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Misaki could not hide the smile on her face when she read this new passive skill. "Such a good thing! With this, for now, I will not have to worry about dying so long as I have 1 [HP] I can just parkour my way around dodging attacks until my hp is full again!" Misaki then turned to the other windows.

[The following video is a recording of your battle with the Treant King. This video has already been posted on the main page of the Eternal Phantasy website and social media.]

"Why do I have the feeling I will not be able to leave my house tomorrow..." Misaki frowned when seeing the message about the video. The last video made her need to give out autographs. Now another video of her soloing a world boss will show up only two days after the first one! Won't this cause even more of an uproar!? Sighing Misaki went to the next window screen.

[Because you are the first player to solo kill the Treant King World Boss, you have been granted the Unique Skill, Nature Control]

[Unique Skill Added, Nature Control]

[Allows the user to control the plants around them.]

[Current Level 0]

[MP Cost -150]

"Yes!!!" Misaki saw that she acquired a skill she couldn't help but shout out her happiness. This also caused her to break out into another dance.


Eternal Games Main Headquarters

"Stop dancing! For the love of god stop dancing!" Watase Toshi really wanted to hop in game and ban Misaki from dancing.

"Toshi why are you screaming?" Watase Eriko walked into the room. Watase Toshi quickly shut his monitor off.

"That was the porn I was watching It wasn't me screaming." Watase Toshi blurted out. But once he did he wanted to smack himself for not having a better lie than him watching porn all the time!

"It seems we need to have another talk when we get home… Anyway, that girl killed another World Boss." Watase Eriko said.

"Yeah, I had seen. This time it was due to her sword. I think it has some Starlight Ore resin in it. Most likely forged in while Misaki was making the weapon. Starlight Ore is a big counter for plant type monsters. If it is combined with the other great ores then a player can make the ultimate weapon." Watase Toshi explained.

"I see. It's no wonder her sword was able to cut right through the Treant King. Well, in any case, she will become our poster girl for right now. So any screenshot moments you see that will allow her to rise in fame will be good. I am leaving this to you since you are the one watching her. But Toshi… If you are watching a little girl and porn at the same time I have to ask… My dear brother, are you a lolicon?" Watase Eriko asked with a serious expression on her face. She had her mobile phone in her hand with her finger hovering over the speed dial for 119.

"Who are you calling a lolicon!?" Watase Toshi yelled. On this day Watase Toshi was deemed a lolicon by his elder sister all because of Misaki's dancing skills.



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