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Qian Yan's eyes almost fell out of her head when she heard this. She couldn't help the stutter as she confirmed what Misaki had just said: "Di-Di-did, you just say demon goddess!?"

"Mmm, I am a bonafide demon goddess. That is in the universe I come from. Not sure about others. You see, I was transported here by accident when touching some cube thing created by a race called the Machine Empire. But this world has some kind of heavenly law that makes it so I can not leave here until I reach the pinnacle of this world's cultivation. To be honest it truly is a pain in the ass. Not to mention all the weak people here. I came to this sect when a girl named Su Fan told me about it. I had asked her how to cultivate and she suggested I join this place in order to learn, so here I am." Misaki explained.

"I see… So the horns and tail?" Qian Yan asked.

"They are all part of my demon race. Of course, all demons have different traits, mine just happen to be this. One of my wives is a cat girl, and I even have one wife who has a dick." Misaki said with a smile. Just thinking about her family made her smile.

"Di-Dick!?" Qian Yan's face blushed instantly.

"Ahh that is right you are still young, sorry I shouldn't have said that. Three more years for you I am guessing and you will be ripe for cherry popping." Misaki sized Qian Yan up and thought she was a real beauty.

Qian Yan had no idea what 'cherry popping' was, but the way Misaki had said those words made her blush even more. Seeing the blushing cutie in front of her made Misaki let out a laugh. "It's getting late, you should rest so you can make it to the finals tomorrow." Misaki said as she patted Qian Yan on the head.

Qian Yan shyly looked at Misaki and nodded her head. But as she got up to go to her room a thought struck her. "Did she say wives?'

She turned to look at Misaki who had already started cultivating, not even caring to go to her room, she couldn't help but access her beauty. The more she looked the more her heart began to race. She wondered what this feeling was, all she knew was that she was now looking at Misaki differently than before.

The next day, Misaki and Qian Yan walked to the arena area and joined the other top ten. Misaki was surprised to see that there were more than just new disciples here but also old disciples too. "This seems festive." Misaki said with a smile.

"They are here to scope out the competition. Normally those with the highest strength are feared and respected. So those who hold the top spots will always fear rivals. They do not wish to have their spot taken from them by a newcomer." Qian Yan explained.

"I see… And if their spot is threatened?" Misaki asked.

"They will either suppress you until you submit while they are still stronger or there have been some cases at some sects where they will try to kill you. This is why I didn't go to a top sect. I feared losing my life before I even got to blossom." Qian Yan replied.

"Hmmm… Then you are no to leave my side unless absolutely necessary. I will also leave a mark on you just in case." Misaki said as she poked Qian Yan on the forehead. A stream of Misaki's magic entered Qian Yan's body and traveled to her dantian. She was startled at first but felt this strange power was very gentle and it only sat inside her dantian not causing her any harm.

"If something happens to you and you need my help, just use the power I gave to you to send me a message and I will come even if I am on another world." Misaki smiled and rubbed the top of Qian Yan's head.The strange feeling that welled up inside Qian Yan the night before had yet again returned and her heart was beating fast, even her cheeks felt hot.

Doing her best to compose herself Qian Yan smiled at Misaki and said: "Thank you."

"Don't mention it. I have a feeling the two of us will be together for a very long time. One thing I do is if I consider someone a friend they become part of my family. A

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