[Storm Snake Boots]

[Defense] 200

[Magic Defense] 100

[HP] +200

[Storm Snake Skirt]

[Defense] 300

[Magic Defense] 200

[HP] +300

[Storm Snake Chest]

[Defense] 500

[Magic Defense] 400

[HP] +500

[Storm Snake Gloves]

[Defense] 200

[Magic Defense] 100

[HP] +200

[Storm Snake Panties]

[Defense] 700

[Magic Defense] 600

[HP] +700

[Storm Snake Bra]

[Defense] 800

[Magic Defense] 700

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