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Misaki was very careful as she made her way to school with Chiho. What Misaki wondered though was whether or not Mimi was in her school. The only way she would be able to tell who Mimi was, was if Mimi was close enough to have her greyed out name on her hud turn white meaning that Mimi was near her. Right now Mimi's name was greyed out.

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When Misaki went into the classroom she walked right to her desk and carefully sat down in her chair and with the same carefulness she pulled out everything she needed for the day. None of her classmates dared to ask for her autograph any more now that Chiho was always around her. They actually started to keep a further distance from Misaki now. Misaki was grateful for this because she disliked all the attention that came with this so called "fame".

All her classmates were present and not a single one of them seemed to be Mimi since Mimi's name did not turn white when any of them entered the room. The bell was about to ring when Kido Sensei walked into the classroom. As soon as she stepped through the door Misaki's eyes widened. The name on her hud turned white as soon as Kido Sensei stepped into the room!

Misaki stared blankly at Kido Sensei as she tried to overlap the two images of the two in her mind. No matter how she tried she could not see the strict uptight teacher like Kido Sensei flashing her junk to someone to get grimoires and yelling r*pe this r*pe that. Not to mention this same Kido Sensei was chasing after her as a love interest! Misaki felt like her world was completely flipped upside down more than what she felt when she realized she got a system. This was just too shocking to be true!

"No, no... Wait! I should take a few deep breaths and think about it for a minute. The hud might just be bugged out and just happened to bug out when Kido Sensei entered the classroom. There is no way Mimi is Kido Sensei!" Misaki thought as her mind and heart were all in turmoil. She wondered if she was actually dreaming right now. She had completely laid her head on the desk when she entered the classroom and fell asleep. Yes, that was it! She was one hundred percent dreaming right now!

"Mitsu why are you staring so intently at Kido Sensei!?" Chiho who had been watching Misaki this entire time started to get aggravated with how intently Misaki was staring at Kido Sensei! She had no idea why lately any time she knows Misaki is with someone else she starts to feel agitated and wants to jump to Misaki's side and shoo away whoever it is that is trying to take Misaki away from her!

Misaki broke out of her daze as she heard Chiho's words and leaned over and whispered: "I think Kido Sensei might be Mimi!"

"What!?" Chiho shouted out loud by mistake.

"Nagasawa, is what I said a problem?" Kido Sensei who had been talking about a school assembly thing felt a little irritated that she was interrupted.

"Sorry Kido Sensei..." Chiho blushed as she sat back down.

"Are you sure?" Chiho whispered.

"I'm not one hundred percent sure. I will need to wait until after class and confront her." Misaki whispered back. Chiho nodded her head and agreed that it would be good to find out if Kido Sensei was in fact, Mimi or not.

The school day ended like normal which allowed Misaki to let out a sigh of relief. She did not make any mistakes and was really starting to get used to her newfound strength. She was now even unconsciously being delicate with how she handles things. She no longer needed to think too much about being careful anymore. Misaki had Chiho go out first while she stayed back and waited for all the students to leave. When they all left, Misaki got up and walked up to the podium where Kido Sensei was doing some paperwork.

Seeing Misaki walk up a faint smile formed on Kido Sensei's lips as she said: "What can I do for you Misaki?"


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