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After almost seven days of battle, the two girls were now leaning back to back breathing heavily. Their hair matted to their heads. Ah Chun let out a laugh as she said: "I haven't had this much fun in a long time!"

"Same here! It has really been a blast! I will be waiting for the day you decided to leave and I hope to see you at me and Yan'er's wedding in two years' time." Misaki said, resting the back of her head against Ah Chun's.

"Then please come to my wedding in a week's time. I will send someone to come get you and your fiancee and bring you to the location." Ah Chun had yet to officially marry Ning Shen, because of taking care of the issue for her sisters.

"I will be there to wish you both a happy and long life together. Just make sure you have many boys or girls so they can marry my daughters. Oh and one girl for my son!" Misaki said with a laugh. The two girls laughed and talked for a little longer before finally standing back up and turning to face each other. They shook hands and smiled at the same time they said: "See you in a week!"

"Miss Yan, take care of her and learn the cultivation method I gave her. You will need to grow much stronger than you are now." Ah Chun said as she floated down to where Ning Shen and Qian Yan were.

"I will, I wish to stay by Mitsu's side." Qian Yan said while blushing.

"And you, Ning Shen, take care of Chun'er, otherwise I will kill you if you hurt her." Misaki said with a big friendly smile on her face but the pressure she used to smash down on Ning Shen was not friendly at all.

Ah Chun let out a laugh as she said: "Big Sister, be nice. Shen'er has been with me through three lifetimes. He will not leave me now."

"Mmm… Good! Chun'er, make sure you send someone to get me for your wedding or I will come find you and give you a spanking." Misaki teased making everyone laugh. At some point, Ah Chun had started calling Misaki, Big Sister. She said it just felt natural to do so. She was also able to say it without getting a headache. Misaki had no complaints so she allowed it since appearance wise she looked older than Ah Chun.

"I won't forget I promise!" Ah Chun said as she bowed to Misaki.

Misaki looked at Boa Chen and nodded to him as she said apologetically: "I do apologize if this caused you any issues later on. But I do thank you for letting us meet. Making new friends like this in a new world is always very good. May your travels back home be safe."

"Ahhh… Yeah. what's done is done. It was bound to happen… Never mind, I will say this. At some point, you will be contacted by a powerful being. During that time, listen to them carefully. When this will happen, I don't know. But it will happen. We will be off! My guess is you will be yelled at by your sect master." Boa Chen gestured with his head towards

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