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A loud rumbling was heard as the testing stone began to shake. The elder who was overseeing the test quickly shouted out: "That's good! That's good!"

Misaki stopped her actions and let go of the testing stone. The numbers on the stone did not show since Misaki did not let it finalize the results before letting go. This kind of disappointed her since she wanted to see what her results were going to be. She looked at the Elder with a questioning look who nodded back at her while wiping the sweat from his brow. "You pass don't worry."

Misaki nodded and went to wait with the others. It seemed no one was kicked out in this test, as far as she knew anyway. With everything done up to this point, Misaki wandered back off in her own world yet again as she waited for the next test. Her wait was not long because the last girl went up and did not hesitate to take the test, unlike Misaki who took time to inspect the stone.

"Okay, now I will announce the ones who are seeded. " The Elder said two names before finally saying: "Misaki Mitsu and lastly Qian Yan. You will now be brought to a temporary courtyard to wait for the next test which will be held tomorrow. Those who are seeded will not fight until the next day so take this time to cultivate. Any questions?"

Misaki quickly raised her hand and asked: "Yes, how does one cultivate?"

Silence, dead silence! Everyone looked at Misaki as if she was some kind of monster. It was only then that the Elder remembered being told that this girl did not know how to cultivate at all. But this truly stumped the Elder since he had never heard of someone being so strong and not knowing how to cultivate. "Ahem… I will get you a cultivation method and a meridian opening pill..." The elder looked around and his eyes landed on Qian yan: "Qian Yan can you explain the ins and outs to Miss Misaki for me?"

"Yes, Elder." Qian Yan nodded without hesitation. She herself wanted to know exactly what kind of person could pass all the tests yet have no idea how to cultivate at all.

As Qian Yan and Misaki left after receiving a cultivation method and pill from the Elder, the Elder let out a sigh as a man appeared next to him. "Sect Master, what do you think? The girl has no idea what she is doing yet even I feel pressure from her."

"Just watch her for now. Have Qian Yan who seems to be very gifted help her out. Match the two to the same outer sect housing, they can be housemates." The Sect Master replied.

"Alright, I will do that. Should I reduce her resources if she does badly in the last two tests?"The Elder asked.

"Wait and see. If I am correct, she will have no issues with the next two tests. The next test is the fake elimination test before they are sent into the Withering Forest. Make sure you tell everyone they will be eliminated if they lose. With Misaki Mitsu's current show of strength, most people will not want to fight her. But the words she said just now may offset that. So let's see how she fights." The Sect Master replied.

Back in the temporary housing, the house that Misaki got was a shared house with Qian Yan. "Your name is Misaki Mitsu?" Qian Yan asked as she sat down on the cushion on the floor.

"Mmm... You can just call me Misaki or Mitsu, it doesn't matter." Misaki answered.

"Then you can just call me Yan'er, Mitsu." Qian Yan felt comfortable enough around Misaki to let her call her intimately. Normally she would not do such a thing but for some reason, the aura Misaki gave off was very comforting. An aura a family member would have such as an older sister.

"Then Yan'er, how do I go about cultivating?" Misaki asked as she sat down next to Qian Yan with the cultivation method in her hands.

"Well, first we need to get your meridians opened. This process can be very painful and will also push all the impurities out of your body at the same time." Qian Yan explained.

"I see… So I just take this pill?" Misaki took out the pill she was given a

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