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Misaki looked before her and saw a planet where every inch of land and water was covered in tall buildings. She let out a sigh as she thought about how Earth before everything had happened, more than likely might have turned into a planet that looked like this. "Not a hint of greenery… Such a dull looking place." Misaki muttered to herself as she slowly advanced on to the planet.

She had only passed through the atmosphere when a few flying vehicles that resembled police cars came into view. "Stop! You are trespassing on the Machine Empire's domain! State your business!"

"Ah, uh… I am here to request a machine body that I can upload a consciousness into." Misaki announced.

"Hold on." The voice said.

Misaki hoped things would be easy. She did not want to start a fight if she did not need to. The Machine race was important to her right now. She needed their technology to revive Rika. The last thing she wanted to do was make enemies of them. But if it came down to it and they rejected her request she would not mind going in and stealing a few robotic bodies if need be.

"My superiors need to know your name." The voice asked.

"Misaki Mitsu, current demon goddess of the demon faction." Misaki gave her title as well in order to maybe put some pressure on the people who were talking to her.

This seemed to work as the voice said: "Please follow us."

Misaki nodded and followed the flying vehicle into the city below. Misaki was amazed by the sites she saw. It was as if everything was right out of a cyber pink movie. Tall buildings with neon lights. Steam rising from below. Pipes entangled everything as they wrapped around the tops and bottoms of the buildings. A dense layer of fog hung over the city. Misaki felt the air was heavy and quickly used magic to filter it out.

Her trip was not long as the police vehicle landed on a platform halfway down a tall building. She landed next to it and to her surprise, a tall robot climbed out and stood next to her. The robot turned to her and said: "Someone will be out soon please wait."

Misaki nodded and found this robot was rather polite. After about five minutes a middle aged man came walking out. He looked completely human except for his eyes. He walked forward and stuck out his hand for Misaki to shake it. "Good day, my name is John Jinkens. I am the governor of this planet, SM-567."

"Misaki Mitsu, demon goddess, and leader of the Demon Faction. It's a pleasure." Misaki shook the man's hand with a smile.

"I was told you are here for a body to upload a consciousness into?" John asked.

"Yes, I was looking to get a body for someone dear to me. A family member. Something that looked like this." Misaki waved her hand and an image made of magic of a naked Rika appeared in the air. She was not shy about this since she wanted the body to look just like the body Rika had in game if she could.

"Hmmm… This is doable. Are there any limitations you would like on the body?" John already had a good feeling about Misaki with how upfront she was being.

"Not sure what you mean to be honest. Any chance you can give me a run down on what these bodies can and can not do?" Misaki asked.

"Well, it's like this, for outsiders we can not add any weaponry and to be honest we normally do not allow any outsiders to have any of our technology. But the leader of the Machine Empire has already passed down a decree stating if the leader of the demon faction were to come then to help her as much as possible. As long as no weaponry is involved.

"So for a normal body, we can make it as real as a human body. Except it won't age and won't die. The body will however be able to reproduce. So having a child is not a problem. There will also be no pain during childbirth since the stomach can open to allow the child to be pulled out without needing to go through natural childbirth. Basically, it would be a human body that is advanced in strength, life span, and unable t

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