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As Misaki's eyes fluttered as her mind came back to the real world, she felt the sudden urge to let out a moan. It took her a minute to realize that there was something grinding up against her pussy. She reached up and pulled the full dive gear off her head to see Chiho going at it in a scissors position grinding away at her body. To her side was Mo'mo, naked, passed out sleeping soundly. She sat up and reached her arms out and wrapped them around Chiho's neck pulling her into a kiss. Chiho was stunned for a moment but quickly got lost in Misaki's kiss.

As their tongue's intertwined Misaki matched Chiho's movements causing them to both let out steady moans of pleasure."Ah, Mitsu..." Chiho let out a muffled moan calling out Misaki's name.

Misaki broke her kiss with Chiho and smiled as she placed her forehead against Chiho's forehead. "Sorry, my time in the game took longer than I thought it would. But waking up to a cute girl grinding against my pussy was very nice."

Chiho blushed as she pressed her pussy hard up against Misaki's. "I just couldn't hold back any longer."

"And Mo'mo?" Misaki asked.

"She went first..." Chiho answered, suddenly feeling embarrassed.

"It's fine. My body belongs to all of you. So you can do with it as you wish. Just make sure Little Wei is not around when you do." Misaki picked up her pace as she felt herself reaching her breaking point. Chiho seemed to be on the verge as well. Both their breaths became heavy as they stared into each other's eyes. Misaki finally exploded as she leaned forward and bit into Chiho's shoulder drawing blood as her body stiffened and slightly convulsed. As soon as she felt the pain of Misaki's bite, Chiho moaned loudly and her back arched backward as she cummed.

Chiho collapsed into Misaki's arms. Misaki licked the blood on her lips and then cleaned off the blood from Chiho's shoulder. She watched as the wound quickly healed not leaving behind any kind of mark. Misaki laid down with Chiho resting her head on her small mounds."You seem satisfied."

"How could I not be? The girl I have been in love with all these years is my lover. Although we have changed drastically from what we used to be, you are still the only person I have ever loved. Just knowing I can have sex with you makes me wet." Chiho said as her cheeks blushed.

"MMm…" Misaki did not know what to say so she leaned her head down and kissed Chiho. "Well, you do not have to worry about not being wet any time soon."

After finishing her words the two went at it one more time.


After a hot shower and eating some food, Misaki was sitting in the meeting room. Standing there with his hands behind his back was Lord Mevesis. "It seems you have accomplished the task I had given you."

"That I have. Does this mean Earth will now be unsealed?" Misaki asked.

"That is the plan. From this day forth you will be officially in the gods realm. The life or death of your planet is now in your hand

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