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Misaki looked at Mimi with a surprised expression. "To think you got it from such a simple explanation… So you were not stupid after all!"

"Master, how mean! When did I ever say I was not smart!? Just so you know I even teach..." Mimi quickly stopped her words and changed the subject. "Any case I am not dumb! It's just unlike you, it takes me a bit more time to understand what is written in the magic books! I was lucky to learn both barrier and speed magic!"

"Why barrier and speed magic?" Misaki asked. She now understood why the damn girl was so fast when she was trying to run away from her!

"Because I hate pain..." Mimi's face blushed as she lowered her head. She knew her reasoning was a bit out there since she was playing a game that required one to fight monsters to progress and collect resources.

"Well before we get moving let's get you to learn how to use a healing spell." Misaki decided to turn Mimi into her healer. Mimi did not like to battle so this was the best path for her. "I'm going to send you a team invite. I will help level you and you will just need to heal me or put a barrier on me if needed okay?"

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"Okay!" Mimi was happy that she could be of use to Misaki since that meant that Misaki was not going to abandon her!

"Alright accept the invite. I need to talk to my friend so give me a few minutes. After, we will teach you how to heal." Misaki said as she sent a voice call to Chiho.

On Chiho's side, she saw a new name appear in the team member list and frowned. She wondered who was trying to make moves on her friend now!?


"Misaki!? Who is this Mimi!?" Misaki did not even get to say hello before Chiho jumped the gun and asked who Mimi was.

"She was a low level who was being chased by a world boss. I just so happened to reluctantly save her. But I got to read two grimoires in return and learn how to use magic. She is actually quick witted when you teach her something so I figured we could use a backline party member who can heal and give us support with buffs." Misaki explained.

Chiho let out a long sigh. She did not know why she was sighing. All she knew was she felt uncomfortable with Misaki running around with another girl alone! "Okay as long as she can be helpful. Otherwise, I will kill her and send her somewhere far away."

Misaki giggled revealing a beautiful smile on her face. "Ah! Master smiled! So beautiful!" Mimi who witnessed the smile on Misaki's face shouted out.

"Master? Why is she calling you master!?" Chiho almost flipped a table. Some bitch was trying to steal her friend!

"Ahaha..." Dryly laughing Misaki explained everything that had happened to Chiho from start to end.

Chiho was fuming when she heard certain parts of the story but from what Misaki had said it seemed that she was thinking too much into it. Misaki did leave out the whole bit about Mimi asking her to be her girlfriend and also how Mimi was still chasing after her. She felt it was irrelevant and also felt embarrassed about it. After explaining everything else to Chiho, Chiho finally calmed down and said: "Alright, If she can turn into a good healer she will make a great addition to the team. But like I said if she turns out to be useless I will kill her and send her somewhere far away!"

"Yes, I know. I will even help you so do not worry. Remember I am the one teaching her. When we finally reach where you are at, she should be pretty decent at healing." Misaki reassured Chiho. Although Misaki found that Mimi could be annoying, she was of some use. The rest would just take some getting used to.

Hanging up with Chiho, Misaki turned her attention to Mimi. "Mimi, have you understood how to use healing magic yet?"

"I think so… I was waiting for you to finish talking before I tested it." Mimi answered.

"Okay go ahead." Misaki stood in front of

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