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"Mitsu, why the hell do I need to take this damn test as well!?" Misaki Kenji stomped his feet, his brow furrowed as he complained.

"Dad, you and mom have been intimate a lot since you became demons. Since you are female now you need to get checked to see if you are pregnant or not." Misaki explained, doing her best not to laugh. Her father's unique situation was quite funny to her. Her father was always being toyed with by her mother and her mother's harem. Half his time now had been spent more in the bedroom than anywhere else.

Misaki Kenji's face paled when he heard Misaki's words. That was when Misaki Yuki, her mother walked up behind him and hugged him from behind. "Kenji just accept your fate. You have already been fully fucked by me and my wives, so just give up and give birth to a new son or daughter so Misaki can have a sibling to dote on."

"Yuki!" Misaki Kenji's face turned red. He really did not want to talk about these kinds of things in front of his own daughter.

"Dad, just give up and go get tested." Misaki said, pushing her father into the medical room that Ano'la had setup.

"Mitsu, do you think your father will be traumatized if he finds out he is pregnant?" Misaki Yuki asked.

"Mmm… Hard to say. But either way, does it really matter? Maybe he will finally accept the fact that he is now female." Misaki answered. She hoped her father would finally give in and accept his new self.

"Well, one thing for sure is that our relationship has been better than never." Misaki Yuki leaned over next to Misaki and whispered: "Let me tell you that your dad only puts his male front up in front of you. In private he moans like any other girl especially when he is being double penetrated. I wonder when he will realize I built my little harem not just for me but for him as well."

"Well as long as you two are happy I am happy for the both of you. Come on we need to get tested as well." Misaki said, grabbing her mother's hand and leading her mother into the medical room along with her.

The test was rather quick since it only scanned the person's body but it was able to give a one hundred percent accurate result on pregnancy. An hour later Ano'la held the results of the tests in her hands as she began announcing them. "Out of everyone four of you are pregnant. Mother in Law, Father in Law, Chiho, and Mo'mo. The parents for each child are as so… For Mother In Law's child, it is Father in Law who got her pregnant. For Father in Law, it is Mother In Law who got him pregnant. As for Chiho and Mo'mo, the one who got them both pregnant is Mitsu."

Misaki Kenji heard the results and froze on the spot. He was suddenly having a hard time understanding what was going on. After a few seconds of being completely stunned, he asked: "Ano'la, what you said just now is there a mistake of some kind?"

"Father in Law, there is no mistake. These tests have never been wrong. You are indeed pregnant." Ano'la said with a smile.

Misaki Kenji's face fell. Misaki motioned with her chin to her mother who nodded back and walked over to Misaki Kenji. "Kenji, come, we will go back to the room to clear our heads."

Misaki Kenji only nodded and let Misaki Yuki take him away. Misaki was not worried about her father, she knew her mother would be able to handle it. "Ano'la, you know you can just say mother and father right? You don't need to call my parents so respectfully. You are my wife after all."

"It's because they are your parents that I speak as such. I feel they deserve all the respect in the world for giving birth to the girl I love."Ano'la replied her cheeks turning red.

"You two can go at it like rabbits later for now we need to discuss how we will deal with the children..." Chiho said, you could hear the worry in her voice.

"Well, how long is a pregnancy term for a demon?" Misaki asked. She had no idea how long it took for a demon to give birth once they became pregnant.

"Depends… It can be

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