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Misaki waved her hand and created a dildo made of magic and slid it into Sara causing her to let out a soft moan. As Misaki slid Sara's dick in and out of her pussy she was also pumping the dildo in and out of Sara's pussy. This was driving Sara crazy beyond belief. She had never felt such a sensation before. She screamed out in pleasure as she cummed from both her dick and pussy at the same time. As she filled Misaki's pussy with her juices, Misaki clamped down hard on her dick trying to suck it dry. But even after cumming so hard her dick never softened.

Misaki leaned down and kissed Sara, her pleasurable moans muffled as their tongues intertwined. Sara had never been so happy. She was afraid when she first discovered she had a dick that Misaki would not like her anymore, but now that her dick was buried in Misaki's pussy kissing the entrance of her womb she was very relieved. She also found the sensation of both her dick and pussy being fucked at the same time was so intense that she felt like if it continued she would become a slave to it. In fact, she wanted to become a slave to it as long as she could be with Misaki.

After riding on top for a while Misaki and Sara switched positions where Sara was on top. Compared to the slower actions Misaki was doing while riding Sara's dick, Sara was rough as she slammed her dick in and out of Misaki. That night was the first time Misaki ever felt that she was utterly dominated in bed. She of course made sure to send her pussy juice inside Sara. She wanted to get Sara pregnant as soon as possible.

Sadly for Sara, when Chiho and the rest found out about her new little toy, she was passed around over and over but this was a story for another time…


A few months later. "The girls are doing good. It's a good thing that we do not get pregnant easily or we would be up to our ears in babies. But to think that Sara would give birth to a baby boy."Chiho couldn't help but be amazed since all the others were girls.

"I think it's because she has a dick. So she is able to give birth to both." Ano'la said as she looked at a chart on her tablet and continued: "Her genetic makeup allows her to produce sperm which allows for her to give birth to both male and female. The surprising thing was thatMiyu was the one who got her pregnant."

Miyu blushed but then a thought came to mind. "If the baby is not between Sara and Mitsu does that mean they can get married?"

"It wouldn't matter anyway since demons don't work like humans. Although it would still be frowned upon. But I can say that there would be no birth defects if they were to have children later on. Unlike humans, mixing the same genes causes no issue, which is why Mitsu gave birth to triplets without any issues." Ano'la explained.

"What are you girls talk about?" Misaki asked as she walked into the room.

"About how Sara's baby can marry any of our children." Mo'mo answered as she hopped over and latched on to Misaki's arm.

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